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My typical Monday post is a recap of the weekend, but I don’t often post anything regarding the rest of the week except for food and exercise. Now that I’m back to personal training, my day is more chaotic, in a good way.

On Monday, I had one client, so I had a leisurely breakfast in the morning of my favorite pancakes before heading to the gym to train. After, I fit in my own workout. By the time I got back home, it was time for a lunch of leftovers. I’m still getting used to my sporadic routine and I have a hard time enjoying leisure time for myself when it’s in the middle of the day, but I did watch an episode of The West Wing and do some reading, while also spending ample time with Simba, who wanted my full attention.


Then it was back to the gym to work a shift at the front desk. By the time I got home, I was ready for dinner and bed.

Tuesday was a different day than normal as I had to drive into the city for a training opportunity. We finished after lunch time, so I fit in a quick workout of all the exercises that required equipment before driving home to check in on the kitten, finish up some body weight training, then head out on a run. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading and writing then had a client after dinner. Pretty much by the time I got home, I was ready for bed because Wednesdays are one of my 5am call times!

The hardest part of waking up early for me are the few moments after the alarm went off and now not wanting to leave a cuddly kitten behind, particularly when he’s meowing at me because he wants to be patted.


Duty calls though, so I grabbed all my stuff I had organized the night before and got to work. After finishing up with my clients, I fit in my own workout of strength training and a session on the elliptical before heading home for lunch! Leftovers are my favorite lunch because it requires minimal preparation, especially when you’re already hungry! I typed up this post, among other little chores around the house, then headed back to work to train.

It can feel hectic sometimes, but I’m happy to be back and doing what I think I was meant to do! Am I sorry most of my pictures lately are of my kitten? No, I am not.

We’re more than halfway through the week!

long weekend aesthetic

It’s Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday, but it will be Friday sooner, so…

This weekend was a relaxing one, thanks in large part to the rainy, dreary weather. No, I’m not back on the east coast. The west coast is enduring its “usual” winter according to locals. It’s not cold, but the amount of rain we’ve gotten since I arrived in September is unreal.

Speaking of my arrival, we’re officially past the five months part of being out here. Things are solid, albeit still on the lonely side, but I think being a little lonely for a bit is an important part of life. I’m developing more independence and growing ever more comfortable with being just with me. Although, it’s not like I don’t have any friends and family out here, don’t fret.

I’d like to start this post off reminding you of my humanity, as last week I was in a meal prepping frenzy and allowed my lentil soup to simmer for a few minutes too long. In theory, this lentil ball would have made an excellent meatball substitute, but I brought it to work one day and was promptly judged, so I dumped it. It don’t look right! (Yes, I’m unaware of the incorrect grammar of that sentence).


Not everything can look as perfect as the pancakes I forgot to snap a picture of before devouring yesterday morning.

Going back to the weekend, on Friday, all I wanted to do was sit on my couch and binge watch 30 Rock (remember, for research purposes), but nature had other plans and took away my power. Since it was still raining and all sorts of cozy, I hopped into bed early (I got home late from work to have drinks with friends) and promptly fell asleep. I did hear the heat kick in and sense the outside lights flicker on in a dreamy, sleepy haze during the night, so the power wasn’t lost for long.

On Saturday, I took my time in the morning with a pancake breakfast and a kick-butt workout. After, I went out for pizza and ice cream with a friend, which is the kind of night that cannot be beat.

In the rain, you can always find the rainbow.


I always think of my Grandma when I see a rainbow because we chased them in Ireland on our trip a few years ago. Hi, Grandma!

The forecast earlier in the week called for a bright and sunny day on Sunday, but it was overcast and windy. It made for excellent running weather and I felt stronger than I have in a lo-ong time. I love running outside. I do not love running on the treadmill. Thankfully the sun is staying out longer and longer and soon I’ll be able to run outside after work too. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be running my first 5k this weekend.

After my run, I headed downtown with my friend Brad, where we first discovered LA’s Grand Central Market. I opted for a chicken parm sandwich and saved the second half for a later meal. The journey was really so I could introduce Brad to the wonder that is the Last Bookstore. We had some fun and snapped some completely non-staged pictures…


Okay, so maybe a little staged. But doesn’t it look magical? We enjoyed hiding in this nook full of encyclopedias and discussing the tragedy that is The Cursed Child. JK Rowling is still the queen, don’t you fret.


We had actually planned to go to the beach, but my weather app was wrong, and this was a far more appropriate plan.

Back at home, I grocery shopped. I ask you, when is Trader Joes not crowded? It’s certainly not the case on a later Sunday evening. I also meal prepped, salads and store-bought soup (don’t judge me!) for this shortened week. The rest of the evening was relaxing and yet again rainy.

I didn’t sleep in quite as long on Monday because I was afraid it would affect my sleep cycle, but I certainly slept longer than I usually would on a weeknight. More pancakes and 30 Rock watching ensued before I headed out to a local coffee shop to write with Brad.


