Fridays = The Best Days

Happy Friday!

I know we shouldn’t live for the weekend, but Friday has long been my favorite day and I can’t help but feel happy when it arrives.

Let’s start it off by going back to Thursday, which wasn’t bad itself.

I woke up Thursday morning and enjoyed a classic breakfast sandwich of my own making before heading to the gym.

First, I weighed myself and realized I’m down 1.6 pounds!



My workout included 40 minutes of arm and core exercises, as well as a treadmill run. I’m running “long” distance twice a week and once a week, I’m working on speeding up my mile. I’ll run one mile, then complete sprints.

A quick snack to refuel was this peanut butter toast and berries.


After my morning shift, I came home and threw this delicious salad together. With a kale base, I threw in bell pepper, carrots, peanuts, tofu, and chicken with balsamic vinegar. So good!


Dinner was leftovers during my night shift. Chicken with white sauce, spinach rice, and sautéed spinach and kale.



Monday Snow Day

Oh hey, it’s the second day of Spring and we’ve got…SNOW! It was a fairly pleasant day welcoming Spring yesterday, but a bit on the chilly side. However, the family came over for dinner and we spent some time outside playing Spike Ball. I was a bit rusty, but not as bad as I expected. Here’s a nice action shot:


But now:


I started the weekend off on Friday with an awesome total body workout that kicked my butt! It was the same set up as last week with 3 sets and 15 reps and by the time I was done, I was ready to face the day. After work on Friday, I enjoyed a big hunk of a salad with honey BBQ steak tips while watching the Amy Poehler and Tina Fey movie Sisters. I really wanted to like the movie because I love them, but I just didn’t. I didn’t laugh out loud once. Cue sad face here!

Saturday started early with work. I love that Daylight Savings Time provides more sunshine towards the end of the day, but when you have to wake up early in the morning, it can be a tad painful. All good though! Once I finished, I headed out to lunch with my parents and grandma and a visit over to BB & the P’s house. Before the sun set, I had time to fit in a quality run outside and was feeling strong. I’m already noticing those few pounds I’ve lost has made a huge difference to my runs. Saturday night, I went over to my sister’s house for a meal of leftovers and a throwback film: She’s All That. I also spent some quality time with my nephew and realized that some Snapchat filters work on him:



Too cute!

On Sunday, I started off the day with a great workout. It’s pyramid training week, which I described last week, so it’s fast-moving and hard! Feeling pretty strong (and sore) today! I also mentioned the family dinner and some Spike Ball and there was a scary moment when I tripped in a hole and rolled my ankle. Before bed, I put some ice on it and elevated my leg and there’s no soreness at all this morning, phew!

With the snow falling (and already starting to melt, yay March!), I made myself a delicious breakfast this morning.


It was also weigh-in day and I’m happy to report that I’m down another 1.4 pounds, which brings me to a total of 5 pounds lost since I started two weeks ago! The incredible part of this is it’s all been in my stomach, which is just convenient!



Please pardon the state of my hair. It’s a snow day kind of morning.

Feeling good so far! If you’re trying to lose weight as well, remember, it’s not all about the scale. Weigh in once a week, but try to focus on the way you’re feeling, from your health benefits, the way your clothes fit, and if you like to take measurements. Anything you do, from eating healthier to exercising more, is benefiting your body and mind, regardless of what the scale claims. Keep at it and stay positive!

Weekly Weigh-In

It’s been a little over a week since I decided to actively lose weight again and I’m happy to report my weigh-in news. I weigh in on Monday mornings, but it didn’t fit in with Monday’s post and yesterday was my lo-ong work day and I didn’t have time to write a post! After one week, I’m down 3.6 pounds.

This loss is drastic, but normal for the first few weeks of weight loss because your body adjusts quickly to the new changes. I expect it to fall under the .5-1 pound loss as the weeks progress, but any progress is good!


It might be cheating that I’m dressed in all black.


I also hope you appreciate the too-short pants. I only point it out as something to brag about because pants are never too short on me. I suppose one might get away with wearing them as capris, but I couldn’t because they’re not quite short enough and therefore we’re back to the same problem again!


