You Won’t Think It’s Funny When He Bites You In the Ass

The title is a direct quote from my mother from our walk late yesterday afternoon. My dog,  Mac, likes to be the front person on walks and goes out of his way to get there if one of his people happens to be in front of him. I was playing this game when my mom semi-shouted the phrase as we walked past a playground. Only one mother turned and glared. We both laughed hard. 

The other book I want to review this week is The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It was such a great thriller and a fun way to spend a Sunday. I sat down with it on the couch intending to read only for a few minutes, but ended up finishing it. Other things did get done throughout the day, but I kept wanting to get back to it. I thought I had it figured out a few times, but she kept me guessing up until the very end. The ending was actually satisfying, which if you read my blog regularly, you know is a huge compliment from me. The characters were realistic and intriguing, somewhat likeable and relatable, but I did care what ended up happening to them. It really is the perfect spring/summer read and I understand why it has been the talk of the bookstore/library. 

Exercise round up of the past two days,  I ran/walked on Wednesday morning for five miles and finished my day with another two mile walk after work. I was back in the gym on Friday for a body strength workout and a swim that included some sprints. Of course, as you know from above, I also walked Thursday afternoon.

Breakfasts of the past two days include a breakfast sandwich made with egg, ham, and pepperjack on an English muffin one day.

Peanut buttery oatmeal the other. I actually ran out of my chocolate peanut butters and was very sad about for two days until I was able to stock up. Phew.

Lunches were the same the past two days. Stir fried veggies, tilapia, rice with a dash of hot sauce. 


Dinners were also excellent. I had deconstructed tacos on Wednesday, which pretty much means I had taco meat with cheese, tostito chips, and a salad.


And quite possibly the best food ever, my mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese. Oh, with green beans and chicken too.

Happy Friday everyone!


Pick Up A Bat, Dust Off That Glove

The Red Sox start a week from today. I repeat. The Red Sox start a week from today. It doesn’t matter that there is still a bunch of snow on the ground. The weather is still gloomy and frigid. Blankets will be needed at games and it will feel more like October baseball than the games are worth. But the boys are coming back and are bringing a banging offense with them and at the moment, it’s the only true sign of spring.

Like, hello? Easter is on Sunday. I’m used to wearing dresses with flowly skirts and bare legs, sitting outside and enjoying the sun. This is not spring, but spring things are happening, so maybe the weather will catch up. I’ve been wearing many dresses and skirts lately, hoping to inspire some changes, but this morning, I walked into work just as it was starting to snow.

Do you know how glorious it will be to step outside in the morning and not be freezing despite being bundled up in layers? I need to defrost at the gym before I can even get moving. But April is coming, Easter eggs will have to be dyed, and the Red Sox will still play and eventually, the weather will warm along with it.

Speaking of Easter, my mom and I are currently belting out lyrics to Jesus Christ Superstar. I love that musical- though there are few that I don’t. The music is very catchy and singable. Tis the season!

When my alarm went off Monday morning, I was shell-shocked for a few minutes, but then I rolled out of bed and felt fine. I enjoyed a quick tortilla wrap filled with peanut butter, guzzled some water, and nestled in my car with a warm cup of coffee. I actually don’t mind the darkness in the mornings- though it will be nice when it gets lighter and warmer to run outside!- because it’s my time to really wake up and I feel like I’m the only one awake. Once I step out of my car and into the gym, my day moves quick and loud, so that silence is much appreciated. 

At the gym, I kicked things off with some kettlebell action. In my circuit, I performed each move in four sets of twelve reps- swings, alternating shoulder presses with step ups, high pulls, tricep kickbacks, and shoulder raises. I moved onto heavier weights with the barbell after, four sets of eight reps, doing dead lifts, bicep curls, rows, squat presses, and bench presses. For my cardio, I started off thinking I’d do my run/walk incline/speed workout, but after my first walk cycle, I was feeling strong and I just ran, upping my pace every couple of minutes. I never know when I’m going to have an amazing run, so I jump at it when things run smoothly.

For breakfast, I had an overnight oatmeal brewing in an almost empty jar of dark chocolate peanut butter. With the bits of peanut butter left, I enjoyed oats mixed with milk, raisins, dates, walnuts, and mashed banana. I was still feeling a but hungry after, so I had some strawberries and a cheesestick.