Dirty = espresso in my chai latte. Quote on my journal from Meryl Streep quoting Carrie Fisher in her speech against the current president. I was actually quite productive in my writing, which followed into my workout, and again with my laundry. I might have been let a little too loose in Target as I came home with a basket full of food related items and bath related items. After preparing for the week ahead, I sat down to write this blog post and do some more writing.

I’m trying to be more consistent. Happy Tuesday vibes!

foodie food

Well, we’re already at Thursday, which seems strange. For whatever reason, I feel out of sorts being back in LA. Not in a bad way, it’s just strange and funny how quickly you can adjust to being home.

Breakfast was an egg and egg-white omelet with cheese, toast, and blueberries.


I snacked on a Greek yogurt with raspberries, walnuts, and a sprinkling of honey.


More of the same for lunch: ravioli, chicken sausage, assortment of veggies.


I had a cookie for my afternoon snack, but it was an excellent life choice and also happened to fuel me through my workout.

Speaking of workouts, it was chest and back day, which was completed with core and a quick burst of cardio. This week, I’ve been focused on 3 sets of 12 at medium weight. The revolutioners have arrived, which means my small gym is very crowded, but not too bad. Everyone should get moving!

Back home, I wanted to try salmon a different way: in foil. Ready to go with soyaki.


The finished product is not pretty, but it was yummy. Salmon, slightly undercooked quinoa- sue me, I tried to cook it in the microwave because cooking one serving of quinoa is HARD- and a side of brussels sprouts. While the salmon was cooking, I munched on a hunk of a salad.


As I type this, I’m also watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, about a young woman who moves to West Covina, CA, and I’m just now realizing that it mirrors my life in some way. For the record, I moved to LA to write, not to stalk an ex-boyfriend, I PROMISE, but she gets a new job, tries to make new friends, and struggles. Real, too real.

Crush your Thursday!

#ThrowBackThursday to that time I met Sarah Michelle Gellar.


Oh, sorry, too soon to be a throwback?

Wednesday morning started precariously with me waking up only seconds before my alarm, which is cruel when you think you can go back to sleep. Traffic was bad and I fell and hit my knee pretty hard, but once I was at work and sipping on some coffee, I decided I wasn’t going to let those beginnings define my day. Power of positive thinking works and I had a standard, stellar Wednesday!

My meals are probably feeling a little boring to you, but I’ll share them anyway.

Breakfast featured another bowl of oats with the fixings (walnuts, raisins, banana) with a scoop of peanut butter to make things creamier.


Lunch was more of the same with quinoa and beans, brussels sprouts, and spinach with soyaki. My post-workout dinner was grilled chicken and pasta with a whopping salad that hit the spot.


Said workout was strength training (back, biceps, and core) with a dosage of cardio on the spin bike. Nothing particularly interesting occurred, but I’ll take that any day!

Rock on, Thursday!

Post-Celebrity Meeting Life

In all the excitement of yesterday, I didn’t even touch upon the sadness that is David Ortiz retiring. In Boston, we’ve been lucky to have some stellar sport stars over the years, including Tom Brady and my personal favorite Nomar Garciaparra (who okay, maybe, is not quite up to their level but he COULD HAVE BEEN). Nobody quite is as beloved as Big Papi, in part thanks to his help in breaking an 86 year curse; for being clutch, lovable, and fun; and for his words after the Boston Bombing in 2013 when he reminded us that it was our f****** city and no one else could take it from us.

Though I’m sad to see him go and can’t even imagine what a Red Sox team looks like without him as DH, I’m happy to see him leave on top, still hitting like he’s in the prime of his career, and giving us his all.

Thankfully, we’ve still got a post-season in which to look forward, hopefully very far into it, like say, another World Series ring for the big man.

Image found on Google. I’ve never been close enough to snap this.

Monday didn’t provide as much excitement as Sunday, but it was still a solid day. I decided for now to not wake up super early, but instead exercise after work. Thankfully I’m constantly on my feet on the job, so I already had 11,000 steps when I walked into the gym. My workout consisted of triceps, chest, and core with some quality time on the spin bike.

Breakfast was simple. Peanut butter, jelly, toast, fruit. Do you like my banana/strawberry design? It was inspired. I had to cut a chunk off the banana thanks to decay.


For lunches this week, I made another large vat of quinoa and beans, this time of the red bean variety. I added some Brussels sprouts and spinach with soyaki. Not only does it taste great at lunch, but it’s so easy to assemble at night.


After my workout, I was ready for dinner. I put together a large salad with grilled chicken tacos. So good! I had a couple of chips with hummus as well.


As I ate, I caught up on the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers. To end my night, I wrote some more (something that I’ve been consistent with!), read for a bit, and fell into happy sleep.

Resourceful Girl!

Here at Casa Caitlin, I’ve been learning to do all sorts of new things, such as putting furniture together! My desk proved to be a lot more challenging than my desk, but thankfully, I thoroughly followed directions and was able to get the job done. In case of collapse, you will never know (except of course I’ll tell you because that’s just my way!)

It’s pretty cool to take a pile of objects:


And turned it into this:


Or these very confusing multiple parts (nowhere near as many were in the package):


Into one cohesive thing:


One might not find this impressive, but for me, it is!

