Glitzy McJingles Has A Way With Words So Long As She Doesn’t Speak

A couple of updates from yesterday’s post are in order. First, I would like to point out that Gilmore Girls once again used the word “traipsing” in an episode, leading me to believe that their thesaurus was stuck on one page and that the writers are time travelers who read this blog and incorporated the word into every other word to mess with me.

Such a thing reminds me of a conversation I was having last night over dinner with my mom when I told her about how I shared my word mispronunciation with you all. She laughed and agreed that it’s better to hear in person, but then I realized, I mixed up the two interpretations of acquiesce. I claimed the actual pronunciation as the erred way I thought it sounded and offered you all the way it actually is as false. That explanation seems confusing even to me and I edited it five times. In conclusion, acquiesce is pronounced in that fancy way that strings out the sounds and not in the jumbled manner I said it all in one. I am not the poetic genius I once thought I was for all of five hours.

It’s really a good thing I didn’t record it!

This is almost as bad as the time I exclaimed “Whoa!” as “Wow-a!” But I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that.

Another update is a reminder that things are not always as they seem, however good intentioned. Yesterday, I was fluttering around running errands and performing assorted tasks, that by the time I headed out for that run I promised, it was already darkening and I had to stopper my plans. Time and daylight are now of the essence and I had to choose walking my dog and pulling up my garden over my run. I abhor running inside when I can still run outside, so instead, I switched up my planned rest day from today, Thursday technically, and took it yesterday and ran today. As it turns out, the weather was nicer and I got myself up and out at a decent time, being more aware. I view this as a win.

What is not a win is my now seemingly weekly occurrence of slicing my thumb while chopping potatoes. On the same thumb. On the very same slice. Yes, I recut open my cut. It’s so embarrassing that I needed to share. I’m usually very careful and precise with chopping, but for whatever reason, the knife has a vendetta against my left thumb. Fortunately, I was much more prepared with how to stop the bleeding with an ice cube, an elastic band, and firm pressure. It’s looking pretty gross now though.


How gross do my wrinkly hands look? I am a fervent hand-washer in addition to swimmer, so this time of year takes a beating on my hands. Lotion up!

Such a thing is oddly timely because I thought I would be a nice, caring daughter and start picking up the leaves for my dad, but my hunger pains were escalating after my run so I decided to have lunch first. Then I decided to chop up some potatoes to make for fries later, for him, and ended up with the hurt thumb and inability to rake. Once again, good intentions don’t get you as much credit, mostly because it looks silly to point out what you were going to do but didn’t end up executing. Oh wait…

I prefer to claim my mistakes and mock them as my own because that way, when people attempt to use such an incident against you, they are mocking with you, not at you.

A final numerous anecdote I want to mention is this post circulating Facebook about Elf Names. It takes your first initial in your first name as well as your birth month and matches you to a nickname. Mine was appropriately deemed “Glitzy McJingles,” which obviously makes me a princess elf. Some of the other elf name combinations we had were Pixie Angel Eyes, Tinker Sparkly-Nose, Buddy Snow-Bum, Glitzy Sugar-Socks, Pudding Sparkly-Nose, and my personal favorite, Pudding Glitterballs, but I won’t say who it belongs to (hint, my brother). The other appropriate elf nickname belonged to that of my cat, Bandit: Nipper Floppy-Feet because he’s a biter and sounds like an elephant when he runs down the stairs.


But he sure is cute!