For lunch, I had this salad. I chopped up some rotisserie chicken as a hit of protein on top of my usual salad fillings. I’m seriously obsessed with this blush dressing. It’s sweet, but not overly so, and compliments the veggies well, upping the flavor. I had a Baggie of popcorn to go with it- lately, I’ve been digging Angie’s kettle corn brand. Again, it’s sweet and salty, but in a nice subtle way. It’s good that I don’t have the entire bag with me at work because I could eat it all!


Part of my spring cleaning meal plan is to incorporate more fish. For dinner, I had swordfish grilled in a blackening spice with cauliflower au gratin, spinach, and brown spinach rice. A great, healthy, and tasty dish!

As I type, I’m happily sipping peppermint tea from my new mug. It’s way bigger than anything I’m used to though so I keep spilling all over myself. The rest of the night, I’m planning on hunkering down to work on my script and perhaps doing a little reading before bed.

A little tease for tomorrow’s blog: I READ A BOOK THIS WEEKEND AND WATCHED A NEW SHOW. Review time! And no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.

Birdman: It’s Weird, Man.

Considering the Oscars are airing and I’ve barely seen any of the movies, I figured it was time to at least catch one of them. I did see The Theory of Everything around Thanksgiving and I thought that was a good movie with great acting. It will most likely win Eddie Redmayne a Best Acting Oscar, but it won’t win for best film.

The two biggest contenders are Boyhood and Birdman. Eventually, I will see Boyhood, if only for the fact that it was filmed over twelve years, though that may be the only interesting part about it. I watched Birdman last night thinking I was really going to like it. I wanted to like it. The cast is excellent with Michael Keaton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts, and Edward Norton among them and I think everyone did a fabulous job of portraying their characters.

The premise of the film also intrigues me. It analyzes how people deal with fame within that culture, both from a perspective of a blockbuster icon who is beloved and a theatre extraordinaire who is esteemed. The film also toys with the role the audience plays in creating film. We rely on big gestures, those moments that we can put all over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the ones that make us feel connected to that world in a range of emotions. Such a fascinating concept!

I like how it took such a romanticized world and made it imperfect. I’m not sure I’ve seen a more realistic perspective of what it is like to work in that industry-granted, I myself have seen it in person on a limited basis-even though there were implausible facets included as well. In popular culture, especially with the rise of reality television, the line between what is real and what is imaginary has been completely shattered beyond recognition. It’s why we obsess over celebrity lives, or at the very least, why we are invested in them to some extent. Part of it too is admiring their talent and what they are able to do, but since many of us do not have the money, fame, or appearances to do what they do, we like to watch. We like what we like to watch to be very big. They make this point in the film. It’s subtle, but it’s there, and it’s true.

If I’m confusing you, watch the film, think it over, then we can chat.

For my tastes, the film took a weirder turn than I would have enjoyed. I can’t exactly dig into it without spoiling it completely, but I will say that as a film that gets you thinking, it works. I wanted it to run out a certain way because it would have made more sense to me, but it’s not my film. Now that I’m thinking more about it and have reviewed the film, I don’t hate the ending as much as I first did. Sure, it was a little bizarre, but now that I’ve connected it in my mind to the points I’ve made above, it at least makes more sense to me.

See Birdman. Not just because it will win the Oscar, but because the film is bitter, edgy, and rough.

Moving onto meal recapping, I started my Saturday morning with my favorite peanut butter pancakes. I wonder if this is actually a surprise to anyone? I don’t know how this happens, but I always seem to have a difference in the amount of batter my recipe makes week-to-week. Last week, I had four huge pancakes and one little dollop. Sometimes, I barely make three. This week, I had four medium-sized cakes. I don’t change up my ingredients or how much I put in there, so it’s just strange to see such a disparity. Maybe I’m just bad at judging how heavy handed I am at spooning them onto the griddle. Regardless, with more peanut butter on top, some jelly, toasted coconut, a side of berries, and an episode of Parks and Rec, life was good.

photo 1

My mom and I did our grocery shopping run on Saturday afternoon because Sunday is Oscar day messy from rain and, yup, snow. By the time we got home, I was hungry from lunch and needed to refuel before my workout. I heated up this bowl of wonton soup from Trader Joes and toasted a piece of whole wheat sour dough with cheese and pepperoni. Veggie sticks and a handful of popcorn were on the side. I’m excited because I got the ingredients to make my own wonton soup- though I am lazy and bought Trader Joes frozen mini wontons to put into it. Basically, I just want to be able to add more veggies to my soup.

