Week 1 WW

I’m a week back into Weight Watchers and feeling strong! So far, I’m down 6 pounds!

I know that is a big number, but the first week or two will always jumpstart you. There were definitely some changes that needed to be made to my diet.

The biggest change I’ve undergone thus far is cutting back on the carbs. I still eat and enjoy whole wheat pasta, bread, and brown rice, but not as much and not for every meal. I grew accustomed to having two slices of toast at breakfast especially, but now I eat one piece or have a whole wheat pita or tortilla instead. I’m particularly careful to measure how much I’m eating to keep me honest. Carbs are comfort, but they are also necessary for the body to function, so I refuse to abandon them!

A specific carb I’ve cut down on using is butter. I love butter, particularly on top of carbs and inside dishes to make them taste so much better. Not using it as frequently has helped me become more creative with spices in dishes, but also helps me make better choices, for instance, peanut butter is a better alternative to butter on my toast in the morning because it has more nutrients and substance.


The biggest benefit has been a lack of bloating. I would sometimes go to bed feeling gross or overly stuffed, not thinking that I’ve eaten too much more than I should until that point. I already eat a ton of veggies, but I’ve upped my in take, hello breakfast scrambles, and my tummy has improved overall.

My energy levels have also improved. I don’t feel as tired when the alarm rings at 4:30 in the morning and my workouts feel better fueled. I’m excited to see how much easier my running gets as I continue to shed pounds, including speed and endurance.

It’s also important for me to remember how far I’ve come from 7 years ago now when I was 100 pounds heavier to see how far I’ve come.


food is food and food is good

It’s weird, right? That food doesn’t rhyme with good. When people ask me how I became a decent writer, I don’t tell them it’s because I know good grammar. But that is totally off topic because it’s Friday and it’s time to show you my art collection. And by art collection, I mean all the food I’ve eaten this past week. It’s colorful thanks to all the fruits and veggies I eat.

Warm bowl of oats.

The results of a soon-to-be-shared recipe.

Cod with broccoli and orzo.

French toast with an egg and fruit.

Salmon with rice and spinach.

A burger out.

Meal Prep

As I said yesterday, this week in particular is busy for work (especially in the mornings), so packing healthy food ahead of time is key. Yes, it takes time, but your body and brain will thank you for it later as you reap the benefits!

Here’s a sample of what I’ve been eating both today and yesterday as I’m on the move.

Hard-boiled eggs because you can’t beat the punch of protein. With a cheesestick, I add a hint of fat that will keep me moving, either before a workout or in the mid-morning between breakfast and lunch.


Almonds with raisins also make a perfect snack combo. I tend to make my own trail mixes, except for the occasional one from Trader Joe’s because a lot of the store bought varieties are laden with sneaky sugar and weird add-ins.


Today’s lunch is a big, heaping salad topped with feta and grilled BBQ chicken. Hummus and a small whole wheat pita will accompany my meal.


I also will be enjoying plain kefir with a dash of cinnamon and raspberries, but I didn’t have the space to pre-make it as the fridge is stocked.

Monday night’s dinner was a zucchini noodle concoction.


Chopped tomato and mozzarella.


With basil and chicken sausage.


Lots of veggies, protein, and fats make for good, yummy eating! It also means I won’t be reaching to make bad choices or not eating enough during the day. There’s always a healthy balance!

Healthy Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is a fun, quick, and super simple meal option for the summer. It’s a BBQ staple. Last week, I knew it was going to be hot and I needed to make a big batch of something cool that would satisfy me all week long. Inspiration struck as I pillaged the cabinets of my kitchen.

Start by boiling the water and throwing your pasta of choice into the pot. In this case, I opted for gluten free elbows because I had a gluten free friend coming over for lunch the next day.


Next, it was time to choose my assortment of ingredients.

Chickpeas for a burst of protein.


Multi-colored veggies for necessary nutrients and colorful appeal.


Put it all together and toss in some sort of dressing or oil to keep things from sticking together in a yucky way.




Beware Nastly Little Bundles of Unblended Spinach

I woke up this morning not feeling my usual self, so instead of hopping over to the gym for a strength session before my spin class, I just stuck with spinning. I felt pretty good throughout it all, so I’m happy for the workout. Yoga might come a little bit later in the day.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m sick, more just “off.”

This morning’s breakfast was light, consisting of a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a cheesestick. I just ate a chopped apple with another tablespoon of pb and all seems well!

Yesterday’s dinner was pizza! I enjoyed two slices and complemented them with a ton of veggies- roasted brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and a hunk of a salad.


