Let the Rain Come

Hello Monday and hello to you!

Once again, I can’t believe how fast the weekend flew by. I had a ton of fun in the sun and spent the majority of the weekend relaxing. It might be a rainy week ahead, but at least we’ll all be at work anyway.

My friend/client snapped this shot of me training her on Friday afternoon. We were laughing, but really I was trying to get her to stop talking long enough to actually exercise!

IMG_4791 2.JPG

Lunch was a BLT salad.


That afternoon, this guy had his annual check-up. He’s doing great! I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I adopted him. He’s the joy of my life.


Later, I got to cuddle with the cutest baby I know, little Lily.


On Saturday, I woke up and had a breakfast of an egg on toast with a sprinkling of cheese.


It fueled me through a 2.25 mile run, including a massive hill at the end. Woo.


My reward was an afternoon on the beach with my BFF!

It was a blast soaking up the sun and diving into waves. We headed into the city after for a drink and to walk around. It was such a lovely night outside and it was great walking around our old college neighborhood.


Sunday morning included what I’m branding the BELT- bacon, egg, lettuce, and tomato. Delicious! We attended mass in the morning in honor of the anniversary of my grandfather’s passing.


It was a nice moment to celebrate with family and we all went out to eat after.

That night, I went on a long walk with my parents, made these Skinnytaste bagels, and got some Sunday night things done.


Anything great happen this weekend?

crazy cat lady

I can’t deny it. My kitten has taken over my world. He’s a cute, rambunctious little guy and I can already tell he’ll be trouble in the best of ways. On Friday night, we had a pal’s night in and relaxed watching The West Wing and playing with fake mice.

Samba likes to stretch out wherever I am.


On Saturday, I worked in the morning and relaxed in the afternoon before heading out for a run.


That night, I hung out with my friend Molly, and of course, this little guy.


Sunday morning, I found myself hanging off the end of the bed and the kitten curled up in the middle of the bed, under the covers, save for his head where it was resting on my pillow. This is my world now.

That afternoon, we had a family BBQ and lots of relaxing before heading to the track for a run. After, I found my new phone screensaver.

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

I might be crazy, but isn’t he cute?

goal, accomplished.

Five year ago, it was around this time that I decided to get healthy. This was taken of me and a friend on spring break during my junior year of college.


I’ve been running for years now, a feat I never thought I was capable, but on Sunday, I ran my first official 5k. I feel silly in saying I felt emotional during the race, considering I’ve run the 5k distance hundreds of time and even more miles than that, but the “official” part of the run made it seem a little bit more special, an accomplishment. This was a checkmark on my bucket list and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m proud of myself. My journey has been a testament to the idea that hard work pays off. And as I say to so many people who say they hate running or could never be a runner, if the girl above on the left could do it, they can too.


As I had had a productive Saturday , there wasn’t much that needed to be done on Sunday by way of chores for the week. Since it was cloudy and I got my exercise in early, I spent some quality time with my couch, watching 30 Rock, writing, and eating this grilled cheese with extra soup from my lunches ahead:


As I am writing this in the afternoon, I will not have yet watched The Oscars, but by the time the post goes live, I will have watched and continued to relax. The next couple of weekends will be busy with visitors, so I’m content to curl up now.

On Saturday, I slept in and enjoyed a pancake breakfast before heading out for some errands. First on the list was to collect my racing bib and t-shirt. Next, I went to the gym and worked my shoulders, ab/adductors, glutes, and core before finishing up with a quick cycling session and stretching my legs for race day. I also did my grocery shopping and meal prepping, guzzled a lot of water to stay super hydrated, then headed out for a karaoke night with some friends.

I thought I’d suffer from stage fright, but apparently, I love holding that mic…

Going back to Friday, I did a whole lot of nothing, except force myself to the gym a bit on the late side than usual and watch 30 Rock. The trick is to drive there and go through the motions without overthinking. Habits are easy to follow! It was an early night ‘cus this girl was tired!

Overall, this weekend was the perfect combination of relaxing, active, and productive. I’ll just ignore the fact it was colder on the southern west coast than it was in the northern east coast where my family resides. This is what I get for all the teasing I’ve done whenever it snowed.

Have a great Monday!

Beware the Pigeons

Happy Monday! A little recap of the weekend lies ahead.

On Friday, there was nothing more that I wanted to do than sit on my couch and veg. I watched some 30 Rock and just chilled, but was lulled to sleep fairly early.

I even ended up waking before my alarm on Saturday to eat a pancake breakfast and work it out at the gym.

In the afternoon, I went to the Science Center to try and be smarter see the Pixar Exhibit. My first impression was of these beautiful trees that made me feel as though I was transported to a magical world.


