My Cat Is An Asshole (But So Am I, Apparently)

No one said running was pretty. In fact, I am fairly certain I look like a hot mess when I run, except, minus the hot! Especially when it’s cold and there’s snot dripping and the wind whipping my face all red. We don’t even have to mention what I look like when I run. I know that some people’s strides look all nice and natural, but I know I look like a stumbling fool. I embrace it. Also, I’m a stumbling fool who (probably) can run farther than you, so, HA. Oh sorry, that’s not what this blog’s all about, especially on the eve of Thanksgiving.

This is what I look like on a run, minus the movement aspect.


It was a solid 4-mile run with no pain or foot falling asleep-ness, which proves that I had been overtraining and hurting myself, rather than helping. I’ve kept my workouts at the hour-hour and fifteen minutes range and feel strong! After my run, I did some Yoga and stretching to cool-down.

Total body workouts certainly have their merits, but I’ve been mixing things up on the strength training aspect to isolate muscle groups and I think it’s been a good change. Yesterday’s workout consisted of biceps, chest, and back exercises. Once I moved through those circuits- four exercises, 3 sets, 12 reps each- I did another core circuit before finishing up on the stair master for 12 minutes. That ish is hard.

Let’s talk food.

The lunch I have on file is leftover from the previous night’s dinner. Chicken, rice, and salad. Delicious!


Breakfast #1: egg/egg-white scramble with cheese and a homemade waffle. Solid.


Breakfast #2: Pancakes! I mixed things up a bit by putting white chocolate peanut butter on the inside and dark chocolate peanut butter on the outside. I’m a revolutionist!


Let’s talk about this asshole for a second.


You’ve probably seen the video going around Facebook with the cucumbers scaring the crap out of cats? If not, there’s a video out there that shows a bunch of people laying cucumbers down next to their cats, then the cats jumping a mile high. It’s funny. If so, then you just read a recap for no reason. Ha. (I feel mean today. Am I being mean?)

Anyways, I was inspired to try this on my own cat. As evidenced in the picture above, you can see from the second I began to approach, he was suspicious of my intentions. As he well should be in this case, but not usually! Anyways, I distracted him with my cell phone and laid the cucumber down next to him, camera on video and ready to capture a brilliant moment.


Instead, he sniffed it once and turned away, disinterested and very much unafraid. Even the dog, who is afraid of his own shadow, gave a sniff without any hesitation. I’m a little letdown.

Joke’s on me. “Who’s the asshole now?”- Bandit (direct quote).

On that note, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate and a Happy Regular Thursday to all who don’t! Eat, drink, and be extremely merry regardless of a holiday (or lack thereof). Don’t forget to fit in your exercise either today or the day after!