In Which I Adult

Monday is upon us. Does it always kind of feel like a Monday to you too? Regardless of if we want it, it comes and so we must deal. At least we have the previous weekend’s memories to discuss and the next weekend’s possible adventures to dream about to hold us over. Or, we could just live in the moment. Right?

We left off on Friday evening. I worked and then came home to make breakfast for dinner. A cheesy omelet with a side of waffles and spinach and peppers made all my dreams come true.

It was an early night as I was up early on Saturday morning for work. Breakfast was very similar, except the eggs were scrambled and I had a berry bowl instead of veggies.

For my Saturday workout, I went through a series of circuits- biceps, shoulders, back, and core- then took it back home to go for a run. I ran 2 miles at a steady pace then finished with some sprints.

Dinner was a strange concoction of pasta, leftover turkey (not from Thanksgiving for the record, but from turkey taco day), and a hunk of a salad. I ate everything as I got them ready so there was not one cohesive plate of which to get a picture.

As I made flashcards- lots and lots and lots of flashcards, my right hand is ACHING- I flipped on The Devil Wears Prada and then found a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon that I had to switch off so I could watch some study videos. I am adulting!


3 days worth of flashcards, my friends.

I was up semi-earlyish again on Sunday for a Yoga class. Every Sunday should start with Yoga. It’s a great workout, stretches you out, and relaxes you. That’s a win-win-win!

More flashcard making and studying was had. I skipped over to my sister and brother-in-law’s house to watch some House Hunters, while making flashcards, before we met up with some other fine folks for dinner. This included a Christmas Cosmo that got me in the spirit of Christmas.

Now onto a workout, more studying- yes, more flashcards-and work. Happy Monday! It’s grind time.

Bump-y Weekend of Fun

Well, hey. It’s been awhile, which isn’t intentional and I’m not quite sure what happened to delay my posting. All I can say is that I’m back now to our regularly scheduled blogging. October is busy and somehow basically mid-way thru?

Let’s continue with a little weekend recap. Saturday morning started off at work, but after, I rushed home to finish up putting a few things together before hightailing it my friend Katie’s apartment. Our college friend Erin is getting married at the end of this month and we’ve already kicked off some of the celebrations with her bridal shower in August, but this time it was all about the Bachelorette.

My friends from school refer to ourselves as “the core four” as there are four of us who are really close and we’re all bridesmaids (except for the bride of course).


We started off with a delicious potluck meal that included a buffalo chicken dip, chicken parmesan, pasta, garlic bread, salad, and cupcakes for dessert. Yum!


I would zero in on the cupcakes, but hey! I made them and I have a hell of a sweet tooth.

Second event on the agenda was an improv show in the city. So freakin’ funny. There’s something about improv that is so raw and re-actional. As a writer, I’m all about the planning and the wording, but it’s so important to have instincts and gut reactions. Color me so so impressed! Definitely something to do again soon! Though I will say they should work on their margarita.


The rest of the night was focused on celebrating Erin with some drinking and dancing. You have to dance when you drink because you burn off all those calories and it’s just so darn fun. It’s a rule. Look it up!


The next day, started off with some brunch and lots of water and coffee. I went simple with eggs over easy, toast, sausage, and some home fries. My eggs were half raw, which would never happen in my kitchen. Brunch is about the experience and the people you’re eating with (sometimes) and not always about the food (we’re going with that for now). The woes of being a cook in a restaurant!

Once I got home, I focused some more on rehydrating before I headed out for a run. I am so sick of my feet falling asleep- I know I need new sneakers but I was in denial- but I still made it through a wonderful 6.25 mile run on a gorgeous day. Seriously, the weather this weekend was phenomenal. I walked another two miles home and just enjoyed being outside and listening to my music. Good music is everything when it comes to running and getting in that groove.

I made a hunk of a salad for dinner to pair with the pizza my parents brought home from their lunch. I didn’t have the biggest appetite after running, but the meal hit the spot. For the rest of the night, I watched some episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer  studied (okay, so I did a little studying and a lot of watching). I also wrote quite a bit and ended up falling asleep later than I should have.

Regardless of my late start to sleep, I woke up early on Monday morning for our weekly grocery shopping trip. There was nothing but angst and pain when I realized the store didn’t have blueberries OR raspberries. That is a true nightmare. Thankfully, there were strawberries so I could keep it together. Also, I can eat apples again so we’re all good on the fruit front.

A strength training workout was also on the agenda. Despite feeling tired and somewhat affected still from Saturday night, I killed it at the gym with my lifting session and felt even stronger than last week when I hit a few milestones. To top things off, I worked through a body strength/plyometrics circuit that left me feeling nice, sweaty, and accomplished.

