Halloween Excitement!

If you follow me on Twitter, which you SHOULD at https://twitter.com/Lady_Brightly because I find myself hilarious and I don’t hold back or censure myself as I do on Facebook, then you would know that last night I teased this year’s Halloween costume.

Obviously, I’ve always loved Halloween because chocolate is the fruit of the Gods and all that is right and sweet with the world (PUN!). One may argue that I also am a bit of a dramatist and diva, which I take great pride in, so dressing up as someone else is thrilling. As a child, I dressed up a lot as a princess, which from my blog name should not surprise you in the slightest.

Over the years, there was the brief tomboy stage of my life where I decided to be a karate kid, which has unfortunately been immortalized in an unfortunate picture my mom has now framed and on display in the living room. Then there was the practical choice, a cheerleader, for a number of years because I was a cheerleader and I happened to have the costume on hand. Of course, the rebellious stage kicked in and I went for the scary part of Halloween and upped my ante as a vampire or just plain dead-cheerleader. Creative, I know.

Recent years has proved to be more difficult when it comes to costumes. I can only be a vampire or witch so many times in a row to be socially accepted, just because I had the materials on hand. Sometimes, I just throw on whatever pink I have in my closet and finish it off with a crown. I’ve also had a lot of experience and success dressing as Harry Potter characters, such as Hedwig- my award-winning costume in a costume contest, Luna, and last year’s Sassy Harry Potter.

This year, I wanted to return to my roots and tweeted my excitement last night. I said, “A little teaser: you’ll have to read my blog tomorrow to learn what I decided to be for #Halloween. I’m shivering with excitement!”

Without further ado, I’m going to be Elsa from Frozen and the costume is on its way!

When I first came up with the idea, I knew I needed an Anna, which my friend Katie has since accepted. Though I want my costume to be fabulous, I’m also not willing to spend a ton of money on it. My first inclination was to get a light blue, long-sleeved leotard and pair it with a blue tutu and one of my tiaras. A little research took me to Ebay where I found the entire Elsa costume for a decent price, so I took the gamble and went for it. Hopefully it will pay off because I am so darn excited!

Once I get my hands on that costume, I’ll never wear anything else. In fact, I think my sister should just have all of us bridesmaids wear Elsa costumes for dresses.

Also, knowing my costume as you now do, you probably spotted a bit of a very clever pun in my tweet. I was SHIVERING with excitement. You shiver because you’re cold and Elsa is FROZEN. I know, I can’t stand it either.

I’m excited to celebrate Halloween the day after with my sister because it’s her birthday. There’s only so many times I can joke that Halloween is the perfect birthday for her because she’s a witch, ha ha, because she’s totally not. All she had to do to get her revenge was wait for the candy to be dropped in each of our pillow cases before she’d pull the whole, “it’s my birthday,” and get all the extra candy. On the actual day of Halloween, I am excited to dress up as Elsa and hand out candy/ eat half of the bowl. Saying that now though, I think there’s a post on how to handle Holiday eating coming in the future!

How excited are you for Halloween?

Princess Problems

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I might be a bit of a Dr. Doolittle. We have two family pets, a cat, Bandit, and a dog, Mac. We have had Bandit a good deal longer before getting Mac, which I’ve read is the key to creating harmony between them. Though Bandit can’t help himself swatting at Mac in what appears to be a friendly way whenever he walks by and Mac is afraid to pass by a doorway or up the stairs if Bandit is there, they seem to get along very well. Often times we will find them sleeping next to each other on the couch or bed.

Such a situation is evident in my children’s story I had to write for one of my literacy classes, A Tale of Two Species. I’m clever, I know.

To get to my point, the other day Mac and Bandit were both lying on the couch but Bandit wanted to sneak under the covers to get a little warmer. Mac was in the way, so I simply explained to him that he needed to move for a second, which he immediately did, though not without a sigh of annoyance. Then I held up the cover for Bandit, gestured to him that he could climb up and he did. Mac then carefully jumped back up to the opposite side of the couch because I told him to beware the kitty.

This happens all the time.

I’ve chalked it up to my animals just knowing my demands, but today, I had an interaction with a squirrel who I do not own.

As I was driving home from the gym, a squirrel was sitting in the middle of the road, snacking on something. The road is very small so I wasn’t able to drive around him. The squirrel then held up a paw, I swear, as though telling me to wait, which I did because I’m still haunted by the accidental incident a few years ago when a squirrel unexpectantly ran back my way just as I started driving again.

All of this leads me to believe what I think we all know is the inevitable, that I am a princess. When I sing, they come. I think this is all the evidence needed. Still waiting on the prince, however.


Children Are Smarter Than You

Last night I went with my sister to see Frozen, because once a Disney princess ALWAYS a Disney princess, and it was adorable. I want my own little snowman named Olaf.