Expectations were high, but then I met up with my cousins and we got lunch. Tables were full, so we ate outside and I can’t tell you how many birds surrounded the seating area. Every so often, as one, they would fly away suddenly. Long story short, on one of these instances, a pigeon clipped my head with its wing.

I got hit in the head by a pigeon.

I don’t know how else to emphasize this. Such an instance has inspired me to blog again because although ridiculous, it is also hilarious. A few minutes later, I was then hit in the head by a balloon that a kid popped. On the way home, I was worried for my noggin, you know, rule of three, but thankfully, all circumstances seemed to end there.

Back to the reason I was at the museum in the first place, the Pixar Exhibit, it was cool, but overcrowded by kids with minimal supervision and limited understanding of any of the science behind it. I give the museum itself an, eh, but that, as my cousin Sebastian pointed out, is probably thanks in large part to the Boston Museum of Science being amazing. Nothing else can quite live up to it.

Because I’m a cool cat, the rest of my Saturday included grocery shopping, meal prepping for the week ahead, lots of Netflix (30 Rock and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), writing, and reading. I wanted to watch Saturday Night Live, well, live, but I was tired and ending up falling asleep early.

On Sunday, I slept in a bit, enjoyed breakfast, and tried to make a lentil soup that ended up looking more like lentil goop. I’m sure you’ll see evidence of this travesty at some point this week because although it looks disgusting, I’m not above eating it. For the record, it still tastes well enough.

I was quite active, starting with Yoga on the new mat I purchased for 7 dollars. This feels like a steal, so please don’t take that away from me. I ran through my own routine, which oiled me up for the best run I’ve had in awhile.

Speaking of running, while my family suffered another snow storm back home on the east coast, I took to the sunny streets of Los Angeles for a sweaty run. It was in the seventies something and amazing outside.

Maybe I wasn’t the nicest daughter/sister/cousin by sending out this shot, but I couldn’t resist. At least many of them get a snow day today!


After my run, I fueled up with a piece of peanut butter toast and yogurt with strawberries and lots of water before I decided it was far too nice out to be locked up inside and took my bike out for a spin.

With the beach on my mind, there was only one destination intended, but the ride was not smooth. For whatever reason (there’s a reason), this ride was hard and slow (-er than usual) and I realized, on my eighth mile back from the beach and because another rider called out to me, that my back tire was low. Whoops. Here I was thinking I was out of shape, when really, I’m in excellent shape to ride that long on a flat tire. That’s what I’m telling myself.

Once at the beach, I pulled over to do some writing while taking in this view.


Had I not been by bike, I would’ve stayed to watch the sunset, but it’s February and the weather has been what it’s been, so I think I’ve got some sunsets in my future (knock on wood).

For the rest of the afternoon, I had some errands to run and things to do, but once I got home, I made myself dinner, threw in the laundry, and prepped for the week ahead, including a new workout plan. Call me a nerd, but there’s something satisfying about a new workout plan.


As I write this on Sunday night, I’m hoping to wake up earlier than usual and exercise in the morning. It all depends on how I sleep tonight. It would be nice to just go home, eat, write, and sleep in the evenings, but thus far, I’ve been consistent with my post-work exercising. My body’s ideal workout time is late morning, early afternoon, which is prime for very few people’s schedules. Pick your poison I guess!

No matter how your Monday or week goes, at least you won’t get hit in the head by a pigeon. Probably.

sunset in stages

I don’t think I can effectively speak to how beautiful California is. I am constantly amazed by the sights and wonders of this state and I know I’ve only ever seen a small part of it. To cap off my weekend, I went to Griffith Observatory to catch the sunset. Every night should end like this:







This weekend was the perfect amount of relaxing and active with as much time spent outside as I possibly could get. This weather is the kind I expected when I moved out here.



Sights like these make Monday’s arrival just a little sweeter.

Vacation Recap!

Happy birthday to my cousin Erin!

Vacation is a glorious thing, but so is settling back into routine. After a week away, I’m ready to get back into my usual healthy eating and exercise schedule- more on that later though. Let’s talk about the fun!

I started my vacation early Saturday morning with a trip to the mountains of New Hampshire. I didn’t take too many pictures, but here’s one with the view from the house.


On Saturday, we enjoyed lunch before heading to the house to get situated. Fun story: my parents and I were walking on the road to stretch our legs and explore a bit and were met with a very low, threatening growl. Pretty sure it was a bear! You can imagine we hurried back to the house and didn’t do much more exploring around the house! For dinner that night, we ordered in and enjoyed the view of the stars on the porch.


