Fajita bowl

I’ll be honest, this isn’t the most original recipe I’ve ever created, but it’s healthy and easy and tasty. What more could you want?

I started by seasoning the chicken with cumin and chili powder, then put brown rice on to boil.

Once the chicken was cooked, I tossed on some spinach, red pepper, black beans, and corn.

For extra flavoring, I mixed everything together with marinara.


quick dinner

Life is busy. You’re hungry. You need something quick, nutritious, and tasty.

Boil some water and drop in the pasta.


Season the chicken and throw it on a sizzling pan.


Steam the broccoli.




friday food vibes…what else can get you thru to the weekend?!

Another Friday, another week of food pictures.

You’re welcome.

Breakfast scramble with sausage, blueberries, and buttered toast.


A fancy lunch of poached eggs- I got mad skills with my poaching game (thanks, mom) and a side salad.


Fish tacos made with cod, black beans, corn, zucchini, and lettuce. Chips on the side ‘cus of course!


Pancakes! Made with whole wheat flour and sweetened with banana.


Tacos with black beans, corn, red pepper, and spinach on the side (keeps it from getting soggy when inside).


This dish is called “I need to go grocery shopping.” Pasta, lentils, and broccoli.


Steak, broccoli, and rice.


Hearty bowl of oats- peanut butter, jelly, strawberries, and blueberries.

Post-workout lunch came together quick in the form of an egg and cheese sandwich and side salad.


Perfectly seared salmon, zucchini, and rice.

Scrambled eggs, toast, and berries.

Pasta with broccoli and grilled chicken.


food in colors

All the pancakes!


Yogurt with frozen grapes and walnuts.


Standard breakfast around here.

The beginnings of what would be a quesadilla fail- but still tasty.


 Chicken stir fry with a teriyaki glaze.

Homemade waffles.

Warm bowl of oats.

My first ramen- from a restaurant.

steak and cheese roll-ups

So, Miss Genius over here thought she could be versatile with cooking without certain required instruments, but sometimes it’s important to learn lessons.

I got the idea in my head to make steak and cheese roll-ups, even though I didn’t have any toothpicks.

Assembly actually wasn’t too difficult. I took a cut of steak and sliced it into four pieces, then rolled them up with shredded cheese. Fun fact, raw meet sticks quite well to itself.

It looked so pretty in the pan and I congratulated myself on a job well done.


And that is, of course, where it went wrong.

Once the pan heated up, the steak started to cook, and…unravel.


The end result wasn’t exactly what I wanted, and it definitely wasn’t pretty, but it was tasty and for just me, that’s all that matters.

You have to take the food fails along with the food yays, otherwise, what’s the point in trying?

southwest stuffed zucchini boats

Zucchini is a versatile veggie for sure! I’ve been thinking of this recipe for awhile now and I finally executed it last week. Zucchini boats!

Slice the zucchini(s) in half!


Scoop out the innards.


Set aside and start prepping the stuffed portion of stuffed zucchini. My choice of ingredients were black beans, corn, and sausage, as well as the scooped out zucchini!


With marinara sauce.


Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees, spray the pan, line with a layer of marinara, and plop down the zucchini shells (another appearance by my loaf pan!).


Stuff those bad boys!


Oh, whoops! Too much stuffing for two zucchini halves! That’s okay, it will still taste delicious. Bake for a 25 minutes, take out of the oven and sprinkle on the cheese! Bake for another 5 minutes.


Let it cool! Put aside one stuffed zucchini (and a hearty portion of just the stuffing) for the next day’s lunch and serve with choice of sides.



baked cod

I don’t know what it is about the summer that made me want to turn on my oven, but I’ve had a few recipes lately that I’ve been digging.

I keep a lot of cod and salmon in my freezer as I try to eat fish and chicken for a lot of dinners. Cod is great with butter, salt, and pepper, but I was feeling fancy on Tuesday night and went for it.

Since I’m on my own, I make a lot of single-serving recipes, or double batches and save for later, but this is something you could easily quadruple if needed. It’s amazing what a little prep work can do to make a meal special.

At my mom’s suggestion, I pre-heated the oven at 375 and started prepping. Salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, and butter.


Ritz cracker crumble.


Baked for 20 minutes.


A thing of beauty.

Served with a baked potato and lots of spinach.