The best part of the entire movie was when the youngest sister, Princess Anna, decides she wants to marry this prince after one day. The part itself plays out ironically, for adults at least, but the little girl sitting next to me, who could not have been older than five or six years old, yells out, “WHAT?! That’s ridiculous!” and kept muttering to herself in disgust.

Lauren and I laughed so hard and this makes me so happy. This just goes to show that you can watch Disney movies as a child, enjoy the heck out of them, and still grow up to have complete realistic views of love and romance.

Or maybe this five year old is just smart beyond her years.

Go Suck An Egg

Let me start off today telling you about one of my painfully awkward, but secretly amazing celebrity encounters. My mom and I went to see Chelsea Handler last year and after her stand-up show, there was a book signing afterwards which I had to go to, obviously. You needed to buy a copy of her book there, which I already had but bought another copy anyways just to get that wristband. For some reason, my mom refused to buy her own copy so I had to wait in line by myself.

This is never a good idea because when I meet celebrities, especially ones who are my IDOLS, I tend to either stare at them with my mouth open and say nothing or mumble incoherently. Waiting in line, I tried to psych myself up because it’s Chelsea Handler and one day we will be best friends. I really wanted her to sign my book, “Caitlin, go suck an egg! Chelsea Handler” because she says that on her show sometimes, and of course I say that to my friends all the time.

When I finally got up there, I said something along the lines of “Hi Chelsea can you please sign my book blah blah blah,” but of course it’s mumbled and before I know it I’m swept out of the room. When I showed my mom all it said was, “Caitlin sucks eggs, love Chelsea.” Touché, Ms. Handler. I need to learn to enunciate. Apparently.

My incoherency has gotten me into trouble before but it has more to do with me being beyond awkward and shy than anything else. Like, if I’m not one hundred percent comfortable with you, or even if I am sometimes, I don’t always know what to do. This happens even within my own family, not my parents or siblings or really close people, but to cousins or aunts and uncles I haven’t seen in awhile. It’s painful. And completely, totally my fault. So sorry about that.

This can be especially difficult when I am around authority figures or people who I consider to be better than me. My job search is agonizing because when I first see something interesting I think it’s the perfect thing and I am going to own it. But as I start to write my cover letter and fill out the application, my confidence drains until I’m convinced I can’t do that job or any job at all. Of course, this is ridiculous because I have succeeded at every stage of my development (thus far), but before any big thing in my life happens, I have to go through a stage of, not so much self-loathing, as self-doubting.

Also, I should mention, it’s not so much about the tasks I’m going to be asked to do but the people I will work with. I live in a constant state of fear thinking that people are judging me or don’t like me. This used to really bother me, but recently I’ve been under the impression that I don’t care anymore. That’s a lie though now that I write it because I want everyone to love me. In my head, I’m famous and everyone loves me. Which sounds a little freaky, but it’s just my ardent imagination.

The point is though, the worry of people not liking me has lessened to the point where I can just push it back to the deepest corner of my brain and I can just pretend like it doesn’t bother me. Because if you don’t like me, then just go suck an egg and get over it. Not my problem.

In a complete reversal of topics, I was talking to my brother, Jimmy, last night about what would happen if we were to write a book collaboratively. He’s five years younger than me, but we happen to have a similar sense of humor which can be frightening. Our book would be really stupid and really funny, but everyone would read it. Then we started talking about what would happen if my sister, Lauren, who is three years older than me, wrote a book and my brother says that it could be described in one sentence, “If A Tree Falls In The Woods And There’s No One To Hear It, Then Shakespeare Is Really Good.”

A true humorist never explains her jokes, but since you hardly know me I’ll have to. Let me just give you a little back story and you can fill in the blanks. I’ll keep it short: I programmed Siri (on my phone) to call me “Princess Caitlin.” My sister asked Siri to call her “Shakespeare.” You can see how our priorities might be a little different. But she’s super smart and can take a joke so that’s why I’m putting it here. Hi, Lois!

Speaking of Lois, you may notice that I call my family members a lot of different names. Not to be insulting, I just sometimes get bored saying the same names all of the time, so I make some up. For my sister, I usually just alternate between Lauren and Lois and my dad I just call dad because I’m pretty sure he would just ignore me if I tried calling him something else. My brother tries to ignore me too, but that just makes me try harder to call him something like Jambalaya or Jimmy pronounced “Himmy,” Jaime, or Jay-mez. My mom has the best (worst?) nicknames as I make a new one up every time I see her: Margeau, Magic, Madge, Madonna, Moo, Moo-moo, and the list goes on.

FYI: Red Sox start in three days. Prepare yourselves!!!

BTW: I don’t remember if I ever really introduced myself in my first post. My name is Caitlin and one day I will be a princess. Have you seen my crown?