Sunday, we went to a bit of a theme park. There was a mountain coaster that featured individual carts that carried you up at a leisurely pace before thrusting you down the mountain at a speed you can control- full speed, baby! Another attraction was an alpine slide. To get there, we took a ski lift, which was cool if you looked out at the mountains and uncool if you looked down. The slides did not feel as stable, so I definitely did not go as fast because I could just see myself getting tossed off! The other attraction I tried was the tower we leapt off into a huge balloon thing- great description, I know. The initial height was about 35 feet (I think), but the second one was more. It’s funny how scary it was, even though I knew it was perfectly safe. That night, we ordered in again and relaxed.


Kayaking was our main plan of action on Monday. I wished I could share the sights, scenes, and struggles of our kayaking trip, but I could envision myself capsizing and left my phone in the safety of the car. Water levels have been low due to the lack of snow this past winter, but there were only a few parts that were too low that you couldn’t get through without getting out of the boat and pushing. Even though we were going downstream, kayaking is challenging, especially figuring out the strokes and proper form, but it was a lot of fun and a great workout! After a much deserved lunch, we headed back to relax before going into down and exploring the shops.

After breakfast on Tuesday, it was time to hit the road! The trip is a long one home, but the scenery is amazing. I fell asleep a few times, but you better believe I was excited to sleep in my own bed. Oh, that was until I discovered the MOUSE droppings in my newly washed sheets. YUP. We have a mouse (I hope just the one). I was already missing my cat, Bandit, but even more so now that I know he kept the rodents out. So sleep was a little wary that night, but once I woke up Wednesday morning, it was time to head in the opposite direction to the ocean!

My mom and I made good time in the morning and thanks to the rain, it was a perfect day for a movie date. We saw Bad Moms and though it was a little strange in a few parts, I laughed out loud quite a few times. Everyone else on the Cape decided it was a great movie day too, so we had to sit in the front row. After the movie, we headed to my uncle’s house, said ‘hello’ and stepped out for dinner. Wanting to stretch our legs, we walked to the beach- bear free!- and stopped for an ice cream before going back.

The end of the week/weekend gifted us perfect conditions for the beach. Thursday, we had breakfast and relaxed before even more relaxing on the beach. The water was super warm, which meant I was on shark alert, but was much appreciated from the humidity. That night, we enjoyed some beachside dining, more ice cream, and some Olympics watching- amazing stuff!


Friday, my mom, cousin Maura, and I took a trip to Provincetown as I’ve never been there and neither of them had been for awhile. It’s a typical oceanfront town, but fun nonetheless. We were up early to beat traffic, had a delicious breakfast at a local shop in town, and enjoyed a trolley tour around the area. After a bit of walking around and some shopping, we decided it was time to go back and hit the beach. The waves were incredible, but it was rocky getting in and out, so that led to some dangerous-ish conditions. That night, we made dinner at home and watched more of the Olympics.

My dad and the dog came Friday night, so on Saturday, we went for a very sweaty walk before going back to the beach. Thank goodness for the breeze! After an excellent dinner out, it was time to head back home. It was nice to be back in my own bed again, even though I’m on high alert for the mouse, and Sunday was the perfect day to prepare for Monday.

Great vacation!

Weekend Things

Happy Monday, friends! Thanks to the dreary weather, this weekend was a relaxing one.

After work on Friday, I went out to dinner with a few friends from work, but I called it an early night on my end since I had to be up early for work the next morning. On Saturday, my mom and I went to Target where I picked up a few favorite food items, protein bars, waffle mix, and chocolate peanut butter! I also got a new water bottle that I’m obsessed with. It’s glass and it’s pink, and I really do taste a difference. *That might be because my old water had mold in it.


After shopping, I hunkered down to finish How I Met Your Mother. I know some people hated the series finale, but I didn’t think it was that bad. It’s hard to end a long-running, popular TV show.

Once I realized I had no more episodes to watch, my legs were in dire need of a stretch, so I headed out for an excellent run. The weather might have been cold and slightly rainy, but it was perfect for running. I fit in 3.6 miles before heading home and walking the rest of the .4 and doing some Yoga.

That night, I went with my friend Molly to see Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, mostly on my end because of Zac Efron and on her end because it was the only movie out that she hadn’t seen yet. We bought tickets and then grabbed dinner before the show. I laughed out loud a handful of times, but otherwise I would describe it as, eh. We ended the night by stopping for some ice cream at our favorite place. Coconut Oreo is bliss.

On Sunday, I woke up on the later end of the morning and was treated to a breakfast made by my mom. Since it was still meh outside, we decided to go to the movies to see Life of Pets, which was adorable. Once we got home, I pretty much listened to Hamilton, did some chores, wrote, and researched a bit for the rest of the day. It was a semi-early night for me, even though I slept late and didn’t do much of anything. Such is life sometimes.

Today it’s back to the grind.