Pick Up A Bat, Dust Off That Glove

The Red Sox start a week from today. I repeat. The Red Sox start a week from today. It doesn’t matter that there is still a bunch of snow on the ground. The weather is still gloomy and frigid. Blankets will be needed at games and it will feel more like October baseball than the games are worth. But the boys are coming back and are bringing a banging offense with them and at the moment, it’s the only true sign of spring.

Like, hello? Easter is on Sunday. I’m used to wearing dresses with flowly skirts and bare legs, sitting outside and enjoying the sun. This is not spring, but spring things are happening, so maybe the weather will catch up. I’ve been wearing many dresses and skirts lately, hoping to inspire some changes, but this morning, I walked into work just as it was starting to snow.

Do you know how glorious it will be to step outside in the morning and not be freezing despite being bundled up in layers? I need to defrost at the gym before I can even get moving. But April is coming, Easter eggs will have to be dyed, and the Red Sox will still play and eventually, the weather will warm along with it.

Speaking of Easter, my mom and I are currently belting out lyrics to Jesus Christ Superstar. I love that musical- though there are few that I don’t. The music is very catchy and singable. Tis the season!

When my alarm went off Monday morning, I was shell-shocked for a few minutes, but then I rolled out of bed and felt fine. I enjoyed a quick tortilla wrap filled with peanut butter, guzzled some water, and nestled in my car with a warm cup of coffee. I actually don’t mind the darkness in the mornings- though it will be nice when it gets lighter and warmer to run outside!- because it’s my time to really wake up and I feel like I’m the only one awake. Once I step out of my car and into the gym, my day moves quick and loud, so that silence is much appreciated. 

At the gym, I kicked things off with some kettlebell action. In my circuit, I performed each move in four sets of twelve reps- swings, alternating shoulder presses with step ups, high pulls, tricep kickbacks, and shoulder raises. I moved onto heavier weights with the barbell after, four sets of eight reps, doing dead lifts, bicep curls, rows, squat presses, and bench presses. For my cardio, I started off thinking I’d do my run/walk incline/speed workout, but after my first walk cycle, I was feeling strong and I just ran, upping my pace every couple of minutes. I never know when I’m going to have an amazing run, so I jump at it when things run smoothly.

For breakfast, I had an overnight oatmeal brewing in an almost empty jar of dark chocolate peanut butter. With the bits of peanut butter left, I enjoyed oats mixed with milk, raisins, dates, walnuts, and mashed banana. I was still feeling a but hungry after, so I had some strawberries and a cheesestick.


For lunch, I had this salad. I chopped up some rotisserie chicken as a hit of protein on top of my usual salad fillings. I’m seriously obsessed with this blush dressing. It’s sweet, but not overly so, and compliments the veggies well, upping the flavor. I had a Baggie of popcorn to go with it- lately, I’ve been digging Angie’s kettle corn brand. Again, it’s sweet and salty, but in a nice subtle way. It’s good that I don’t have the entire bag with me at work because I could eat it all!


Part of my spring cleaning meal plan is to incorporate more fish. For dinner, I had swordfish grilled in a blackening spice with cauliflower au gratin, spinach, and brown spinach rice. A great, healthy, and tasty dish!

As I type, I’m happily sipping peppermint tea from my new mug. It’s way bigger than anything I’m used to though so I keep spilling all over myself. The rest of the night, I’m planning on hunkering down to work on my script and perhaps doing a little reading before bed.

A little tease for tomorrow’s blog: I READ A BOOK THIS WEEKEND AND WATCHED A NEW SHOW. Review time! And no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.

Derek Jeter, I Don’t Hate You

I am a Red Sox fan to my core and you will never hear me speak otherwise. However, today my friend Katie posted the new Gatorade Commercial featuring Derek Jeter walking to Yankee Stadium, greeting fans and enjoying views of the city. I will not lie, it teared me up.

Many Red Sox fans will tell you that they hate the Yankees, unconditionally, as strong as their love for their beloved Sox, but they respect at least one person on that team, Derek Jeter.

You have to admire someone, especially an athlete in this era who plays the game in a classy way. In sports, I have noticed there are too many egos, all looking to go to the highest bidder in ludicrous amounts, and too many situations of these men believing they are above moral standards and can get away with anything- though that is a different, more serious conversation.

I’ll say it, sports stars, singers, actors, and entertainers do not deserve to make more money than others. They are no more heroes than firefighters, policemen, doctors, teachers, etc. They don’t get to act the way that they do with no repercussions, except for the fact that we continually allow them to get away with these antics.

This is not true of every sports star, but lately, there has been a trend of negative situations popping up all across the medium. We have social media to thank for that.

There is one sports star in particular who I think understands that what he is doing is playing a game, a sport that he respects and works hard for, is a leader and a team player. Derek Jeter is for the Yankees as much as the Yankees are Derek Jeter.

When you watch the game, no matter your allegiance, you have to respect a player who respects himself and the people who pay to watch him. You have to look back on that career and acknowledge those accomplishments and you have to be a little sad that the game just got that much less classier with his retirement.

No, I’m not overly sad that the Yankees might not make the playoffs, especially because my Red Sox are nowhere close, but it would have been quite a story if Jeter could carry his team one last time.

Captain, my captain. Nice work, with all due respect.

A Red Sox fan