I should mention that I whacked my head yesterday too and am rocking the bruise and bump combination. It really was completely a moment of stupidity because all I did was bend over and knock it off something I knew was there. Whoops. I seemed to sleep fine last night and woke up so I doubt there’s a concussion…

Before work, I had a nap before a productive study session that cleared up a few points I wasn’t grasping before. I just used “before” a lot in that sentence. I was going to change it, but then I decided to mention it, so you can’t judge it. It’s a thing.

So here we are on Tuesday, which feels like a Monday, but we’re already that much closer to another Friday!

I started my day off with an egg and two egg white omelet with chicken sausage and cheese and a fresh homemade whole wheat waffle. Notice the grapes for fruit as there were no berries and the strawberries required a lot of moving other things around to get to them and I was hungry.


Still delicious and spot-hitting!

Now for even more productivity, less head hitting, and a lovely (albeit rainy) day! Promise I won’t go as long between posts.

Weekend Round Up

Happy Monday! It’s a beautiful, hot summer’s day in August and there’s so much to discuss about the weekend. Let’s hop to it!

Before going out to celebrate my cousin’s birthday on Saturday night, I headed out for a muggy and buggy run. It actually wasn’t too bad. I took it slow and made it through my 3.1 mile run without issue. I finished up with two more miles of going between walking and running and fending off all the mosquitoes. Just as I was heading back inside, thunder and lightning filled the sky. It was kinda pretty though.

I finished my workout for the day with a half hour of Yoga that focused a lot on my core and stretching my legs and hips. Yoga always feels best to me post-run because my body is limber and moves a lot easier than going it cold.

My sister Lauren and her husband Nick came by for dinner before heading out to the bar. I chopped up a medley of vegetables, including peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and summer squash in some olive oil and garlic, while Lauren grilled up some chicken. Rice rounded out the meal nicely.

We had a blast celebrating my cousin Erin on her 21st birthday and I had a bit more to drink than usual, but nothing extreme. I don’t usually like to expend so many calories on alcohol, but from the amount of sweat I lost from my run, I wasn’t too worried about it just for that night.


There was not a picture taken of me last night where I could shroud my big head.


On Sunday, I woke up hankering for a big breakfast. I had to work for the majority of the day, so I knew I needed something to fuel me through a workout and a shift. I scrambled up two eggs with chopped peppers, spinach, tomato, and jalapeños (turns out, the seeds are what spices it up). I sprinkled the mixture with some cheese. We didn’t have any traditional toast, so for my carb of choice, I pulled out some waffles. There was very little fruit left over from the week, so I had a third of a banana and a mouthful of blueberries. Good thing for those veggies!


I had limited time for my workout, so I went through a body strength circuit of the basic and best moves: squats, lunges, kickbacks, dips, calf raises, step ups, push ups, mountain climbers, hip lifts, alternating ankle grabs, sit ups, and Russian twists. I did five sets of ten reps and finished up with a few minutes on the elliptical.

To refuel, I had a tall glass of chocolate milk before heading to work!

After work, I met up with my friends Lauren and Andrea who I haven’t seen in awhile. We went to a taco place and chatted over drinks, a margarita for me and just one, chips and queso, and grilled corn. For my main, I went with the hot dog that sounded great on paper. I make a better hot dog. What matters most is the company however and for that, I was grateful.

Shout out to my brother’s girlfriend, Cait, whose birthday it was on Sunday!

The egg, waffle combination left a good impression on me for this morning’s breakfast! I scrambled up two eggs, sans veggies cus we’re out! I enjoyed half a banana and a large handful of grapes that I found after I took the picture.


Odd story, those grapes were not in the fridge yesterday because I was looking for them, but they were there today AND a magical banana appeared this morning. I actually did not hide it from Nick this time!

Now it’s time for me to go be a productive lady! A workout and lots of study time are on tap for me. Go have yourself a great day!

Heat Wave Means Lots of Ice Cream

Before I recap the weekend, I want to start by wishing my Grandma a very happy birthday. It was yesterday, but I don’t think she’d mind a little belated cheer. She is one of the greatest, smartest, and kindest women I know. She is the head of our family and its life source. Not all families are friends. Ours is and it’s because of her. She may not be happy about this picture, but I think it’s worth it. Happy birthday, Grandma!


Now for the weekend. On Friday, I went and saw Trainwreck with my friend Molly. I am a huge Amy Schumer fan, as I’ve mentioned before. I don’t usually enjoy romantic comedies because the endings are too happy and cheesy and cliche, but this was a smart one. It wasn’t just funny in a typical way. We tried to go to an earlier showing, but it was sold out all over the place, so we bought tickets ahead of time for a later one and got some dinner. The best salmon over some greens.