photo 2

After a brief digestion period, I took myself to the gym just as the snow was beginning to fall. Before my sister Lauren joined me, I started with a few stretches and a couple of planks. I held a forearm plank for 1.5 minutes, then did 1 minute for each side of side planks. For our strength routine, I led us through a dumbbell circuit. My sister stuck with me through two sets of ten reps and two sets of eight reps. As she headed for a cardio workout, I continued on to do two sets of six reps and two sets of four reps, raising the weight as I went along. On my last set of bench presses, I was actually able to lift 110 pounds, which is my all time high. My muscles are definitely in recovery mode, but they aren’t feeling too sore!

I started on the treadmill with a couple of sprints to get my heart pumping for my cardio workout. After ten minutes worth, I did a Plyometrics circuit of box jumps, side step ups, jumping jacks, skater jumps (side to side), and high knees, before finishing with five minutes of jump roping. Side step ups are something I discovered in one of those fitness magazines that I hadn’t thought of before. Just changing up that range of motion has made a difference in my muscles.

For dinner, I started off with a plate of homemade nachos. I just took tostito chips and crumbled cheese all over them and heated them up in the microwave. After, I made a massive salad stocked with veggies and these chicken strips that were leftover from I’m not sure where. It was a filling meal and still left room for ice cream during the movie. Can’t go wrong!

photo 3

One of my finer looking pictures! Enjoy Oscar night! I’m really just watching to catch a glimpse of Chris Evans and/or Harrison Ford. Well, also because I want to act like I’m “in the know.” Oh, and the opening number! At least I’ve seen two of the films…

I Saw 50 Shades So You Don’t Have To

I never got through the first few pages of 50 Shades because I couldn’t bring myself to care. As a pop culture enthusiast, I like to stay abreast of everything, which was my motivation to read the series in the first place. I never had any intention on seeing the movie, but yesterday my friend Molly said she had two free tickets to the movie and did I want to see 50 Shades for a good laugh?

I can’t pass up free movie tickets. Movies are expensive, ya’ll.

Plus, I thought this would be a good way to see what the hype was about and not have to contribute personally to the fortune the movie is about to make. I’m aware of pulling at strings, but I think it’s important that you know I saw this movie ironically.

When we walked up to cash in on our free tickets, Molly and I bickered over who had to say what we wanted to see. I offered the “We have free tickets” preemptor, but she had to say what movie, since this was her fault. It didn’t help that the guy taking the tickets to get into the theater was very old, reminding me of a grandfather. It was amusing to watch the clientele walk into the theater, particularly all the husbands and boyfriends drawn up in hoodies, not wanting to expose their faces.

I put my feet up- because theaters do that now- drew my coat over me because it was freezing, and almost fell asleep. It was very hard to stay awake through most of the movie, especially because it was the 10:00 PM showing and I wake up at a brisk 5:00 AM. To be fair, the movie’s initial slowness has to do with it being the first in a series and needing to introduce the characters. The only action in the film was actual action, which bordered on funny, to uncomfortable, to deplorable.

Jamie Dornan is an extremely attractive man who I adore from his turn as The Huntsman in Once Upon A Time. It’s no coincidence that once he left that show, I stopped watching. In this film, I did not find him attractive. He was a predator, manipulative and aggressive, the epitome to me of what romance is not.

I get that some people like this movie/book/sort of thing and I really don’t care except when the lines of consent are blurred. I read an article where someone suggested that had the roles in this movie been reversed, with the woman as the predator and the man as the unsuspecting prey, it would be considered a horror film. Think about this.

The message I got from the movie was no matter how cautious and wary a woman might be about something, press her hard enough, not only will she do it, but she’ll like it. We have a problem in this culture in acknowledging rape and consent for what they are. This type of movie, with the meaning it exudes, only hurts this issue.

Molly went into the movie not knowing much about anything of the contents within, but she left feeling disgusted and manipulated, wondering how someone could view this abuse as erotic and intriguing, especially when much of it was not entirely consensual. The 50 shades that are blurred? Is CONSENT.

He is not only controlling in sexual ways, but in every facet of her life. And he expects her to like it, which she does to some extent, but fights against in others.

In the end-SPOILER- the main female character leaves after being utterly humiliated and abused, but knowing it is one of three was not the only thing leaving me with the feeling that this wasn’t over. When this sort of thing is turned into a romance and treated as though it is a normal relationship, I have a problem with it.