As for my goal, I don’t have a number in mind as I like to base my body off how I feel and not the number. However, I haven’t felt like my best as of late and was ready to put in more effort and I’m already feeling so much better! Right now, I’m focusing on a range that I think would lead me to my best results.

With my body, I try not to see anything as being on a diet or temporary. At this point, the changes I’m making to my eating and exercise habits are nowhere near as drastic they were when I first started to lose weight five years ago. For one, I exercise six days a week hardcore because I love it and it makes me feel strong. The only changes I’ve tried to incorporate are to keep me from plateauing by either upping the amount of weight I’m lifting or changing the amount of sets and reps and exercises I do, as well as throwing some intervals into my cardio sessions.

For food, my meals are fairly healthy as I eat a ton of fruits and veggies. Lately, I’ve been watching portion size more and really paying attention to my body’s signals. The other thing is eating between meals, especially sweets. I’ve found that allowing myself one small-moderate indulgence a day works well and makes me more mindful of what and when I’m eating it. Overall, I’ve found it not to be so difficult as it seamlessly falls back into place. The difficult part is paying attention, which I’ve been using the My Fitness Pal app to track what I’m eating, not so much to count calories, but to keep me aware throughout the day and less likely to give into urges.

Yesterday, I had to be hyperaware because I work 10 hours and need to make sure I’m fueling myself throughout the day, especially when training. To prepare, I dedicated some quality time on Monday to food prepping. Thankfully, Tuesdays are my new rest day so I can just focus on work, so I started the morning off with a typical breakfast of eggs, toast, and fruit. The meal was sustainable enough to carry me through until lunch where I packed food that was portable and quick: kefir with grapes and cinnamon, a peanut butter rollup, a hard-boiled egg, and hummus with carrots, pepper, and celery. My mid-afternoon snack was a handful of almonds and raisins for a quick trail mix. I also had a sugar cookie someone brought in for my sweet and all of that seemed to do the trick!

To get through the day, energy is important, which means you need to eat food! Don’t be afraid to eat and to include your favorites in there! I still eat pizza, burgers, and ice cream every so often and it’s all part of a healthy diet. I just make sure I’m listening to my body and providing it the other nutrients it craves at an appropriate amount! It’s also important to dedicate a half hour-hour 3-5 days a week to exercise! It doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to like it (every time), but you’ve got to move! The time you put into exercise, whatever it may be, belongs to you because it’s something wonderful you’re doing for yourself. Physically you will reap the benefits, but not enough can be said about the mental and emotional wellness exercise provides.

It’s all good, every little step you take, even if it’s backwards because you can get right back into it. Like I tell my clients, my three steps to successful weight loss 1. Drink more water 2. Lift weights 3. Stay positive!

To sum everything I’ve just written, I’ll leave you with this: be kind to your body.

Food Pics and Sweet Teeth Goodness

Poking my head in between work to share- I’ve got pictures of food! Starting with yesterday’s lunch of pulled pork made in the crockpot, a crab rangoon, mashed potatoes, zucchini, and spinach!


Next came last night’s dinner eaten between training sessions. It was a Greek yogurt and granola parfait mixed with lots of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries!


Moving on to this morning’s breakfast. It’s National Pancake Day and International Women’s Day, so you better believe I woke up celebrating!


I am actively in the process of now trying to lose weight, which pretty much means I’m paying a lot more attention to what I’m eating. I have a raging sweet tooth, which is nobody’s friend, so I’ve had to be conscious of everything I put into my mouth. I’ve also given up alcohol for a bit- starting yesterday- because that’s an easy sacrifice for me to make. I don’t drink a ton, but I’ve been going out more recently.

When it comes to sweets, I don’t like to deprive myself, so I’ve been trying to think of the best way to incorporate them into my healthy diet. On Sunday, I read an article on Buzzfeed about some long-term weight loss tips and one of them was to manage sweets as though they were another meal. This doesn’t mean to eat that many calories in a meal, but I like the idea of knowing I can have something every day, while being conscious of when and what that treat is.

For example, last night, I packed a few Hershey Miniatures into my dinner bag to enjoy at some point during work. As it turns out, I didn’t end up eating them because I didn’t feel like it- AN ODDITY, trust me!- but just knowing I could eat them, guilt free, was satisfying. For sure, the biggest thing for me is to stop picking at sweet things throughout the day, a bad habit I got into over the past few months. I don’t eat my breakfast, lunch, or dinner that way- unless I’m working and have to spread things out, but then I have it all planned out carefully- so I decided to make my treats that way too.

