body strength workout

For today’s Wednesday Workout of the Week, I want to talk about the value of body strength training. If you only have 20-30 minutes to spare, you can do this workout any and everywhere!

Tricep dips

Tricep dips target the back of the arms, which is a consistent weak spot for women. To make these more challenging, straighten your legs, but make sure the sensation is focused on the back of the arms, not the shoulders or wrists.



Push-ups are much maligned, but they are the perfect exercise. It works the total upper body and the core and they can be modified to make easier and more challenging in so many ways. Mastering the push-up is a work of art. Keep



If you have sensitive knees, try using a TRX, if you have access to one, of course, or simply focus on sitting up and standing from a chair. If you feel an air-squat without weight is too easy, try adding a jump to it. Your legs will hate and thank you at the same time. (I didn’t like the picture of my squat from this photoset)



I hate this exercise and that’s a good thing! They are challenging and work all of the lower body, while also utilizing the core and testing your balance. Try them on stairs, two at a time if you want the challenge. You can alternate legs or do one at a time with minimal momentum to make it more difficult.



Never are seconds so long then when you are planking. I’m almost sorry. If you must avoid holding a plank at all costs, try them with movement by performing mountain climbers or tapping one shoulder at a time.


For body-weight exercises, work on perfecting technique and performing higher reps. These exercises are great when you are starting a routine, looking to keep things simple and quick, or as a supplement to heavy lifting to work on form.

Get moving!

push-up to the new year

As far as New Year’s resolutions go, I continually strive to be kinder, eat healthier, and write more consistently. A new year always provides a fresh start, which is nice, but I try to stay away from naming the above three topics as the thing I’m going to focus on.

Instead, I have a somewhat fun, but challenging goal ahead.

I am going to perfect the push-up.

This means, I will be adding one push-up to my line-up every day of the year. I started on the first with one, then did two today, tomorrow will be three, and by December 31, 2018, I’ll do 365 push-ups in one day.

Now I’m not crazy and think I could do all of them at once, at least I don’t think it’s possible. But I’m hoping that by the end of the year I’ll be able to do quite a bit at once and break up the rest.

As of December 31 of this year, I did 20 push-ups in a row without feeling too fatigued.

Let’s see what the year brings.

What are your fun or otherwise resolutions?