There were two slight issues with the desk. One, I ended up putting two pieces together backwards so I had to fix that! Two, It’s nice to have a seat and a ledge other than my bed and/or couch!

Speaking of my bed, I’m finally ready to reveal my bedroom!

First, from the entrance way, you spot a few posters hanging on the wall.


Next, we’ll pan over to two more posters and spot my bed by the window.


Let’s glance once more at that beautiful chair and desk combination nicely arranged.


And finally, take a glimpse into my closet.

I’m really fortunate to have a ton of storage space because I don’t like clutter!


Now onto food!

Check out this fabulous breakfast I prepared of scrambled eggs with a dose of cheese, toast, and a beautiful arrangement of fruit.


Lunch included a massive salad of mixed greens, veggies, and feta, as well as grilled chicken and brown rice.


Mid-day, I worked out the lower body, back, biceps, and core, which are all feeling a tad bit sore today. No cardio because I ran out of time.

At the library while I worked, I munched on some almonds and raisins to hold me over until dinner so that I could make the most of my time.

For dinner, I dined on grilled cod, brown rice, and spinach. I’m quite pleased with how the fish turned out because I wasn’t following any sort of instruction. I just sautéed the filet with some butter and salt and it didn’t need any saucy accompaniment.


This morning, I woke to a breakfast of waffles and this tasty medley of fruit. I did take the extra time to arrange it, but only because it offered better picture quality, and actually, the banana framed itself that way so I just went for it.


Another gigantic salad was my lunch. I tried to include all of the colors of the rainbow: green, yellow, orange, and red topped with feta, walnuts, and eventually grilled chicken.


Not much more to report on at the moment, but hopefully the weekend will provide plenty to recap on Monday. Happy Weekend, friends!

Weekend Recap

What a whirlwind weekend it’s been! I feel like it’s been 100 days, not just 2, but then again, it flew by all the same. On Friday, I started my morning in the best way- breakfast with mom!- before wishing her well on her way to her conference. For a few hours, I got some work done before heading downstairs to the finally opened hotel gym. The treadmill couldn’t even tell me distance, time, or calories, but thankfully, that’s what my fitness watch is for so I at least had the time running.


After showering and checking out of the hotel, I officially moved into my apartment and spent some time meandering around my new city, checking out nearby stores and organizing my room to see what I’ll need. There’s still some things I need to get together before I’m ready for the big reveal, but it should be soon!

I picked my mom up at the metro station in downtown before heading out for a shopping spree to get the necessities. Moving across country limits what you can bring, so I needed quite a few items. Thank goodness for moms who know what they’re doing. Or maybe it’s just my mom who manages to be spectacular.

We ended up making about three trips to Target in one night, and again the next morning, and by the time we got home, it was way past dinner time. Rather than hit up questionable looking fast food, we headed back to my place where I made my first meal! Fitting that it should be breakfast food, as that is my specialty!


Sleep was definitely much needed!

Saturday started with an amazing breakfast at a local spot. We sat outside and enjoyed the morning before making another trip to Target. My mom has never been to California before, so I took her to a few hotspots the rest of the morning, including down Rodeo Drive, to the Farmer’s Market. and The Grove. We got back just in time for my superstar cousin, Meghan, to come drop off a couch she no longer needed. Seriously clutch and the couch fits in perfectly (after it took us a bit to assemble it). I’ll say it again and again, thank God for moms!

IMG_5679 2.JPG

Once settled, my mom and I were ready to head back to Santa Monica. Traffic and parking were a lot harder on a beautiful Saturday night than a Wednesday afternoon, but we managed to pull something together and started our evening with margaritas. We met my cousins Meghan and Sebastian for a walk on the beach and dinner and it was great to catch up!

IMG_5682 2.JPG

The drive home was thankfully quick and pleasant because my mom and I were definitely ready for bed.

Sunday wasn’t as pleasant as it was my mom’s last day. We opened with Bed Bath and Beyond for one last shopping trip before heading to the best donuts in the town and they did not disappoint. Seriously, incredible. Stuffed, we headed back to spend some quality time (and lots of tears).

I can’t really talk about how much I miss my mom and the rest of my family, but it’s definitely the hardest part of all of this and makes me question why I’m even trying it. I know that it’s a good move, regardless of how long I stay out here, but it sure doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy inside right now. I am immensely lucky to have the family I do.

The good news is, I successfully navigated my way to and from the airport, which is a big accomplishment in my book. Granted, it was a Sunday and there was way less traffic than usual, but we’re focusing on small steps!

After a killer workout at a local gym that included triceps, chest, shoulder, core, and cycling, it was time for some last-minute grocery shopping items.


When I got home, I wasn’t super hungry, so I cut up some grilled chicken to put over tostitos and cheese for homemade nachos. Dinner came a bit later with these awesome tacos: corn tortillas, bbq sauce, grilled chicken, chopped red pepper, tomato, carrots, and cheese. Yum!

IMG_5685 2.JPG

The rest of the night was spent writing in a frenzy, which is good because that’s why I moved out here. Bedtime calls- many emotions, changes, and events have happened, and you better believe this girl is tired!