Dance Party In The Kitchen

My mom and I are currently having a dance party in the kitchen, which makes it difficult to type and to cook, but we persevere. We have to practice our dance moves for the wedding. I think we scared my sister and Nick when they walked through the door. With our greatness of course.

Speaking of perseverance, this morning while I was on the treadmill, I had to push myself through it a few times. I try to mix up my runs to incorporate different speeds and variations, especially to keep things from getting boring on the treadmill. Last week, I decided to try mixing strength and cardio up.

For my workout, I started by doing two sets of ten reps of a dumbbell strength routine before running for a 1.05 mile run. Next, I hopped off for two sets of eight reps at higher weight and a 1.10 mile run. I finished up with two sets of six reps at my highest weight and another 1.10 mile run at a faster pace. By the end, I was sweaty and sore but feeling proud that I talked myself through it. To cool down, I did a few planks before heading out to start my day.

On my way home from the gym, I actually saw a few signs for a movie filming near my house. Y’know, only the one that features Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. No biggie if I run into either of them, right? Yeah, you bet I’m on the lookout.

For my snack before the gym, I had a peanut butter roll-up with banana and raspberries. My follow-up official breakfast included two eggs I scrambled in the pan with a dash of butter, toast, and fruit. So delicious!

photo 1

Lunch was also a delicious assortment of flavors with leftover chicken potpie, mashed potato, and a salad for an extra kick of veggies. It helps to get through the day when you have a good lunch in which to look forward. Maybe that’s just me…but I doubt it.

photo 2

For dinner, many veggies were chopped up and prepared to accompany some tasty steak and brown rice. I of course dipped my tips in a little barbecue sauce for a kick of flavor.


I can’t wait for the weekend to just sleep in and make my pancakes!

Mockingjay: What Goes Into A Revolution

I’ve talked a little bit about Mockingjay my past two posts, but I thought I would detail more about it for this week’s Rave Review Tuesday.


To be honest, I didn’t remember much about the book going into it because it was not my favorite and I was bored through a lot of it. It is rare that I will ever claim to have liked a movie better than a book, and to be fair, I won’t make the official claim because I would need a refresher on the book, but I enjoyed it a lot in this format.

The acting in this film is what set it apart. Jennifer Lawrence is a no brainer in every movie I’ve seen her in and she seems to have gained a full grasp on Katniss. It will be interesting to see how she does in the final film as it finishes its run. One thing I will say is that I didn’t care for how Suzanne Collins portrayed Katniss in this book.

I was talking to my cousin Mikey as we were leaving the theater and we agreed that there’s more of a lovesick angle going on with her, rather than the struggles she undertakes as the brave, reluctant heroine she begins as. To make it more effective, I would liked to see her accept her role in the revolution without it being all about the boys and her mixed feelings on them. That’s not to say that there shouldn’t be elements of love involved because it’s so natural to human nature. One series that incorporated both love and war extremely well was, of course, my beloved Harry Potter. I rooted for relationships and enjoyed seeing them be fostered and mature, but the characters made full progressions with and without who they were with in the end.

The other standouts for me were Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Elizabeth Banks. I feel like I missed a few of their lines because people were laughing so hard every time they talked. Woody Harrelson and Julianne Moore were also excellent, but underused thus far. I believe they play a larger role in the next installment, though I don’t quite remember. As for Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson- I’m more of a Gale girl myself- they also did a nice job, even though Josh wasn’t who I envisioned for Peeta.

Without comparing it to the book, because I don’t think I could make a fair assessment, I will say that the action scenes played out very well. There was a heavy element of suspense that built throughout. This was due in part to how emotional the characters and the events progressed to a point of desperation. I can’t say more though because I try to remain relatively unspoilerish. The purpose of here first part of the story is to establish the set of circumstances that lead people towards revolution and end at the climax just before it begins. I say this as general as possible and I think they do an excellent job of this.

As we go forward, I am paying more attention to the posts that get the most hits or likes, not because I’m focused solely on that, but I’m trying to gain a better theme for my blog. I’m not certain my reviews are effective enough to be worthwhile sharing, but I’m not sold on quitting just yet. I know that my reviews on books are better than other mediums and I think that has a lot to do with my experiences analyzing literature.

Perhaps I should focus on formulating a thesis of sorts before just writing and reflecting as I go instead of giving it up. Please let me know your thoughts!