Resourceful Girl!

Here at Casa Caitlin, I’ve been learning to do all sorts of new things, such as putting furniture together! My desk proved to be a lot more challenging than my desk, but thankfully, I thoroughly followed directions and was able to get the job done. In case of collapse, you will never know (except of course I’ll tell you because that’s just my way!)

It’s pretty cool to take a pile of objects:


And turned it into this:


Or these very confusing multiple parts (nowhere near as many were in the package):


Into one cohesive thing:


One might not find this impressive, but for me, it is!

There were two slight issues with the desk. One, I ended up putting two pieces together backwards so I had to fix that! Two, It’s nice to have a seat and a ledge other than my bed and/or couch!

Speaking of my bed, I’m finally ready to reveal my bedroom!

First, from the entrance way, you spot a few posters hanging on the wall.


Next, we’ll pan over to two more posters and spot my bed by the window.


Let’s glance once more at that beautiful chair and desk combination nicely arranged.


And finally, take a glimpse into my closet.

I’m really fortunate to have a ton of storage space because I don’t like clutter!


Now onto food!

Check out this fabulous breakfast I prepared of scrambled eggs with a dose of cheese, toast, and a beautiful arrangement of fruit.


Lunch included a massive salad of mixed greens, veggies, and feta, as well as grilled chicken and brown rice.


Mid-day, I worked out the lower body, back, biceps, and core, which are all feeling a tad bit sore today. No cardio because I ran out of time.

At the library while I worked, I munched on some almonds and raisins to hold me over until dinner so that I could make the most of my time.

For dinner, I dined on grilled cod, brown rice, and spinach. I’m quite pleased with how the fish turned out because I wasn’t following any sort of instruction. I just sautéed the filet with some butter and salt and it didn’t need any saucy accompaniment.


This morning, I woke to a breakfast of waffles and this tasty medley of fruit. I did take the extra time to arrange it, but only because it offered better picture quality, and actually, the banana framed itself that way so I just went for it.


Another gigantic salad was my lunch. I tried to include all of the colors of the rainbow: green, yellow, orange, and red topped with feta, walnuts, and eventually grilled chicken.


Not much more to report on at the moment, but hopefully the weekend will provide plenty to recap on Monday. Happy Weekend, friends!

One Day More!

I’ve got that Les Miserables song rocketing through my mind right now.

One day out now and my tummy is bubbling in perpetual nerves! It’s all about the last minute touches to packing now, and moving cross-country, ya gotta be concise. I’m not a good packer, I always want to bring everything. Luckily, half my wardrobe is staying behind as I will not be suffering through the usual New England winter, probably.

Although check this nonsense out!


I checked out the Los Angeles forecast and noticed it was slightly chillier there than it was here in good old Boston. What the what? Although, I’m just happy for relief from the humidity.

It was gorgeous out yesterday, the sun and a slight breeze lending to some perfect September weather. I took full advantage- and had to improvise my workout without a car- and got running outside.

New sneakers, new outlook on life, as far as I’m concerned. It’s amazing the difference you don’t even notice until you’re not running in threadbare shoes.


My last trek around the neighborhood, for now, was a great one. Strong pace, strong legs, controlled breathing, and just soaking in all the love and familiarity. New things are scary, friends, exciting, but it’s safe to think of all my emotions in capital letters right now.


After my run, it was time for my last work day at my beloved Y. I started out as a member for years, I’m talking pre-weight loss days, and I can’t think of another place I’ve frequented more often (other than my home) in the last four years. A gym, the right kind, becomes a safe place. I can’t imagine working out anywhere else, except now, I’ll have to do just that. Sadness, but also, it provided me a place to build my inner and outer strength, gifted me an opportunity to pursue a dream and build my Personal Training practice, and thanks to that, and the people who work there, I feel ready to conquer this next adventure.

I’m heading there shortly for a final workout and I’ll probably cry, but I have no regrets!

After work, I enjoyed dinner with my friend Molly at our favorite place, finishing the night off with some ice cream!

The next time we check in, I’ll be in sunny California. Things are happening, people!

Two Days!

Pretty soon, I’ll be off on my adventure and I hope to share with you all as I go through it. I’m now two days out from my big adventure and there’s a million different feelings and thoughts circling my head. Change is big and scary and necessary, and not in the least easy. These past few months have been a whirlwind of preparations intermingled with the usual workdays and summer happenings. Especially in these past few days, I’ve spent a lot of time with family and friends, not exactly saying ‘goodbye’, but more ‘see you at Christmas,’ but it’s still weird.

Many people have asked me if this move is “it,” meaning I’m not coming back. I understand the sentiment, but I don’t think there’s ever a way of knowing if anything is  “it.” What I’m telling people is that I’m going on an adventure. It’s as temporary as it is permanent, which sums up everything we do in life. I’m going for a multitude of reasons, number one being that I want to write for TV. I will never feel settled in anything that I do professionally until I give this a shot. It’s my dream.

As my mom said, when I mentioned it was hard that my dreams were taking me far away: “That’s the point of dreams, you have to chase them.” People may think I have a glamorous view of moving to Hollywood and pursuing my dreams. They’re not wrong because it’s hard not to envision this complete change of life, with a lot of fear, but much more hope, thinking that things might just fall into place, but I also have no delusions that this journey will be easy. That’s what makes up a journey, struggles and triumphs. The whole “blood, sweat, and tears” trope is very real. I don’t know if I will succeed as a writer in a place where there are thousands of people doing the same exact thing, but I have to believe in myself and my talent, and give it my all. At the very worst, I will have tried, learned invaluable lessons, and lived.

I’m entirely fortunate to have the very best family and friends to support me through it.