Breakfast and Breakfast

I started and ended the day with breakfast, which is a great way to spend a day because breakfast is the best.

The morning started with a waffle and fruit.


I had a mini-crisis this morning, unable to find the fresh strawberries I purchased, but alas, I didn’t look at the third shelf of the refrigerator. We’re good!

The evening ended with an omelet, toast, and spinach.


Nothing particularly exciting happening, except maybe to share that my feet were killing me while I was running on the treadmill. No? Not exciting.

I’ve had my new sneakers for enough time to be broken in and up until now they’ve been fine, but I wonder if my feet are a little swollen from all the hurrying around I’ve been doing lately. When I was training, there was a lot of standing and watching, but not as much moving on my part. My poor feet!

Don’t worry, woe is not me.

I just typed, “have a great weekend,” like it’s not Wednesday….

One Month!

Happy one month anniversary to me and LA!

IMG_5776 2.JPG

In some ways, I can’t believe I’ve already lived here for a month, but in others I feel like I’ve been here forever. It has something to do with how things came together job-wise, but also, life flies! Take advantage and live it while we can!* Chasing dreams isn’t always glamorous and it’s certainly not easy, and no matter the long-term successes and failures, the journey is worth it. Cliches have truth, friends!


*Even if it scares you and believe me, this still scares me.

If you’ll remember, I am a personal trainer and so I’m used to standing on my feet all day, but the change of foot wear and profession has taken a hit to my feet. They are sore! After a day at work and a run, this is my total for the day:


I’ll never complain about getting to move around, but I think they might deserve a pedicure soon- maybe to celebrate my one month anniversary!



Lunch was quinoa, black beans, brussels sprouts, and broccoli.



We’re halfway through the week!