For a mid-day snack yesterday, I knew I was hungry but I wasn’t too big on the eating thing (unusual, I know), so I blended a smoothie. I’m not huge on juices and I usually prefer to eat my calories, but this wasn’t bad! I tossed in some greek yogurt, peanut butter, strawberries, blueberries, half a banana, spinach, ice, and milk.


I was so afraid I was going to snag a nasty ball of unblended spinach, but all was good!

Happiest of weekends to everyone!

May Greetings!

It must be the end of the week because I just had to be told I was wearing my sweatshirt backwards. The terrible thing is, I thought it was strange when I couldn’t find the front pocket, but it didn’t alert me to maybe see what was happening. One could say I have so many other things going on, I couldn’t be bothered with such frivolous details. One would be too kind.

The day started off with a little bit of an eff you from my alarm. I thought I still had some time, so I rolled over to lay on my side just as my alarm blared. It was really mean, but it offended me such much, it woke me right up. Nicely played, Siri? *When speaking in terms of iPhones, I just blame Siri for everything.

I got things moving with a body strength workout at the gym. Side step ups are harder than they look, especially when followed by elevated calf raises, two different types of squats, two different kinds of lunges, kneeling kickbacks using a very tight resistance band, and elevated hip lifts on a stability ball. My legs were sore! I also went through tricep dips, push ups, mountain climbers, mermaid raises, sit ups, Russian twists, and roll outs. After, I was stoked to hop in the pool, even though it was a bit crowded and I was wall side in my lane, which in hate because I feel claustrophobic. I also enjoy swimming in the middle lanes of the pool because it has the whole open water effect. I’m a freak, I know. *For the record, if you out me in actual open water, I would panic and drown myself by accident. I fit in a solid mile and left the gym jazzed for the day.

For breakfast, I heated up the new breakfast sandwich machine to excellent results. It’s super easy to use, it’s fast, and you don’t have to do much fussing about, so I can get organized without feeling rushed. This also allows me a little longer time at the gym. Fresh fruit topped off my yummy meal.


I was- ok, my mom- was right about the whole fat in my meal thing. A little cheese left me fuller for longer and I didn’t even think of eating again until a few, appropriate, hours later. Lunch was a stir fry with buckwheat noodles,  chicken, veggies, and the aforementioned cheese. For a snack, I had the juiciest orange and a cup of Trader Joes coconut cream Greek yogurt that was incredible. Seriously, it was so good, but it did have a little more sugar than I would normally allot for a snack.

  It was all about the veggies for dinner. I tossed a shaved Brussels sprout salad together for a fresh side,malong with kebabs with grilled chicken, pepper, and zucchini. Because we were going to make it earlier in the week and didn’t, we also had cauliflower au gratin and a side of brown spinach rice. So good!

It’s Friday, friends, which means one more morning until I can sleep in! Also, only a few more hours until I get to see my husband, Chris Evans, up on the big screen again. Avengers Assemble! 

Oh! And happy. May!

Sometimes the Basics are the Best

This week has been difficult to wake up. I’m fine once I’m standing, but the feat of yet ting myself out of the bed has been proving difficult. Fortunately, I’ve been able to move quickly once I’m awake and I haven’t missed any gym time because of it. Maintaining a routine definitely makes it easier to get up in the mornings, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy.

My workout was a sweaty one. I did my alternating strength/run routine and by the end, I was beat. This time, I decided to stick to performing all sets at eight reps, increasing my weight slightly as I went. It was just as effective, and just as many, but I’m hoping to keep my body guessing. My strength circuit was shoulder presses, bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions, rows, front raises, lunging arrow twists, shoulder raises, goblet squats, and bench presses. I performed the circuit two times before hopping on the treadmill for a mile run. My first run went smoothly and I was feeling strong, but by the final one, I was tired. My knee is a little sore now, so it’s something I’ll have to keep an eye on.

Breakfast was the simple, but perfect, peanut butter on toast with a side of berries. The chocolate peanut butter, while healthy and full of good fat and protein, tastes like an indulgence and makes my body and mind happy.


I guess I was so excited for lunch today that I forgot to snap a picture! I enjoyed another fresh salad with a piece of salmon on top.  The fish wasn’t tasting as fresh as the day before, so I ate the vegetables around it and settled on the serving of almonds I had packed for my dose of protein. With a Baggie of popcorn on the side, I had myself a great meal!

For dinner, a stir fry came together simply. The veggies got a little burned, but tasted just fine. So long as they aren’t soggy, I can handle it. The veggie medley included peppers, mushrooms, carrots, bok choy, and zucchini. I paired a Thai peanut sauce with teriyaki ginger chicken meatballs and some whole wheat bow tie pasta. I was very pleased with the outcome.


What’s your go-to quick meal?