Beachin’ Weekend

I had a beachin’ weekend! (Yeah, I started with a pun, NOT SORRY). My weekend kicked off on Friday night as I headed home, enjoyed a glass of wine with a chicken stirfry, and some tv catch-up. It was glorious to go to bed and know that I had nothing planned for the next day. And then to wake up on Saturday morning, then roll back on over for a little bit longer. When I did get up, I enjoyed a pancake breakfast- all from scratch, using my peanut butter pancake recipe.

Since switching my workouts to the morning, I’m able to have a weekend day as a rest day and Saturday was the chosen one. It was SO nice out, like 85, and all I wanted was to be outside. How can you not celebrate Earth Day when nature gifts us with this!?:

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However, drink enough water before you leave the house, boys and girls, especially if you’re going to lounge out in the sun. I had a wonderful vision of me laying my towel out on the beach and getting in some quality writing time.

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What ended up happening was I sweated profusely, melted the chocolate in my trail mix, and suffered from a headache. Out of principle, I stuck it out for the hour because I had paid for the parking (not too much thankfully), but I needed to not be there. The water I had didn’t even ease my headache, nor did going to a shopping mall and Target! When I’m not in the mood to shop, you know there’s a problem. Once I got home, I drank a lot of water and made my dinner.

Once I was feeling better, my friend Brad came over to “start” Big Little Lies. I say “start” because we watched four or five episodes already. Had we started earlier, I think we would have finished. Maybe he won’t notice if I finish without him…we’re still on season two of Downton Abbey because we were waiting on each other.

On Sunday morning, I made some scrambled eggs and waffles, drank a ton of water, and headed out for a run/walk. When I started, I didn’t think much of where I was going, but eventually, I did find my way to the beach. I’m four miles away from the beach, which is amazing, so of course I have to take advantage. I mean, look at this.

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The beach is (9 times out of 10) my happy place. There is something so imperfectly beautiful about waves crashing onto the sand that moves me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my writing tools with me, but it was nice to spend some time relaxing, meditating, and unplugged.

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But, once you run/walk four miles to the beach, you also have to run four miles back. I had anticipated this because I’m not a complete idiot, but had I planned better, I would have brought water or money to buy water. The journey home was a little more unpleasant, but not altogether bad. The flowers must have loved the rainy LA winter because these flowers went on for acres.

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By the time I got home, I was sweating from my eyeballs and really needed water, but it was an accomplishment! In the end, it was a perfect four mile run, four mile walk split, so I was pleased. After a much needed shower and rehydration, I was a hungry girl. I headed out to a local hole-in-the-wall spot for delicious Indian curry, rice, veggies, and naan. So good! The price wasn’t bad either, so I’ll definitely be back!

The rest of my Sunday evening was spent writing and prepping for the week ahead. Have a fantastic Monday!!

Where The Celebs At?

Happy Wednesday, party people! I’ve officially been in LaLaLand for one whole week and I’ve yet to see one celebrity. Say wha-at? I don’t even want to consider the number of celebrities that might have passed me by and I missed because I wasn’t observant enough. I was fairly certain I was going to be super famous and best friends with all of them by now… No? Well, at least I thought I’d be married to Chris Evans.

Maybe it’s because I’m spending so much time cooped up in the library getting some work done. Throughout college, I worked at a library, so it’s one of my happy places and never fails to make me productive.

Recap of yesterday:

Tuesday morning, I rolled out of bed for some cheesy eggs, an English muffin, and raspberries. Not a bad way to start the day at all.


After getting some work done at home, I drove into Hollywood, which, weird!, to meet my cousin for lunch. It’s all about friendly faces these days, let me tell you. I’m still not used to looking up and seeing palm trees or the Hollywood sign in the distance on my commute.

It would be nice to insert a picture here, but alas, driving and snapping pictures is frowned upon.

When in doubt (or stress or anything), gym time never fails me and I crushed it with a strength training line-up of biceps, back, legs, and core before finishing up with a quick interval ride on the bike. For strength, I worked through four sets of fifteen reps, two exercises for biceps, five for back, and five for legs- those bad boys were shaking (in a good way). My core workout included three exercises and I meant to do three sets of twenty, but ended up doing four sets, so a good ‘oops’ I guess.