Overall, my eating habits are fairly healthy, so I know what I have to cut back on and change and I think this will set me up for success. Sugar is addictive and delicious, but it’s not the end all be all!

I May Or May Not Have Been Bitten By A Ghost

I have a weird looking mark on right below my naval and it hurts. My friend Erin told me it was ring worm and Katdog said it was a spider bite, but the only logical explanation is that the ghost in me and Stephanie’s room has bitten me. I am not too enthused about this for obvious reasons and now I’m afraid to go to sleep. It possesses Stephanie and bites me. I’m just glad it’s not possessing Stephanie in order to bite me because that would just be awkward.

We really need to get a night vision camera to film as we sleep because now I’m wondering if I too have ever been possessed but we don’t know it because Stephanie is a heavy sleeper. That would be really weird and unsettling.
Anyways, so long as it doesn’t use me as an incubus I’ll be fine. Only three weeks left in the dorm and I can escape its wrath. Although Christine says sometimes it follows you, but it hasn’t so far, so suck it!

The Red Sox really really really really really really really really really really really really suck.

You know what’s really annoying? You lose a lot of weight and you think your arms are going nowhere, but then you realize that the reason there looks like there has been no progress because the flab bearing down like wings is actually excess skin. It’s not fat. It’s skin. Just drooping down. I would actually have nice looking arms if the elasticity would tighten up. And I have been doing so much work on my arms, it’s just annoying. Thankfully I’m not a saggy baggy anywhere else and I will be able to work on this. However, commencement ball (TAKE NOTE CHRIS EVANS!!!!!) is coming up and it’s going to be a little disheartening when I buy my new dress. Just have to keep positive!

Did I mention the Red Sox suck? Because they do.

Something happened yesterday that made my life complete. It was the best moment that could ever happen to me…on Twitter…and that’s still a pretty big deal. I had tweeted Nomar Garciaparra, the love of my life and favorite Red Sox player of all time.

I said: @nomar5 is my favorite red sox player of all time. If you RT me I will cry with joy! 🙂

And then: He. Retweeted. It.

I had said it right before bed so when I logged on the next morning and saw what had went down I almost died. I was at work so my screams were more strangled than had I been in the room. On my birthday, Stephanie got Dule Hill from Psych to wish me a happy birthday and we ran around the room screaming for an hour afterwards. And then when one of us would mention it again, we would jump back up yelling and screaming. And this was NOMAR. I cried for three weeks when the Red Sox RIPPED HIM AWAY FROM ME. I’m still not really over it and anytime anyone mentions it I cry a little, but usually on the inside.

A few years ago when he was on the D-D-Dodgers (doesn’t sound right) he had this question and answer session and I asked a question and he answered. It was amazing. And now it’s happened again and it just makes me love him even more. Not to mention that when I was watching him on TV yesterday at the Fenway celebration, he looked even better than he did when he was playing. I mean, he really grew into his looks and it makes me sad that I can’t watch him play every day because damn that man is fine. It’s funny because after the ceremony, they didn’t play a game. Nope. Nothing like the Yankees hitting five home runs against them on their 100th Anniversary of their ballpark happened. Or like today how the Red Sox were winning 9-0 and are about to lose 15-9. Never happened.

Like WTF??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I miss my cat, Bandit. He probably does not miss me because the last time I was home he was taking over my bed and I had to sleep at the very edge because it would be just cruel to move an adorable, but slightly evil, cat. To be honest, I was afraid that he was going to claw me to death or eat me. There was a frightening moment when he walked over to me and I threw my covers over my head to protect my face but then I poked an eye out to see what he was doing and he just wanted to be petted and it was cute. And then he bit me, so I was kind of justified in my fear. He’s so cute though.

I mean, honestly:

But then there’s this:

I could say that the yellow glare is from the flash of the camera, but really we can’t be sure.

This is one of the demonic squirrels on campus eating peanut butter on an apple on a plate:

Impressive, but one time one of those assholes ran at me, hit my shoe in a taunting way, and ran away. It was on purpose. I’m sure of it.