A little ice cream after. I went for a different flavor this time around, which came as a bit of a surprise because I didn’t think I would like it. Blueberry Oreo. It tasted a little like Black Raspberry and it wasn’t too sweet.


On Saturday, I got my day started with some pancakes.


Later on in the day, we went out to lunch for my Grandma’s birthday. After starting with a salad, I chose stuffed shrimp with steak tips and a baked potato. I was pretty much done by the time I remembered to take a picture.

In the afternoon, I hung outside for a little while in the sort-of sun and just relaxed. As the sun began to go down, I headed out for a run that was sweaty and buggy, but a great workout! For the rest of the night, it was nice to put my feet up and relax with a little Netflix.

On Sunday, I started with some scrambled eggs and toast. It was a hot day and I was sweating while eating. I couldn’t even finish my coffee.


In the afternoon, my friend Katie stopped by for a quick swim before we went out for the day. Our first stop was lunch at a Mexican restaurant. I had chicken and veggie fajitas, minus the tortillas because I had chips instead, with a side of rice and refried beans. Delicious, but super filling! After a little walking around and shopping, we stopped for an ice cream. It was National Ice Cream Day! I had my favorite flavor, peanut butter cookies ‘n cream. When I got home, my sister and her husband were over and we spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing. After another, but very small ice cream (it was National Ice Cream Day!), I came home and had a hot dog for dinner.

For breakfast on this very hot morning, I didn’t want to put too much effort into making anything. I went with a very quick and easy egg and chicken sausage sandwich with a bowl of grapes and a banana on the side.


Now it’s time to kick off the day with some work and a workout. Happy Monday!

Grape Adventures of My Childhood

As I was tossing a grape into the air to catch it, my mother took the opportunity to tell me how I almost died as a child. Apparently, I was an enthusiastic eater- spoiler alert: still am- and I got over excited for the grape and began to choke. She had to slap me on the back as hard as she could until it finally plopped out into her hand. The kicker is that after I got over my initial shock, I just took the grape back and popped it into my mouth. Nothing to see here.

Speaking of food, this morning, I had a few extra minutes in the morning because I didn’t have to pack up my lunch, so I scrambled up some eggs, threw a slice of muenster cheese on top and enjoyed it with some toast and fruit. It was an excellent, filling breakfast to help me refuel after quite a grueling workout.

photo 1

For my workout, I decided to alternate strength and cardio circuits. Starting with strength, I ran through two sets of dumbbell exercises of ten reps before hopping on the treadmill for twelve minutes, running a mile and a bit. Next, I went back to perform the same set of dumbbell exercises, raising the weight and lowering the reps to eight for two sets. Back on the treadmill, I ran for another twelve minutes, raising the pace just a tad. (I just wrote that as twelve miles by accident, which would have been obnoxious had I just said that so casually). One last strength circuit was two sets of six reps at the heaviest weight. By the end of it, my arms and shoulders were aching. Twelve more minutes on the treadmill at the fastest pace, finishing off for a total of 3.25 miles for the whole thing. To round things off, I ended with a couple of minutes planking and left the gym nice and sweaty.

Lunch this afternoon was very exciting because we ordered out for soup! I chose Mulligatawny, which is a curry-based soup and delicious! I enjoyed it with a bite of a small side salad and a multi-grain roll. Funny that we would choose soup on the warmest day of the year thus far..

photo 2

Last night, we headed over to do some final preparations on my sister’s wedding dress. We came home to have a roasted chicken dinner with stuffing, spinach rice, Brussels sprouts, squash, and peppers. A great way to end the evening!

It should be noted that it was so nice out today-almost in the sixties!- that I would have driven home with all my car windows down had the majority of my commute not been on the highway. It was a little warm even without my jacket locked up in my car that got far more sun than I did, so I had to turn on the AC, but only a little. I won’t complain. Bring on the melting! Bring on the sunshine! Bring on the warmth!

Quick Recap

Anticipating that the next few weekends are going to be very busy- updates to come!- I knew I needed to workout every week day morning this coming week. In that case, I took this Friday off to get some extra sleep and take my rest day. After two extra glorious hours of sleep, I heated up two of these whole wheat Van waffles and smeared them with peanut butter. Since it was Friday, I decided to be fancy and toast up some coconut. Blueberries and a banana completed my meal.

photo 1It was an extra special peanut buttery day that continued onto lunch with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on sour dough. For veggies, I chopped up carrots, peppers, celery, and sugar snap peas and dipped them in some hummus. An apple was a great accompaniment to the meal.

photo 2

I had high hopes for my dinner when I met my friend Lauren at a restaurant after work. Starting with some chips and salsa, I sipped on a margarita and went back and forth trying to decide what to eat. I ended up asking the waitress her opinion and from the description on the menu, I was excited. It was supposed to be a corn tortilla filled with corn, zucchini, summer squash, peppers, and portabella mushrooms covered in a spinach cream sauce. The spinach cream sauce was delicious, but when I cut into it, it was full of onion and corn. I hate onions. Thus, I had a disappointing dinner, which is worse when you have to pay for it.

photo 3

Now that I look back at it, it doesn’t look very appetizing. It was a still a fun night and a great time catching up with a friend.

