when in LA…

Go to Chili’s?

It’s funny what you crave far from home and I was not alone! Before we get to that though, let’s start with Friday night post-work with a sweaty workout that I’ll feature later on in the week.


Sweat and the bright orange background is no friend to my dauntingly light eyebrows.

I had leftover pizza and salad for dinner, watched some Sex and the City, and fell into a deep sleep that was thankfully and finally a full night’s sleep! For whatever reason, I’ve been waking up between 3-5:30 am and unable to fall back into a peaceful sleep. What a pain!

On Saturday morning, I made pancakes and I think I’m getting better!


Okay, yes, the above is an old picture of pancakes, but only because I was hungry and dug in before I remembered to take a picture!

After some lounging, digesting, and hydrating, I walked over to the gym ready to crush it once again. It was hot and the AC was minimal, so I was sweaty from the beginning. Like, gross, by the end.


It’s hard to tell from the picture, but I was soaked to the bone. On the walk home, I stopped into a local spot for an iced coffee to cool me down.

At home, I showered, ate a quick lunch, and spent some quality time updating my blog. This is a work-in-progress that is going to take some time, but I’m determined to continue updating on the regular and making givememycrownalready more aesthetically pleasing.

Which takes us to the aforementioned Chili’s pit-stop. The last time I went there was with my sister the night we got our latest tattoos and the newest Harry Potter book that wasn’t a Harry Potter book because she didn’t even write it….howcouldyoudothistomeJo? 

Anyway, Saturday night, I went to Chili’s with some friends and it was delicious.

Sunday morning began with crepes- kind of- and a workout that went between running and strength training, meaning that once again, I was a sweaty mess (but in the best possible way.

After, I went to the beach with my cousin.


It was hot, but not one of those days that I wanted to get into the water. Instead, I just stewed.


Once we had our fill of sunshine, it was time to celebrate National Ice Cream Day…


A warm glazed donut stuffed with delicious ice cream. Oh my. I’ll still be daydreaming about it come Monday.

the art of pancakes

My go to pancake recipe is healthy and packed with protein and goodness, but it’s not your standard pancake. For whatever reason, this past weekend, I decided I needed a standard pancake recipe, so I got mixing.

I wanted to do it from scratch, mostly because I didn’t want to go to the store at the moment and buy a mix, and also, making pancakes is a serious life skill.


I chose the recipe from Google and it had a 5 star rating with lots of reviews, so I expected I was in good hands. These, the ones on the right, were okay. I made enough for two servings and refrigerated half for another day’s breakfast. The first batch came out looking kind of funky, but the ones I ate immediately looked and tasted better.

The second batch, on the left, looked and tasted a lot better. The trick, I think, is in allowing the batter to rest for about 15 minutes after mixing. I could not tell you the science of why, but it was on the instructions and I listened.

Still, these are not my momma’s pancakes, which, upon reflection, I believe came from Bisquick, but if that is not the case, I’m sure she’ll be ‘quick’ to tell me. And for the record, when I asked her and my sister if they had a go to recipe, she said “no” and my sister didn’t answer at all.

Back to the drawing board this weekend! If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to comment or send me a recipe!

pancakes and beach days

Once again, I am not sure how we’re already on Monday. The weekend was a good one but flew by!

I started off Friday night with a workout that I intended to be straight-up strength training and ended up being a run. The treadmill is not the most fun ever and I get bored easily, so I mixed it up a bit and did 6-6-5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1 alternating between walking and running by minutes, increasing speed as I decreased minutes and ended for a complete 45 minutes with some Tabata Intervals- 20 second sprints, 10 second rest. I was sweaty and tired by the end and ready for a relaxing evening.


I pretty much watched Sex and the City, read a bit, and fell into a deep sleep!

Saturday morning, I woke up for a hankering for pancakes and tried out a new recipe that I’ll get to later in the week…After breakfast, I went grocery shopping before hitting up the gym for a killer strength training workout, the effects of which I am still feeling as I type this Monday morning.

I fit in a quick shower and lunch before it was time to meet my friend for a movie night. He hadn’t seen Wonder Woman yet and since I enjoyed it so much-and the tickets at this theater were cheap- I tagged along. We ended up going to the Vista, which is where they shot that terrifying movie scene in Scream 2. It was kinda a big deal.

After the movie, we got dinner at Shake Shack and a classy dessert at McDonalds for a McFlurry and called it a night!

Sunday morning called for more pancakes, this time a different recipe.