I wish I went to Hogwarts. Or lived in a castle in Scotland.

And seriously, Chris Evans, commencement ball?

My Dog Yawns When He Feels Awkward

What an awesome way to introduce myself. It’s attention-grabbing and it’s a true story. When my dog- Mac- thinks we’re laughing at something he does or knows we’re talking about him, he doesn’t know how to react so he just yawns. This is a genius strategy because I often find myself in awkward predicaments where I don’t know what to say or do, so now I just yawn. Imagine me yawning right now.

One of my biggest pet peeves are people who talk a lot about what they want to do, but then they never do anything productive or proactive to get there. Of course, I’ve been hypocritical and guilty of doing just that in putting off starting this blog. As a writer in this time, it’s clear that I need to write a blog, so even if only one person ever reads this, then I guess I will have succeeded in some way…?

In less than two months, I’ll be graduating from college, a terrifying thing because I don’t have a job or a clue about what I want to do right after graduation. My ultimate goal is to move to LA and write for television, but as I am just finishing up school, I need to figure out a few things before I get there. One could argue that this is me being hypocritical again, but I’m not procrastinating so much as preparing. If we’re getting technical, that means I’m a logical, practical, and intelligent human being.

Truth be told, I would like to be a princess, but it seems I was born in the wrong era and the wrong country. That doesn’t mean that I can’t wear a tiara whenever I want though, despite people suggesting that I am too old for such a childish act. For instance, I like to be honored (especially for actual achievements) so for my graduation party, I want a tiara as a present. I don’t mean an expensive one, just not the fake plastic kind. And I will wear it at the party, not the actual graduation, and in future moments of excellence. People seem to find this idea ridiculous but I don’t understand any of their invalid arguments. If I want to wear a tiara, I can wear a tiara. End. Of. Story.

I also happen to be slightly overdramatic and start many stories with “Oh my God I almost just died…” when there was probably not a real threat of death. Usually this includes me falling over, tripping, or running across the street and having the cars stare at me in a threatening, ominous way. My anxiety makes me overanalyze a lot of things and my friends tend to make things worse (especially my roommate) by giving me shit for it, but it does usually turn out to be funny in the end. Laughing at the moment does not help though, assholes!

Television, movies, books, and baseball are my passions. I will write a lot about my favorite things, mainly a lot of TV shows, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and the Red Sox. Fair warning so now you can’t complain if I talk a lot about them in the future.

Also, I’ve recently lost 82 pounds (and counting). This is great and all and I really do feel better and blah blah, but no one warned me how awkward it is trying to get accustomed to a new body. Like really, I look in the mirror and some days I’m like “damn, I’m good” and other days I feel like nothing has changed at all. I know this is a psychological issue everyone faces every single day, but I guess I’ve always been under the presumption that if you weren’t overweight then you didn’t face these issues. Very ignorant of me, yes I admit to it now. But I also used to believe, albeit never seriously, that I’d wake up one morning in tip-top shape, meet my prince charming, and be really really famous without ever having to do anything. Denial is one hell of a sucker punch. Having done it now, I think that my pet peeve is relevant and acceptable for me to take on as my pet peeve!

Hard work really does pay off though, so I’d like to share some tidbits of my ongoing challenge as we progress. Nothing fancy here, I’ll warn you. Just a lot of working hard, eating right, but being very balanced about it all. For one thing, I love chocolate and if someone ever tries to take it away from me, I am likely to bite their hand off. And another, I don’t believe in depriving oneself. If you want something, have it, but do it in moderation. It works! I promise!

I mentioned my dog, but I also have a really cute cat named Bandit who is kind of like my pride and joy, but he only tolerates my existence. My parents are completely normal and so are my two siblings. I can only blame my “un-normalness” on the fact that I am the middle child and am constantly demanding attention. When I told her I wanted to start a blog, my older sister told me that it was an excellent idea because I have a very funny way of looking at the world. Earlier, I accepted this as a compliment, but looking back as I type this out I’m wondering if she didn’t mean funny as in kind of humorous but also strange. I’m choosing not to be insulted.

For now, I think this is good enough. Everything on here will be a random assortment of my ramblings and confessions, but I find them funny so maybe you will too.

Welcome to these glimpses of my life!