Perfect Summer Weekend

Hi! I hope the weekend was glorious! We had great weather all the way through, even though rain was threatening on Saturday.

After work on Friday, I fit in a sweaty total body workout with a little dose of cardio at the end. When I got home, my sister and her family came over to hang outside and I got some quality auntie time.


I was woken early and abruptly on Saturday by a cat who was ready to seize the day, but once I set him loose, I fell back asleep until almost 10am. I guess I needed my rest!

When I was up for good, I started the day with two poached eggs on a whole wheat toast and a big bowl of watermelon.


As I digested and hydrated, I watched an episode of Safe on Netflix. I started it on Thursday and was dismayed that I only had time to watch one episode. I was hooked from the start!

I tore myself away from the screen long enough to crush a 3.1 mile run. It was super hot, but my usual trail is shadowy and there was a nice breeze to guide me through. My legs felt strong!


Upon my arrival home, I jumped in the pool to cool down- much needed- and dived into this Greek salad with chicken. Perfect fuel to re-energize. It looks a little bland because of the blanket of dressing, but I promise there was a load of veggies underneath, including baby spinach, bell peppers, carrots, cucumber, and tomato!


My mom and I went grocery shopping in the afternoon to prepare for the week- lots of healthy choices! On Weight Watchers, it’s good to mix things up so we don’t get sick of certain foods and turn to less than great options.

I settled down to finish Safe- there were only eight episodes- and was sad, but satisfied when it ended. I sort of predicted the ending by the penultimate episode, but I wasn’t disappointed.

For dinner, I grilled up some shrimp in blackening seasoning, lime juice, teriyaki sauce, and sriracha and they were so good! I threw them atop two corn tortillas with bell peppers, broccoli slaw, and a dollop of sour cream mixed with the same ingredients as the shrimp. Note to remind myself to do this more often, maybe with Greek yogurt! Such a little detail added so much flavor to my meal! I also had a few chips to round out my meal.


I assume this meal would pair well with cold beer or a tequila beverage of some sort, but I was saving my extra calories for some Saturday night ice cream! What can I say, your girl’s got a sweet tooth.

The rest of the night, I watched the Red Sox and played hard with my main dude. He’s been very busy lately and is constantly on the prowl. Of course, I mean the Sim-dude.


On Sunday, I was up early to hit the beach! We got breakfast to start off the day. Two eggs over easy with whole wheat toast and a big bowl of fruit. My mom shared a slice of bacon with me too.


My favorite part about the beach is going in the water. It was chilly, but the waves enticing, and we stayed in for quite awhile twice.


I think that’s actually a person’s Shoulder and not my thumb. And no visit to the beach is complete without some ice cream. It’s all part of healthy living!


Home-Cooking and Relaxation

After work on Friday, all I wanted to do was crash on the couch and relax, but being the good older sister I am, I walked my dog for a fee minutes since I was the first one home. He doesn’t like to walk without one of my parents and he will fight every inch of the walk if he feels uncomfortable. The collar pulled over his head, which left him unprotected in the middle of the road with a line of cars coming at us. My instinct was to jump on him to hold him there and keep the cars from hitting us. Fortunately, there was enough time for all of this to happen and we are both okay, but it was a scary moment.

Needless to say, I enjoyed my relaxation even more after that.

My morning began with this warming bowl of oats. Instead of the usual dark chocolate peanut butter I stir in, I went with white chocolate with blueberries and a splash of jelly. The result was fantastic.


Keeping with my spring cleaning of my diet- and by diet I mean what I eat not the “diet” that is temporary- and had a giant salad with a bowl of soup. I ran out of grilled chicken and didn’t want to open a can of beans that would rot in the fridge all weekend, so I topped my salad with one of those chicken cutlets that always smell better than they taste. I didn’t love the butternut soup as much as I wanted, but over all, my lunch was quite tasty and filling.


I made dinner for Lauren and Nick last night, which was delayed because my chicken didn’t defrost as fast as it should have. I found a sesame chicken recipe on Pinterest, which was sweet and savory and delicious if I say so myself. I paired it with a veggie stir fry and some brown rice. Everyone seemed happy and satisfied once they were able to eat it!


My workout on Friday morning was a good one. I started with a dumbbell workout that focused on the slow burn, performing moves at three sets of twenty reps at lower weights. I love using heavier weights, but I think the change-up once in awhile is effective. I finished with the squat press and leg press at heavier weights, doing my 10x10x8x8x6x6x4x4x2x2 method to gain strength and increase my weights. My heaviest squat press ended up being 155 pounds and my leg press was actually 500 pounds. I have strong calves due to all that running and Plyometrics. Speaking of Plyometrics, I did that for my cardio, starting with box jumps, jumping jacks, skater jumps, burpees, high knees, lunges, and elevated calf raises. I ended with some planks and jump roping for five minutes. I woke up a little sore this morning, but it was a great workout and I didn’t have to get up at 5:00 am for another workout.

Now off to go dress shopping for my mom for the wedding! Happy Saturday!