Since Sunday was my rest day, I threw in a load of laundry and relaxed before it was time to meet my cousins at the beach. The wind prevented me from actually diving into the water, but it was nice and relaxing just sitting and chatting the afternoon away.


If you look closely enough, you’ll notice a line of seagulls just sitting there watching the ocean. I can respect that as I too have been enjoying my tour of SoCal beaches, but I was also suspicious.

That afternoon, it was time for beers, chips and salsa, burgers, and desserts.


I got home in time to fold laundry and enjoy another episode of Sex and the City before pulling the curtains on the weekend.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Stuff ‘Cakes

I saw a recipe online that included chocolate stuffed pancakes and I was very much for it. My usual go-to pancake recipe is one I’ve shared before on the blog. In the past, I’ve mixed my favorite chocolate peanut butter into the batter and while tasty, it never quite tasted as chocolatey and peanut buttery as I’d hoped. Cue the internet!

Frozen chocolate peanut butter discs. The original post I found this from used Nutella, but I’m not a huge hazelnut girl, so I stuck with what I knew.

I used my own pancake recipe, minus the peanut butter in the batter.

Don’t mind the creepy hand shadow. These discs were spread onto plastic wrap (the only thing I had for it) the night before in anticipation of making this recipe. Once I’m up, I want to eat, so there would be no waiting for a pre-freeze in the morning.


Once everything was prepared, I dropped a dollop of batter onto the hot pan, delicately plopped the peanut butter disc on top, and covered it with more batter.



Served with eggs of choice (scrambled), preferred hot beverage (coffee), favorite fruit (all the berries), and topped with syrup or nothing at all because the chocolate peanut butter upped the ante. The perfect weekend breakfast.


Yes, please and thank you to the blogger who inspired this meal!

Red, White, and Blue

We’re almost at the weekend! I’ve been celebrating Independence all week by listening incessantly to Hamilton and organizing my fruit consumption into red, white, and blue!


Haven’t had these pancakes in a long time! (I was out of raspberries and strawberries!)


Yesterday, I had a hankering for pizza, so I made my own! English muffin, tomato sauce, cheese, and leftover BBQ chicken! So good! A side of spinach provided me an extra nutritional boost.


Got a little sweaty and red-faced with a run and home workout.


Nothing beats a good quality sweat (particularly when earned).

Enjoy the weekend, beautiful weather and all!

Saturday Morning Interlude

On a Saturday that I don’t have to work, you better believe there will be pancakes! There’s something special about taking the time to prepare a meal that makes you connect to the food you’re eating. I’ve made these cakes so many times before, but this batch just seemed extra tasty for whatever reason. I think it comes down to the lack of free Saturday mornings I’ve had these past few months.


You probably notice the pretty way I plated these cakes too. Not that it wasn’t completely demolished within seconds once I devoured them.

On this cloudy, cozy day, I’ve been taking my time in the morning, sleeping in and reading (a book!). All I have planned is a workout and a dinner later. You also have to love the mass amounts of tea I’ve enjoyed this morning.


Just look at that tag! “Be well.”

For the record, I did get around to that Yoga yesterday and I’m glad I did! I threw on some music (Ingrid Michaelson) and went with a flow. I don’t know if it’s from my rest day previously or the fact that I’ve been practicing Yoga more frequently, but I felt s-t-r-o-n-g. Work with those good vibrations when they come!

Happy Saturday! (And yes, I did just compose this blog post so I could share a picture of my pancakes).

Flower Girl

I am a fancy lady this morning- just look at these pancakes! As you can probably tell, I shaped them into a flower, using a banana for the stem. Sometimes, these ideas just come to me.


In case you didn’t realize, next week is Thanksgiving! I seriously still feel like I’m on the beach in August, leaping into the waves. It was strange when it turned September. I couldn’t believe when it was October and then suddenly my birthday, but now we’re reaching the holidays?!

I’m learning not to question these types of things any longer. Tradition and lots of family time is so important to savor and appreciate.

On another note, isn’t it still 2004? I was a freshman in high school and the Red Sox had just won the World Series for the first time in- what was it, 86 years? Now, it’s nearly 12 years later and David Ortiz announced his retirement after the 2016 season. I have to admit I got those warm, fuzzy feelings and may have teared up a bit. Hopefully they can actually make a run for it this season so he doesn’t go out with a fizzle.

Happy Thursday! My mom will be happy to note that in one week, she can listen to Christmas music without hiding it!