The Power of Representation and a Sunshiney Day

Growing up, it took me far too long to realize that women were allowed to be president, it just hadn’t happened yet. I thought it was like being a priest where only men took the stand. There is power in representation.

My first election that I could vote in was the 2008 primaries. I didn’t know much going in and I hadn’t decided who I was going to vote for. Ideally, I try not to vote for the party so much as the candidate, but since there are no blurred lines in national politics, I lean left in many ways. My friend Bobby, who remains to this day one of the people whose opinion I respect most, told me more about Hillary Clinton. I had obviously heard about her before this, but my family wasn’t big in talking about politics, so I didn’t know whether I was going to go with her or President Obama. I liked the idea of a female president, but is also respected Hillary’s ideals and the confidence she exuded in a male dominated field. 

People may claim that she has a tendency to flip-flop based on the time’s, but so do all politics. A good politician- not necessarily leader- knows how to sway their beliefs to match that of their audience. From what I’ve seen, on a national scale, Republicans are all republican and Democrats are all democrat, but it changes when things get to a smaller scale- Massachusetts Republican candidates being more central or left leaning when running here and altering their beliefs when running for president, for example.

I still don’t know a ton about politics, but I do know that there needs to be more common ground between Democrats and Republicans if we want anything of merit to succeed. That is besides the point at this moment because what I really want to do with this post is explain why I think it’s time for Hillary  Clinton to be president.

Yes, it’s important that she is a woman. But it’s also important that she’s the right woman for the position. In the 2008 election, we had the opportunity to vote for the first female Vice President. The idea itself is tempting because I want to support female candidates, but it shouldn’t just be done for the sake of the accolade. That candidate was not someone I wanted running this country by any determination. To be honest, I think much of her reputation was based on how her campaign manager wanted her to appear rather than who she actually was (I could be giving her too much credit), more feminine and light-hearted than a Hillary  Clinton-type, and it came off foolishly.

There is a lot of power in claiming a female president, but as we learned with Barack Obama being the first African American President, we know that this notion does not stop prejudice or inequality. It is a step, a pretty major one, and my hope is that one day I will be able to tell my children and grandchildren that I saw- and voted for- the first African American President and first female president and more- be elected and for them to think that it’s not that big of a deal.

It’s important that Hillary Clinton is running for president. It’s important that Hiklary  Clinton is a woman. It’s important that she’s the right candidate.

Anyways, enough politics. This morning was difficult to get myself up. It was one of the first times where I almost convinced myself to switch my alarm clock and go for the extra two hours sleep. I talked myself out of the bed, however, and got myself to the gym to kick off my workout with a strength routine. Kettlebells got things started with swings, alternating shoulder to knee presses, high pulls, kick backs, and shoulder raises. I performed each move in a circuit 3×12. I did a few planks and then moved into the bigger strength room to do some barbell lifting. I did bench presses, dead lifts, squat presses, bicep curls, and front rows in 5×8. As I was working, I kept glancing longingly outside and had the brilliant idea to head home and get my run in outside. Marvelous idea! I enjoyed a 2.5 mile run/walk in the sunshine and warmth.

Breakfast was this leftover blueberry pancake with a tablespoon of dark chocolate peanut butter and a new jelly, raspberry peach- SO good and only 30 calories! I had blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries to go along with it.


My lunch was a mediocre salad that was fine, but nothing special. I didn’t have time to concoct my usual delight of fresh, vibrant veggies as we hadn’t made it to the grocery store after the weekend away. I used bagged lettuce with other veggies and topped it with some shredded chicken. I had a bag of popcorn and a pear to pair with it.

Dinner was a tasty Italian dinner. Homemade chicken Parmesan, whole wheat pasta, spinach, and a mushroom dish I developed myself. All I did was chop up some portabella mushrooms and three them in a pan with olive oil, Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, and thyme.


I cannot get over how nice it was out today. It had to be close to 70, but the number didn’t matter. It felt like a breath of fresh air and I couldn’t resist rolling down the window on my ride to and from work. When I got joke from work, I went out for a two mile walk to enjoy the weather that much more. It’s supposed to be rainy this week, but as long as it remains above 50, I don’t care!