To each their own.

On another note, let’s recap my meals and workouts from yesterday. I started with a small bowl of oatmeal and a handful of blueberries. It was warm and filling, but I prefer my homemade oats to this pre-packaged stuff. It’s quick and convenient, but I’m not sure it’s worth the fake crap.

photo 1

My workout was strength heavy. Using the barbells, I performed each move in reps of 10-10-8-8-6-6, my new favorite way of lifting. I’m able to include long sets and short sets, increasing the weight as I go. It’s been an excellent way to improve my fitness and keep my body guessing. To top things off, I did 6 minutes on the bike, 4 of which were used for Tabata intervals.

To re-fuel, I dug into this crunchy chocolate peanut butter toast and juicy pineapple and strawberries. The creaminess of the melted peanut butter made my tummy happy.

photo 2

Lunch was ordered out. My choice was a coconut curry-based broth with chicken, noodles, and tons of veggies thrown inside. On a freezing cold day, the soup hit the spot and was very filling. Too filling almost.

photo 3

I made it back to that same Mexican place I had mentioned a few days ago because I was hankering for my favorite salad I get out at restaurants. It’s very difficult to impress me with salads because the ones I make are fabulous. The blackened salmon, peppers, black beans, corn, baby spinach, and lime dressing are impeccable. I was able to hold myself back from stuffing my face with even more tortilla chips, but they are so good and warm here!!

photo 4

After a few minutes browsing Barnes and Noble for the latest reads to get from the library- SORRY- we headed over to get ice cream. Yes, we were complaining about how cold it was and how hard it is to walk on the snowy, icy ground, and we still got ice cream. My love of ice cream cannot be stopped. Especially when homemade cookies ‘n cream ice cream, with huge chunks of Oreo, is involved.

And then the movie. Mostly it’s offensive to me because it’s viewed as pure entertainment and not as a satire, which then might impress me. How DARE you mention Jane Austen, Christian Grey. Don’t you DARE.

Hello, Have You Seen My Pool?

The snow banks are officially taller than I am. This is startling in how fast and furious it came. People were actually complaining about the lack of snow mid-January and then BOOM a snow cloud exploded. I’m just about 5’3 and though that isn’t a lot of a person, it’s a lot of snow. This particular bank is way over my head, like three of me, but look at that gorgeous sunset! photoMac was intimidated by the huge snow banks and stayed out of the picture.

As I glance outside sipping on my cup of tea and enjoying a homemade chocolate chip cookie, I’m reminded of the days of summer where the sun was shining, the ground was clear, and I had a pool. It’s still there, kind of, but it’s been eaten by snow. If cold, slushy water is your thing, then good for you, but personally, I find it difficult to jump in when the temperature is 80 degrees. Don’t judge me! I’m

In other news, I’m not too thrilled with my new WordPress app. It’s not posting when I schedule it and all of the text is showing segmented together instead of the paragraphs I write them in! I guess I’ll just have to play around with it a bit more. Is it too much to ask for things to be intuitive?!

Some of you may be wondering where yesterday’s Rave Review Tuesday was and for that, I apologize, because you didn’t miss it. I just didn’t write one. In my”free” time, I’ve been devoting my energies to writing. It’s a positive thing that I’ve been so consistent with my writing, but I need to learn how to balance. I’m in the middle of two different books right now, so hopefully I can finish those up soon. I also haven’t seen a movie in a long time. For me, watching a new television show is a commitment, especially on Netflix, so I’m staying away from the for awhile. I already miss Veep and can’t wait until April! Long story short, I’ll resume Rave Reviews once I consume something to write about!

Though I’m trying to complain less about the snow, it can’t be ignored because it affects so much of daily life. This morning, thanks to my neighbor, I was able to fit in a quality at-home workout. After a body strength routine with the usual squats/lunges/push ups/etc, I jumped on the treadmill and got through a 45-minute run/walk type thing. My legs are sore, even after the rest day yesterday, due to the increase in running. It felt good to work up a sweat and to start my day with a workout!

