One Day More!

I’ve got that Les Miserables song rocketing through my mind right now.

One day out now and my tummy is bubbling in perpetual nerves! It’s all about the last minute touches to packing now, and moving cross-country, ya gotta be concise. I’m not a good packer, I always want to bring everything. Luckily, half my wardrobe is staying behind as I will not be suffering through the usual New England winter, probably.

Although check this nonsense out!


I checked out the Los Angeles forecast and noticed it was slightly chillier there than it was here in good old Boston. What the what? Although, I’m just happy for relief from the humidity.

It was gorgeous out yesterday, the sun and a slight breeze lending to some perfect September weather. I took full advantage- and had to improvise my workout without a car- and got running outside.

New sneakers, new outlook on life, as far as I’m concerned. It’s amazing the difference you don’t even notice until you’re not running in threadbare shoes.


My last trek around the neighborhood, for now, was a great one. Strong pace, strong legs, controlled breathing, and just soaking in all the love and familiarity. New things are scary, friends, exciting, but it’s safe to think of all my emotions in capital letters right now.


After my run, it was time for my last work day at my beloved Y. I started out as a member for years, I’m talking pre-weight loss days, and I can’t think of another place I’ve frequented more often (other than my home) in the last four years. A gym, the right kind, becomes a safe place. I can’t imagine working out anywhere else, except now, I’ll have to do just that. Sadness, but also, it provided me a place to build my inner and outer strength, gifted me an opportunity to pursue a dream and build my Personal Training practice, and thanks to that, and the people who work there, I feel ready to conquer this next adventure.

I’m heading there shortly for a final workout and I’ll probably cry, but I have no regrets!

After work, I enjoyed dinner with my friend Molly at our favorite place, finishing the night off with some ice cream!

The next time we check in, I’ll be in sunny California. Things are happening, people!

I’m Onto You, Suzanne Summers

I had a dream two nights ago that Suzanne Summers was stalking me, so you better believe I’ve been checking over my shoulder whenever I leave the house. We were cool Ms. Summers, don’t pull a Liza on me.* In the dream, we were participating in a Hunger Games-esque event, except it had nothing to do with death. If I remember correctly, then if Suzanne “tagged” me, then I had to go live outside in nature. This all seemed very plausible in my dream, but now makes no sense at all.

*If you forgot that Liza Minelli stalks me, then lucky you. It’s a thing. I’m sure I’ve written posts about it before. She’s remained stagnant as of late. Let’s not jinx that.

Anyways….is anyone else slightly alarmed that it’s already October 21? I’m sorry, but I thought it was still July of 2012. Time is flying! I better step up my studying because my test date is approaching.

Here are some eats from the past few days we’ve been away from each other.

Scenes from my dad’s birthday dinner Act I. Act II actually doesn’t have a picture, but my family went out and it was fun, happy, and delicious.


A very interesting looking meal with waffles, scrambled eggs with a chicken sausage, and a big bowl of berries. My breakfasts are often big meals because they fuel me for my workouts and because it’s the best meal of the day.


This stir fry was impressive. Steak, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, and spinach over rice with ginger sesame dressing drizzled on top.


Peanut butter toast can do no wrong.


Grilled tilapia, broccoli, zucchini, peppers, and rotini. Yum!


This morning’s plate of cakes. I can’t get enough of these!


Workouts the past few days included grueling strength training sessions, lap swims, spin classes, long runs (slightly painful thanks to new shoes which I’ll debut tomorrow!), and core workouts that left me with sore abs whenever I sneeze (I sneeze a lot, ouch!).

In other news, I hung out with my family a lot this weekend which is always good for laughs and fun, enjoyed the nice weather with a few walks outside, cleaned and prepared for fall/winter (still more to do, ugh!), worked (it’s a blessing to love what I do), and lost a few years of my life trying to buy Star Wars tickets. For whatever reason, they are starting to premiere the new film BEFORE midnight, so my friend Stephanie and I have our tickets for 11:50. We like to stick to the idea of premiering a  movie at midnight, but in this situation, beggars really can’t be choosers. It is very exciting though and we are now two months away!

I can’t get over this picture:


I also bought another decal for my computer. I like the subtlety of my Harry Potter one that fits right over the apple on the Mac, and I thought I was continuing this trend when I bought this new one. Not so much. It’s huge! I had to cut it.


I think my nerd is showing just a bit.

Also, my coffee mug looks super creepy in that picture and it was unintentional!

Happy Wednesday!