Let’s take a look at that workout:

Biceps- Cross-Body Curls, High Bicep Curls

Back- Single-Arm Rows, Weighted Supermans, Back Extensions, High Pulls, Standing Rows

Legs- Front Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts, Kneeling Side Leg Raises, Kettlebell Swings

Core- Flutter Kicks, V Ups, Side Plank Dips

Once I finished on the bike, I was good and sweaty and ready for a snack and a cup of coffee at home!

Greek yogurt will never be the same for me after I had the homemade version at a local Greek pantry back at home, but I made do with good ol’ Chobani, mixing up the strawberry flavor with a handful of blueberries and some almonds.

To the library it was, but first, I got a phone call from an old friend/advisor that was very much appreciated. I can’t express how grateful I am to get calls and texts from family and friends in general, never mind that I’m in a new state, following my dreams, and pretty much by my lonesome.

As I mentioned, I do love the library, so I pretty much closed it up and headed home to make dinner. If it works one night, why not make it again the second? Whole grains, check. Protein, check. Veggies, check. Fat, check. Yum factor, check!


The rest of the night consisted of some reading and writing quality time. I must still be on East Coast time because as I’m typing, I’m longing to go to bed, but it’s only 9:40 here. Soon!

Here’s a selfie shot I had to take because my hair was on point and it would have been a waste for no one to have seen it.



Part Three: Heaven on Earth

There are a few places that I envision Heaven might look like. For instance, Union Square in New York City, my aunt and uncle’s Cape house, Disney World with my family, and Santa Monica beach. 


I have always been drawn to water. I love to swim, especially in the ocean with huge waves crashing over me, the salty air, and endless views. On day three of our trip, Molly and I took a ride to Santa Monica for the day.



 We started off walking through a Farmer’s Market where I picked up some new shades, then meandered our way through the town. Somehow, when we made it to the water’s edge, we ended up in Venice Beach, which is equally wonderful. 

I could not tear myself away from the water, even though I didn’t have on a bathing suit, so we ended up walking along the shore to Santa Monica Pier. The water was so warm and inviting and I would have loved to have dove into the waves, but it was a blessing just to be there. It was here where I had one of those feelings of Heaven on earth.


After taking the long trek- sprinting the last few steps to the pier due to how hot the sand that wasn’t by the water was!-  Molly and I were ready for something refreshing. We stopped by a stand at the pier for a soft serve ice cream cone. Even though it melted fast, it was just what we needed to cool down and relax, while looking out into the distance.

We also stopped into a small but cute aquarium on the pier where I met a creepy new friend, of whom I forgot to snap a picture.

As we made our way to the Third Street Promenade, we started to grow hungry. On our way, we had to stop and take a picture of this street sign since it is mentioned in a song we love by Yellowcard.

We made a few laps to see what choices were offered until we settled on a fun restaurant. It was nice to be out of the blaring sun for awhile, my currently peeling nose is a testament to that, and we split a delicious pizza and guzzled down waters. After, we made our way to Barnes and Noble to peruse, relax, and read some magazines. 

It was on this day that I realized I needed a hat to protect my scalp, so be made one last stop at a stand to buy a bright pink LA hat. I was quite pleased with my purchase, as was my itching, burning noggin. 

Upon our return from Santa Monica, we happened to see Mario Lopez in the car next to us, which was hilarious. We made awkward eye contact, awkward in the way that when I saw him, I started screaming and he saw me. For the record, Molly dove across the car to catch a glimpse.

I am struggling to remember what we ended up doing for dinner that night, but I do remember getting some wine and having a dance party while we waited for some old nineties movies of our youth. A little Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer was on the menu with some popcorn and we had quite a blast laughing.

It’s quite funny to me that I happen to be recapping the days of our trip exactly a week later from when they happened. I apologize for the delay in the post today, but I had an early wake up call to fit in my workout before working. 

Now I’m with some of my favorite people waiting to get some ice cream. What is everyone looking forward to this week?