Shaking It Up

It’s time to mix things up a bit around here. This will be the last master post showing everything I’ve been eating for the week. Instead, I’m going to make it a daily thing, along with my workouts, in addition to other posts. In part, this is due to my feeling disconnected from my blog as of late because I write these posts in advance and then forget about them. I think I’ll have more interesting and fresh posts if I write them in real time. Also, change can be refreshing. On a snowy Monday- what Monday isn’t these days? – I warmed up with a steaming bowl of oats. I went for a banana bread knock-off type bowl starting with mashed banana and ending with chopped banana slices. After boiling my milk, I tossed in the oats and swirled it with a touch of cinnamon and mashed banana for sweetness. For added protein, I threw in a tablespoon of peanut butter and a tablespoon of walnuts. Along with a dash of brown sugar, I added some raisins for sweetness. Great fuel before shoveling! Peanut butter toast is something that never needs to be changed. Sometimes jazzing it up can be fun and tasty, but the old standby never disappoints!Scrambled eggs with some cottage cheese is one of my favorite ways to make them. They are so cheesy and creamy, along with some whole wheat raisin toast and fruit, and my taste buds were super happy. More oats, this time of the dark chocolate peanut butter variety. With a splash of jelly and a few raspberries on top, I think it actually looked quite pretty. Sometimes oatmeal doesn’t look as amazing as it tastes with it’s versatile flavors. After a workout, I was feeling a couple of different foods. I went with one egg scrambled with cottage cheese and a buttered piece of toast with another piece of toast peanut buttered. Poached eggs will always reign! The golden, buttery goodness of it all screams unhealthy, buts it’s so simple without any added butter (except on the toast). Okay, the buttered toast makes the dish that much better. Thanks to the impending storm, my mom and I needed to head out to the grocery store early on and I didn’t have time to make my pancakes. Instead, I had an egg over easy, hidden by a slice of cheese, and a blueberry scone we picked up at the store. It was an alright breakfast as I wanted to like it more than I did. It could have used some clotted cream! I was so pleased with myself when I thought to throw my leftover pulled pork into a panini. With a bit of shredded cheese and barbecue sauce, along with a healthy dose of veggies, this meal was so delicious. I made a big batch of curry for the week, which turned out pretty well. I just used the sauce from the A Taste of Thai packaging, chickpeas, and a ton of veggies. Over brown spinach rice, it was downright delightful! More curry, this time you can really see the chickpeas! The sweet potatoes in this added a real flash of flavor. A piece of tilapia added to the healthy power of this salad. I love the fresh flavors of vegetables mixed with tangy dressing and cheese. This pasta dish was fantastic. All it comprised of was leftover whole wheat penne, sausage, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, and shredded cheese. Lunch on Saturday included strawberry Greek yogurt, granola, an apple, and a bag of cheezits at my cousin Michael’s show. It was a strange assortment of foods, but it hit the spot. Sunday afternoon, after a stop at Trader Joes, I heated up the orange chicken they offer. To make it a splash healthy, I grilled bok choy, peppers, and carrots and tossed it into the chicken dish. I was eating a lot of fish and then that fell away for awhile. This grilled piece of tilapia paired fairly well with pasta and spinach. Leftover tilapia was thrown into a quick stir fry before I headed out to my screenwriting class. To make it a bit more flavorful, I drizzled some barbecue sauce on top. Sausage, rotini, peppers, and mushrooms was an easy, delicious dish. At an old favorite restaurant, they serve this dish called chicken supreme, that is a white sauce. My mom recreated it in divine interpretation. The sides included mashed potatoes, corn, zucchini, peppers, and turnip. Friday night dinner came in this much needed cheeseburger. I opted for a burger with a slice of American cheese, sautéed mushrooms and peppers, and barbecue sauce. On the side was homemade potato chips and baked beans that were maybe the best id ever had. My company was in the form of my friend Katie and it was so nice to catch up! Dinner on Saturday was pizza with family after the show. I was so excited for the cheesy goodness, I didn’t wait to snap a picture! To end the week, and welcome another storm, we had braised short ribs, macaroni and cheese, Caesar salad, and roasted Brussels sprouts. SO good!