Breakfast today was pumpkin French toast, topped of course with peanut butter, jelly, and shredded coconut. The pumpkin, vanilla, and cinnamon work together to make this breakfast delectable, but it still borders on healthy with whole wheat bread, eggy batter, and peanut butter for protein! Such a combination keeps me full throughout the morning.

photo 1

Lunch came together quickly thanks to an assortment of leftovers. I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to find any Brussels sprouts in the fridge, but the roasted cauliflower and butternut squash combination sufficed. Along with my veggie fix, I ate a piece of blackened salmon and dove into the rest of the macaroni and cheese. Seriously, it’s so good.

photo 2

With the roads finally clearing, my sister Lauren and her fiancee Nick came over for a Chinese food dinner. To go along with this indulgent dinner, I chopped and steamed a variety of vegetables- spinach, peppers, zucchini, and carrots- and enjoyed some brown rice. The good thing about me and Chinese food is that when I overeat it, I feel shaky, so I am apt to pay more attention to my body’s signals.

If you would allow me one last note on the snow, I must say, it’s amazing that I haven’t fallen yet. That being said, I totally just jinxed myself. The walking is terrible out! I went from my house to my neighbor’s house and I was walking so slow. Not just because it’s slippery but because it’s hard to walk in snow and slop. I’ve seen a few brave runners trekking it in the snow, but I do not have the coordination for that. I would definitely slip, fall, and get run over by a car.

To end on a positive note, we are already a good chunk into February, which means once we are halfway into March, the weather should improve, BASEBALL will be on its way back- I know for a fact that the Red Sox are looking to make up for last year’s dismal season to me personally in the form of the handsome new pitcher Rick Porcello–Lester who?- and I have a couple of exciting things coming that we’ll have to talk about when they happen.

Keep the good mood grooving!

One of My Three Wishes Would Be Better Endings

A couple of months ago, I read and reviewed Liane Moriarty’s The Husband’s Secret. I really enjoyed it and promptly put a bunch of her books on hold on my e-reader. I believe this was closer to the summer and I forgot about it, until two of them came off hold at the same time. It’s actually good this happened because even though I absolutely love reading, I go on tears where I can’t do anything else and then I stop altogether. This forced me to pick up reading again, so that I didn’t have to wait for them again.

Moriarty’s Three Wishes was first to pop up under my account and I was excited to get started. The book starts off with a moment ahead of most of the action, introducing a group of triplets who get into an explosive argument. We don’t learn which of the triplets do or say what in this first instance as the purpose of the novel is to learn as we go along.

The triplets all have different personalities that grow deeper as we read further. It’s always interesting to see different dynamics between siblings in stories, but it’s an entirely new level when there are triplets. Twins, I would guess, pop up more in books because that’s also an intriguing, slightly mysterious dynamic that makes for interesting story lines. While the sisters are close, they also have their differences, which I think is relatable. Going back and forth between the three perspectives moved things along and helped allow me to like all of them. The side characters also made for interesting plot points and I wish we got to know them, or what they did for the story, a little more so I could dive in deeper.

Moriarty is a great storyteller and kept me captivated throughout, but I was able to guess the major story lines way ahead of them actually happening, so I wasn’t all that surprised. Of course, I won’t reveal them and they were still interesting, but the way they were tied together, they were predictable. I give her credit though because I still wanted to keep reading and enjoyed the book.

If you read my Tuesday rave reviews regularly, then you know I have a volatile relationship with endings. My favorite ending of any book, movie, tv show, musical, etc. was from the film, Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood. This is actually surprising to myself because that is not my typical movies and I only went because it was family night. I expected to be bored, but I sat on the edge of the seat enjoying every moment. The ending, which I won’t talk about because I think you should see it, absolutely gutted me. I don’t know of I was extra emotional at the time, but that ending really affected and satisfied me on a profound level that hasn’t been reached before. Odd, I know. We have already heard of the worst ending possible for me in the novel In The Woods that I threw across the room. I don’t need anything tied up in a neat little bow, in fact, I prefer that it’s not, but I do expect some sort of resolution rather than simply, eh.

Three Wishes was neutral on my spectrum of endings. It was not explosive in either regard, I didn’t hate it or love it. I also wasn’t sad it was over even though I enjoyed it. I’m excited to read the next book of hers on my queue, What Alice Forgot because Julianne Moore stars in the film version and she’s always great in whatever she does.

Christmas time is actually a great time to catch up on reading because there are relaxing moments in between all the fun (at least how I celebrate).

In Memoriam: Binge Watching Cease and Desist

It was a long journey, but I’ve finished Gilmore Girls. It was with mixed emotions because though I very much enjoyed it, as it grew towards the end of the series, it felt like it was time.

