weekend and travel plans

This weekend was one of relaxation after traveling. I did a lot of nothing, with some exercise thrown in to assuage the guilt.

I had taken a week off from working out thanks to my travel last week and it was much needed. On Saturday, I got back to it with a total body strength routine and some spinning and I was feeling those DOMS on Sunday. A run/walk combo helped stretch out my sore legs in particular, but they were still achey on Sunday night and this morning! I have a love/hate for this kind of pain, but it is the good kind of pain. I guess it was time to mix things up with my plan.

I was also able to catch up on sleep, which had gotten messed up when I took a red-eye to Boston last Friday. I don’t sleep well on planes, especially with my legs feeling a bit cramped. I had a couple of hours to nap once arriving home before my mom and I got mani/pedis for my cousin’s wedding. It was dancing time at the beautiful ceremony and reception and we were up past 2 am, which meant I was awake for the better part of 24+ hours and jet lagged. Whew. But it was well worth it.

The rest of my break was spent with my family, shopping, going to movies and dinner, and spending some quality time. It’s always hard to leave, but it was great to see everybody. Even though it’s a long flight from coast-to-coast, particularly east-to-west, it was nice to gain three hours of the day on the way back.

I captured some snapshots from the plane:




It was hard to not include the wing of the plane in my photos, so that accounts for the odd angles.

Somehow, it’s Monday again. Enjoy it!

sunset in stages

I don’t think I can effectively speak to how beautiful California is. I am constantly amazed by the sights and wonders of this state and I know I’ve only ever seen a small part of it. To cap off my weekend, I went to Griffith Observatory to catch the sunset. Every night should end like this:







This weekend was the perfect amount of relaxing and active with as much time spent outside as I possibly could get. This weather is the kind I expected when I moved out here.



Sights like these make Monday’s arrival just a little sweeter.


It only took 12 years, but I am finally vindicated. I guess the trick was actually moving to LA. Brangelina is OVER. Too bad we probably won’t get Brannier back.

Okay, so, I sound like a terrible person because you know, children are involved, but my poor 14 year old heart was broken all those years ago. Team Jen always!

Moving on…Monday wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t easy either. People keep reminding me that it’s not going to take several days to adjust to this new way of living and I totally understand that. It just hurts, mainly being away from my family. Emotional ups and downs are normal, but I’m trying to be strong and patient!

I started my morning with a bite of comfort- waffles, strawberries, and a banana.

IMG_5692 3.JPG

After some writing and working, it was time to check out my new neighborhood in the best way possible, a run!

I cruised for the usual 3.1, but was very happy (and sweaty) when I finished. The sun wasn’t blaring and humidity wasn’t bad, but it was still hot! A quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich worked as my post-workout meal.

IMG_5695 2.PNG

We still don’t have Internet, so I headed out to the local library – my sister must be proud – to apply for jobs and get some more work done. By the time I got home, I was hungry! I threw a bunch of stuff together for dinner and it was delicious.

Stage 1:


Grilled chicken, zucchini noodles, chopped yellow pepper, spinach, whole wheat penne, tomato sauce, and mozzarella. Yum in a bowl!



Check out this sunset!


After some more writing and reading, it was time to call it an early night. All of these emotional and physical changes make for an exhausted girl! I might have used that line already, but it couldn’t be truer!

Hope your Tuesday is/has been magical, bloggy friends!