Vacation Recap!

Happy birthday to my cousin Erin!

Vacation is a glorious thing, but so is settling back into routine. After a week away, I’m ready to get back into my usual healthy eating and exercise schedule- more on that later though. Let’s talk about the fun!

I started my vacation early Saturday morning with a trip to the mountains of New Hampshire. I didn’t take too many pictures, but here’s one with the view from the house.


On Saturday, we enjoyed lunch before heading to the house to get situated. Fun story: my parents and I were walking on the road to stretch our legs and explore a bit and were met with a very low, threatening growl. Pretty sure it was a bear! You can imagine we hurried back to the house and didn’t do much more exploring around the house! For dinner that night, we ordered in and enjoyed the view of the stars on the porch.


Sunday, we went to a bit of a theme park. There was a mountain coaster that featured individual carts that carried you up at a leisurely pace before thrusting you down the mountain at a speed you can control- full speed, baby! Another attraction was an alpine slide. To get there, we took a ski lift, which was cool if you looked out at the mountains and uncool if you looked down. The slides did not feel as stable, so I definitely did not go as fast because I could just see myself getting tossed off! The other attraction I tried was the tower we leapt off into a huge balloon thing- great description, I know. The initial height was about 35 feet (I think), but the second one was more. It’s funny how scary it was, even though I knew it was perfectly safe. That night, we ordered in again and relaxed.


Kayaking was our main plan of action on Monday. I wished I could share the sights, scenes, and struggles of our kayaking trip, but I could envision myself capsizing and left my phone in the safety of the car. Water levels have been low due to the lack of snow this past winter, but there were only a few parts that were too low that you couldn’t get through without getting out of the boat and pushing. Even though we were going downstream, kayaking is challenging, especially figuring out the strokes and proper form, but it was a lot of fun and a great workout! After a much deserved lunch, we headed back to relax before going into down and exploring the shops.

After breakfast on Tuesday, it was time to hit the road! The trip is a long one home, but the scenery is amazing. I fell asleep a few times, but you better believe I was excited to sleep in my own bed. Oh, that was until I discovered the MOUSE droppings in my newly washed sheets. YUP. We have a mouse (I hope just the one). I was already missing my cat, Bandit, but even more so now that I know he kept the rodents out. So sleep was a little wary that night, but once I woke up Wednesday morning, it was time to head in the opposite direction to the ocean!

My mom and I made good time in the morning and thanks to the rain, it was a perfect day for a movie date. We saw Bad Moms and though it was a little strange in a few parts, I laughed out loud quite a few times. Everyone else on the Cape decided it was a great movie day too, so we had to sit in the front row. After the movie, we headed to my uncle’s house, said ‘hello’ and stepped out for dinner. Wanting to stretch our legs, we walked to the beach- bear free!- and stopped for an ice cream before going back.

The end of the week/weekend gifted us perfect conditions for the beach. Thursday, we had breakfast and relaxed before even more relaxing on the beach. The water was super warm, which meant I was on shark alert, but was much appreciated from the humidity. That night, we enjoyed some beachside dining, more ice cream, and some Olympics watching- amazing stuff!


Friday, my mom, cousin Maura, and I took a trip to Provincetown as I’ve never been there and neither of them had been for awhile. It’s a typical oceanfront town, but fun nonetheless. We were up early to beat traffic, had a delicious breakfast at a local shop in town, and enjoyed a trolley tour around the area. After a bit of walking around and some shopping, we decided it was time to go back and hit the beach. The waves were incredible, but it was rocky getting in and out, so that led to some dangerous-ish conditions. That night, we made dinner at home and watched more of the Olympics.

My dad and the dog came Friday night, so on Saturday, we went for a very sweaty walk before going back to the beach. Thank goodness for the breeze! After an excellent dinner out, it was time to head back home. It was nice to be back in my own bed again, even though I’m on high alert for the mouse, and Sunday was the perfect day to prepare for Monday.

Great vacation!