Spring Cleaning- It’s Time

Green chocolate chip cookies! I just took my mom’s regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and threw in some green dye. I wanted to make them minty, but I didn’t have the extract and I wasn’t going to over exert myself by running to the store.

photo 2

The alarm blared unexpectedly this morning, but regardless if I could believe that it couldn’t possibly be time already, it certainly was. I tore myself away from my warm, comfortable bed, chugged water, and dug into a peanut butter tortilla. One of my favorites to get me up in the morning! It was almost rude to have had to brush SNOW off of my car because I thought we had left all that behind, but alas, it had to be done.

At the gym, I ran through a kettlebell circuit of alternating swings, goblet squats, alternating shoulder presses, tricep pushbacks, and high pulls. After, I was able to hold a plank for a minute and a half and side planks for a minute on each side. I tried to squeeze in a few more strength moves using the barbell, but my arms must have been tired because my sets weren’t as strong as I’ve grown accustomed. I also had a difficult time on the treadmill with my legs being sore, which seems odd since I had two consecutive rest days. I think traveling and sitting for long periods of time is counterproductive in terms of building strength. I did get some walking in, but when you’re on the road for seven hours, it can be tiring in the not so good way. I’ve also been battling through a bit of a cold that hasn’t materialized into much yet- knock on wood- but it can still tire the body. I made it through and was happy to have just gotten through my routine. I always feel much more refreshed having started the day with a workout!

My tastebuds were feeling a bit eclectic this morning, so I settled on an egg with a buttered piece of toast and peanut butter toast on the other slice. Paired with some fresh, juicy strawberries and sweet blackberries and I had myself an excellent Monday morning meal!

photo 1

Lunch composed of a delicious miso soup my sister made the evening before. Soup was just what I needed and went so well with the fresh crispness of my salad. Someone actually complimented my salad at work and all I could say is, “It’s kinda my thing.” I take great pleasure in chopping up all the veggies and tossing them together. Except for whatever reason, I hate washing lettuce. Most times I just use baby spinach anyways.

photo 2

Now that the winter weather is hopefully disintegrating- despite snow in the early morning, it was DIVINE outside this afternoon- we had our first potpie of the season just last night. Chicken, veggies, creamy sauce smothered together in a crispy, buttery crust served with mashed potatoes and spinach. Can’t get much better than that goodness for a Monday evening.

photo 1

To welcome Spring a little faster, I decided to paint my nails a nice and bright pink. After so much travel and disruption to routine- trust me, I’m not complaining!- this week is all about spring cleaning. I’m organizing my room, clothes, and all things I do and don’t need/use anymore. Last night focused on the loads of laundry I needed to wash, fold, and put away.  I may not love cleaning, but I love the aftermath! And well, part of me does love the cleaning. Sometimes. I think I just like to feel productive. We also got the bridal shower invitations completed and sent out into the mail, which is far more exciting than any cleaning. This is getting real!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Top o’ The Mornin’ To Ya

We are ignoring the constant sniffling and soreness sneaking its way down my throat. We’ll chalk it up to the wind and singing as loud as I could on my way home. To stave off this impending cold, I’ve been popping vitamin C cough drops and drinking as much tea and water as I can stomach. The gym was fine this morning because once I got up, the sniffles weren’t so bad. I knew that getting up and going to the gym was my only option because once that alarm goes off, I’m pretty much up anyways and I wouldn’t make the best of the extra sleep I could have had.  I told myself that if I ever got to the point where I wasn’t feeling well, I could take it easy, but it never reached that.

I started out with a body strength workout and some stability/medicine ball action. I did have Burpees on the menu, but I cut that out the second I got there. It wasn’t the day to push myself that hard. The first circuit included step ups, split squats, push ups, mountain climbers, hip lifts, and side plank twists. The second circuit had rollouts, kneeling kickbacks, mermaid raises, hundreds, sit ups, and Russian twists. After, I headed down to the pool for some cardio and fit in a half hour of laps. The cold didn’t hit me so bad until well into the work day, so at least I got in a great workout! My meals for the day started with a little sweetness in the form of French toast. My batter included an egg, a splash of milk, pumpkin, vanilla, and cinnamon. I soaked two pieces of whole wheat sour dough bread and after frying it on the pan, topped it with peanut butter, jelly, and some shredded coconut for staying power. It was so satisfying and yummy and kept me nice and full until lunch. photo 1 For lunch, I threw some leftover macaroni and cheese into a dish and served it with a fresh salad. I love the combination of the vibrant, crisp veggies and the warm, cheesy goodness. photo 2 Dinner took us to our Irish roots. Since the weekend is looking pretty busy for us all, my mom wanted to cook a traditional Irish meal in honor of St. Patrick’s Day while we were all around. We always have smoked shoulder instead of corned beef, with boiled potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and turnip. Once a year it’s a treat! I remember only ever liking the potatoes when I was younger and my Nana would make it for us, but now my favorite part is the cabbage.