TV: Cheers…am I missing home?

Books: Emma by Jane Austen. I’m making my way through her works. I love making the Clueless comparisons. A re-watch is a must after!

Music: old playlists entitled RUN CAITLIN- a weird assortment of pop music, Eminem, and musicals- and back to Hamilton

Food: nothing all that different than usual

Exercise: total body compound strength training, lots of running

Hobbies: the usual reading, writing, procrastinating

Things I’m Looking Forward To: Stephanie visiting this weekend!! and of course, still Disney

Weekend Things

Happy Monday, friends! Thanks to the dreary weather, this weekend was a relaxing one.

After work on Friday, I went out to dinner with a few friends from work, but I called it an early night on my end since I had to be up early for work the next morning. On Saturday, my mom and I went to Target where I picked up a few favorite food items, protein bars, waffle mix, and chocolate peanut butter! I also got a new water bottle that I’m obsessed with. It’s glass and it’s pink, and I really do taste a difference. *That might be because my old water had mold in it.


After shopping, I hunkered down to finish How I Met Your Mother. I know some people hated the series finale, but I didn’t think it was that bad. It’s hard to end a long-running, popular TV show.

Once I realized I had no more episodes to watch, my legs were in dire need of a stretch, so I headed out for an excellent run. The weather might have been cold and slightly rainy, but it was perfect for running. I fit in 3.6 miles before heading home and walking the rest of the .4 and doing some Yoga.

That night, I went with my friend Molly to see Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, mostly on my end because of Zac Efron and on her end because it was the only movie out that she hadn’t seen yet. We bought tickets and then grabbed dinner before the show. I laughed out loud a handful of times, but otherwise I would describe it as, eh. We ended the night by stopping for some ice cream at our favorite place. Coconut Oreo is bliss.

On Sunday, I woke up on the later end of the morning and was treated to a breakfast made by my mom. Since it was still meh outside, we decided to go to the movies to see Life of Pets, which was adorable. Once we got home, I pretty much listened to Hamilton, did some chores, wrote, and researched a bit for the rest of the day. It was a semi-early night for me, even though I slept late and didn’t do much of anything. Such is life sometimes.

Today it’s back to the grind.

Red, White, and Blue

We’re almost at the weekend! I’ve been celebrating Independence all week by listening incessantly to Hamilton and organizing my fruit consumption into red, white, and blue!


Haven’t had these pancakes in a long time! (I was out of raspberries and strawberries!)


Yesterday, I had a hankering for pizza, so I made my own! English muffin, tomato sauce, cheese, and leftover BBQ chicken! So good! A side of spinach provided me an extra nutritional boost.


Got a little sweaty and red-faced with a run and home workout.


Nothing beats a good quality sweat (particularly when earned).

Enjoy the weekend, beautiful weather and all!

My Left Side Is Rebelling Against Me

I just came back from my first massage in a year (almost to the day) and it made me realize how much has changed. It’s funny what triggers those thoughts! Last year, I got a massage with my mom and sister right before my sister’s wedding. I happened to be at a job that was stressful and that I didn’t love and I had to ask the massage therapist to stop touching my neck because it hurt too much from where I carried my stress.

A year later and I’m in a position I love, I know exactly the muscles that are being affected by the massage, and the tension in my body isn’t from stress, so much as physical labor. As I suspected from recent weeks, my left side has been taking a beating, from my foot to my upper trapezius muscles. No idea why the tension is primarily on one side over the other, especially considering that I’m right-handed, but it happens!

Note to self, get massages more regularly.

This is the face of a happy beach-goer.


The only decent selfie that was snapped of the four of us celebrating Katie’s birthday!


My breakfast is already anticipating the July 4th holiday, thanks to the delicious fruit!


In other news, I’ve been grinding at the gym with total body workouts, including a day of intense HIIT and plyometric strength training so as to rev up the metabolism and burn fat. I also upped my running to three times a week, altering mileage, speed, and incline to mix things up (especially if it’s raining and I’m stuck on the treadmill). I’m still going easy on the lower back exercises- deadlifts, rows, and bridges in particular- but my back isn’t quite as sore as before. In exciting personal gains, I’m getting so much better at the hanging leg raises, and my body is no longer swaying, but is stabilized by a stronger core. Practice does make better!

According to the body fat calculator at work, I’m down 3% since the last time I weighed in, around a month ago. I don’t know how accurate body fat calculators are, but it has showed similar numbers in the past, so I’ll take it!

Like most of the world, I am also obsessed with Hamilton and I’ve been listening to the Original Broadway Cast Recording on repeat all day, every day.

I’ve had to tear myself away from this new book I’m reading thanks to my mom’s recommendation. It’s called Two Truths and a Lie by Katrina Kittle and it’s fascinating. I sat down in my backyard Monday afternoon expecting to get through a chapter or two and ended up reading for the next three hours. Whoops.

It is summer, so it’s almost time for my annual Harry Potter reread! Someone didn’t believe me that there was a July 31st and the only reason I knew for a definitive fact that yes, 100% there was indeed a July 31st was because it’s Harry Potter and JK Rowling’s birthday. Let’s not eliminate such a blessed day!

Writing time! Happy Wednesday, folks!