It’s funny because I started watching the show near the end of the summer and would play episode after episode while I worked in the background, applying for jobs and whatnot. It obviously slowed once I started working, so I think it took me longer to watch the final season than the other six combined.

For now, I won’t be jumping onto a new show anytime soon. I want to get on a reading kick, considering all the books I placed on hold are coming in at the same time. It’s overwhelming! There is nothing better, however, than sitting by the tree, curled up on the couch, with a fire going in the fireplace. I have a ton of books I want to read, so it’s time I got to it!

br />

In the coming weeks, there will be a lot of reviews to cover, but for now let’s focus on Gilmore Girls. Over the years, I watched an episode here or there, but it never captured my complete attention. It took me a few episodes to really get into it, but once I did, it turned into full blown binge mode.

The best part of the show is the relationship between Lorelei and Rory, mother and daughter for those who haven’t seen the show. Lorelei had Rory when she was 16 and raised her on her own, away from her wealthy, overbearing parents. For Lorelei and Rory, it’s the close friendship before parental relationship that is fun and works for 1% of the population. Rory happens to be this straight A, innocent 16 year old who is a breeze to raise and whose only real issues are boy troubles. It’s the whole, tv fantasy thing that allows it to be slightly believable and enjoyable.

Gilmore Girls contains all the aspects a successful tv show needs- relatable characters who you care about for better or worse, good traits and faults; familiar, comforting settings, such as Luke’s Diner, where the characters can return in order to break up momentous, show-altering events in order to alleviate stress for the audience; and quirky consistencies, characters, settings, and behaviors that an audience latches onto in order to remember and care about the show, for example the town where the majority of scenes takes place, Stars Hollow.

More so than with movies and theater, television allows an audience to grow and understand characters. It’s like Orange Is The New Black in that people have more sympathy for these characters in prison than they probably would for people in real life in these situations. We have a view of the minds of the characters, who they are, what their actions say about them, and we sympathize, whether or not we love or hate them. As long as the characters are fleshed out and an audience is invested in them, you can take them almost anywhere, with the thought that at least part of the core of that character remains.

Gilmore Girls was good in this sense because both the main characters, as well as the supporting ones who are just as loveable, undergo transitions from the first to last episode, yet by the end of the show, you still see similarities within them. The ending was not major, life-altering (for me or them), or overly significant, but I did have some teary moments. Listen, watching a season from start to finish is an investment. It’s sad that there’s no longer a journey to go on with these characters, but at least it didn’t end with a blank screen or everyone dead. You’re also left with a binge watching hangover that leaves you sleepy, fuzzy,and wondering why the hell you do things like this to yourself.

Many people talk about how unrealistic the show is with the premise and how seemingly perfect the characters are, even with their flaws, but I think it’s part of the quirkiness of the show. It wasn’t trying to be meaningful, and though it still had its moments of poignancy, it remained true to its cute qualities it flourished using. Another topic of contention was the dialogue because seemingly no one speaks so quickly or wittily within conversation. Again, I think you could say that about almost any show. Stumbling over words or thinking of the perfect thing to say after a conversation, are things that happen to me regularly, but it wouldn’t work in a show all the time. Dialogue has an opportunity to be perfect and smart on tv and it should be. So often, quality dialogue does not exist.

I say this for television, movies, and theater. It would not matter what a writer does to his/her characters, so long as the consumer cares about the characters and the dialogue is fluid and NOT cheesy. The most poignant and effective moments on television are inspired by subtlety. There are so many shows out there that I love the idea of, but cannot watch because the dialogue doesn’t make it feel real. Glee is a good example of this from where it was in season one to how it is now. When it first started, it was super effective because it was showing something that hadn’t been done before and was a great source of influence on a younger audience. The writers saw what they were capable of and completely messed it up by magnifying the subtlety and turning the show into a parody of itself. No offense to fans of Glee though…

I’m not saying Gilmore Girls was perfect or the best written show on television. There were definitely some moments through the show that made me cringe or roll my eyes, but that is the nature of a tv show made for a young female audience- and I’m not saying that’s right or wrong. It was an enjoyable show that was too easy to binge watch, and though I probably wasted an embarrassing amount of time streaming it, I’m glad I went back and watched it.

However silly it seems, I am sad to say goodbye to those characters and the cute town of Stars Hollow. It’s time I tap into my creative and intellectual side now and dive into all the books I have to read!