It’s A Mental Thing

After a weekend of massive indulgences, my body was ready to return to its normal way of living. I prefer what I can make myself most of the time anyways.

I am loving scrambled eggs these days. I make them with one whole egg and a few egg whites with a pat of butter and salt and pepper. Seriously, so good, especially with some cheese sprinkled on top. Since my sort-of waffle fail at that diner, I had a hankering for the eggos ones I love- I know, it’s a weakness. But nothing was sweeter than these fresh berries.


I was excited the other day in the grocery store when I saw they carried my favorite brand of veggie burgers! I don’t need to replace the meat when I am craving a burger, but these are great over a salad, which is what I’ve been eating for lunch the past two days. Sweet baby lettuce, carrots, tomato, cucumber, and red bell pepper topped with feta, sesame ginger dressing, and a black bean burger = yum!


I made a stir fry of sorts for dinner. Usually I go for whole grain pasta, but we were out of that and brown rice so I had to make do! With grilled chicken, I stir fried asparagus, spinach, mushrooms, and pepper and topped it with hot sauce and a sprinkling of cheese.


On this rainy morning, there was nothing but pancakes on my mind when I woke up to the pitter-patter against my window. These were especially special because I had been out of my favorite Dark Chocolate Dreams for over a week now.


As I enter my 26th year, I’ve been reflecting on how to improve and seek happiness. That being said, I am already incredibly happy and lucky, but there are always things I can be working on. One thing that stands out is my relationship to exercise. In a lot of ways, I use exercise as a crutch, whether it’s to mentally depend on working out as an escape, a cure to my anxiety, or to make sure that I will never regress to where I was four years ago. It also fuels and energizes me, making me feel strong. Thing is, I’ve been overtraining and I don’t think my body is taking to it the way I used to. For the next couple of weeks, I am going to keep my training time to an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes a day, rather than the excessive hour and a half/two hours I’ve been doing. It seems silly when I write it down like that now.

It’s important to remember (and I’m telling myself more so than you), that while movement is so important, healthy living is about balance, and I have to realize that I have those lessons ingrained in me now.

My first workout of the week included a couple of circuits with my sister that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I followed that up on Tuesday with a strength training circuit of lateral raises, tricep pushbacks, rows, pull downs, and kettle bell swings. My second circuit was core heavy- rotational lunges, elbow to knee ups, bicycle crunches, and v ups. To finish for the day, I hopped in the pool for a half hour swim. Guess what, I still felt like I fit in a great workout and reaped those benefits, all by keeping the time to an hour. Progress!