Princesses Reunite

I’ve not blogged on this Royal Baby yet, mostly because I’ve been lazy, but also because I’m devastated. Don’t get me wrong, Baby George is as cute as his name is hilarious. But as a fellow princess at heart, a part of me is sad that there won’t be any Princess Caitlins taking the throne. Or at the very least Princess Georgia. Or Princess Beyonce, which would be much more fitting.

 Or if there has to be a George, let there also be a Fred. This is England after all.

 The worst part is that we all know Charles and William will never be able to live up to the wonder that is Queen Elizabeth. She is a bad ass. I mean, she can tell you exactly how she’s feeling and what she thinks of you in one look. I’ve tried to do that, but most times it looks like I’m constipated.I can’t even raise an eyebrow. Trust me, I’ve tried. And for the record, my lack of talent is not only because you can barely see my eyebrows. And Queen Bethie is just so short and cute that you kind of just want to pick her up and put her in your pocket. My friend Katja bought me this life-size statuette of her waving when the sun hits her. It’s my pride and joy.


 I would stick her in my garden only I’ve just thought of this and also I don’t want her to get dirty. Or for the turkey to get her. Though as long as I was able to see this and capture a photo, I think it would be too funny an image to be mad.I also love that she is wearing the yellow jumpsuit that people said made her look like Big Bird because Big Bird wishes he was that cool and/or British. I know I sure do!

 You know she was holding out for that baby being a girl too. She doesn’t want Charles and now William is balding, so she thought her best bet would be this little baby girl princess, but that planned failed.

 My only wish is that, if Queen Elizabeth ever does die, that the death would coincide with the birth of my future daughter, so that she reincarnates as my baby. I’d dress her up in all pink and fluff and she’d glare at me in the way she does best and we’d wear matching tiaras and take selfies all day with #princessandmommytime.

 It might not be a big dream, or even a realistic dream, but it is my dream. And I own it.

 P.S. I may or may not have broken my middle finger after dropping a 60lb weight on it, depending on if you feel sympathy or find it hilarious.