better late than never…

Sorry this is coming to you late today! Yesterday, my sister and her husband came over for dinner and between socializing and preparing for my early morning, I ran out of writing time. Better late than never!

The weather was SPECTACULAR around here yesterday and today. I know it’s problematic BIG TIME in the long run, but for now, I’m enjoying small favors. It’s tough going from the constant warmth of LA to the seasonal changes of the east coast.

Someone really loves the nice weather, it makes window-watching purr-fect.


On Tuesday, I slept in a bit and warmed up with a quick strength circuit of all body exercises. At 7:00 am, it was already in the 50s, so I threw on a sweatshirt and a baseball hat and hit the streets. I got through 3.2 miles fairly comfortably (oof, the double adverb!) and felt nice and strong!


For breakfast, I enjoyed a breakfast sandwich consisting of an egg, chicken sausage patty, and a slice of pepper jack all on top of an english muffin, berries on the side.


For lunch, I had leftovers beef, broccoli, and cauliflower with brown rice.


I helped my mom make an awesome dinner of blackened salmon, steak tips, cheesy potatoes, asparagus and red peppers, and caesar salad. It was SO good and I’m sorry for the lack of pictures.

By the time I hopped into bed on Tuesday night, I had reached 20,000 steps! Hope everyone’s having a great Wednesday!

Summer Tidings

Though the beginning of September is technically still summer, and feels like it too, there is always something about the month that screams Fall. I love summer, but the Fall inspires such beautiful memories and emotions that it might just be my favorite holiday.

This also happens to be the first September, in twenty years, that I am not gearing up to go back to school in any capacity. School supply shopping and moving my brother back into college brought some nostalgia, which already runs rampant in me during this time of year. It’s a big change, but it’s a good change, especially once I figure out what I will be doing.

As promised, this week brings a lot of good food made in an actual kitchen, my OWN kitchen, that is so so done, except for a door on the spice rack. Most important, it’s functional and beautiful and I am ready to get cooking.

Breakfast this week featured some repeats, my favorites, that I haven’t been able to make in some time. First up are delectable poached eggs on whole wheat toast. Simple and delicious. My mom makes them best. Enjoyed with berries that is unpictured because I do not like my fruit touching yolk.


Pancakes! Yes, I made them this summer on the portable stove thing, but there’s something about the actual stove top that made these even better. The sad thing is when I first enjoyed these, I was battling that awful virus that swept me off my feet. I started making them before the full effects got to me, but when it came time to eat them, it was a nose blow, hand scrub, bite one-one-one ratio. They are beautiful though.


Oddly enough, I somehow still had a hankering for toast and peanut butter. I tried Trader Joes Artisan Wheat for the first time and found it dense and fresh, perfect for regular Teddie peanut butter and jelly. There was half a banana and some berries too that didn’t make it into the picture.


More toast and peanut butter, this time of the chocolate variety, since they were busy working on the kitchen and I needed to be quick. Beautiful bowl of blueberries and raspberries on the side. I love summer produce.


When I was finally feeling better, though mucus seems to be lingering, I made my pancakes again. I will never get sick of them.


This oatmeal I made with a new, first time purchase of maple peanut butter. I threw a tablespoon into stove top oatmeal along with a tablespoon of cinnamon roasted pecans and a handful of blueberries. It was absolutely delightful and so autumn-inspired, I can’t even wait to have it again with a cup of pumpkin spice coffee on a cold-fall day.


Taking advantage of having my mom home in the morning, I asked for more poached eggs. This could be my favorite kind. Savory and filling. More fruit on the side that didn’t make it into the picture.


When I first got my cold, all I wanted was soup, and my mom obliged. My favorite combination at Panera is broccoli cheddar soup with the Thai chopped chicken salad and a whole wheat baguette on the side.


My mom also obliged in making me a tomato grilled cheese, in which I needed cheezits and strawberries.


Greek salad eaten and enjoyed in our new special salad bowls. Romaine and baby spinach, peppers, tomato, cucumber, carrots, feta, and Greek dressing with a pita on the side.


This is a colorful stir fry, one of my favorite go-to meals, made with Perdue’s honey barbecue chicken and a variety of fresh veggies tossed lightly in soy sauce on top of brown rice.


We had a big family barbecue on Saturday, so here are some of the pictures of this food. Not all of the dishes got snapped and I can tell you, I ate a lot. These were not my single portions FYI but two of the dishes I made, a big salad and a Mediterranean dip I’ll tell you about soon.



Before moving my brother back into school, I tossed a quick salad together and had a side of leftover macaroni and cheese.


Starting off dinners for the week was a steak fajita salad with brown rice and part of a zucchini boat.


A takeout Greek salad with the best grilled chicken and half a pita that was enjoyed through sniffles and snot.


The night I was very sick, I had whole wheat pasta, half of a sausage, and stuffed down a salad. I didn’t take a picture because I forgot.

I went out for Thai with my friend Molly and had a much better experience than last week. This is cashew chicken with an array of veggies and brown rice.


Saturday at the BBQ, I was too busy running around that I didn’t get a chance to snap many pictures. There were burgers and hot dogs along with salad, pasta, beans, and corn. Perfect for Labor Day.

This is the turkey tips from the 99 along with some mashed potatoes, a biscuit, and broccoli. I’m excited to use the leftover tips in a salad this week.


Proving that we do cookouts right, today we had amazing lemon pepper chicken, steak tips with honey BBQ sauce, mushrooms and green peppers to smother the meat, brown spinach rice, a huge salad, and zucchini fries. I found the recipe from a Buzzfeed article and they were so good! I can’t wait to make more zucchini recipes!


A perfect ending meal to an amazing summer full of good fun, tasty food, and sun. I’m sad to see summer go, but I’m happy to welcome fall once again. Rotational seasons rock!