a hairy weekend (not really)

Over the weekend, Give Me My Crown Already celebrated its five year anniversary!


We’ve had our ups and downs in the blogging world, but it’s been a wonderful experience to be able to reflect and see how things have changed. Also, I’m getting older as this year will soon mark five years since graduating from college.

This weekend was a good mix of relaxation and activity, my favorite kind. On Friday, I was consumed by listening to the podcast, Missing Richard Simmons, on the way home from work and kept on listening when I got home. For the record, I’m not sure how I feel about the podcast itself, its intentions seem questionable at best, but it has been interesting learning more about Richard Simmons. I’m sad that it’s over now.

Also on Friday night, I tried to find the latest copy of Entertainment Weekly ‘cus of BUFFY, but so far, I’ve had no luck. I tried two grocery stores, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, and Barnes and Noble (some of these stores were visited on Saturday). Some stores didn’t sell EW at all and others still had last week’s (or month’s) issue. I still don’t have a copy! I live in LOS ANGELES. Send help! (Okay, I ordered a copy with the specialty cover I wanted to my home back in Boston ‘cus it would arrive safest there but I want one now too!).

The rest of Friday was spent enjoying soup and watching Moana, which was beautiful!

I slept in a bit and relaxed on Saturday before heading out for a workout. Once I got my sweat on, I ate lunch, then headed back out to run some errands and get my hair trimmed.

I’m trying to grow my hair longer, which meant I only needed the dead ends cut, so I took a risk (and was cheap) and went to Supercuts. It’s not terrible…though this picture is not great.


I also took the liberty of dyeing my hair, ‘cus those roots, man.

The rest of Saturday was spent hanging with friends, drinking wine, and eating pizza. Can’t beat that.

On Sunday, it was time for an adventure with my friend. We headed to the desert to check out the Super Bloom in Antelope Valley.

First impression: it’s windy.


Second: it’s pretty!


Third: California really does have beautiful weather.


I’m loving exploring the area and absorbing all I can. I’m already looking forward to my next adventures!

After a stop for a quick dinner, I headed home to get ready for the week ahead and relax. I talked to my mom, folded laundry, read, and watched The Good Wife, before writing up this post and fitting in some quality writing time.

Hope your Monday is splendid!

New Hair Debut

So apparently I’ve been dyeing my hair ALL wrong for months now. Coolio. Once you find the color you like, the hair stays that color and you only have to re-apply to the roots. How did I not know this? People probably know this, but not me. I’ve been fraying my hair, but it’s all good because I went to the hairdresser this morning and it looks much fresher. Phew!


We are giving it a few weeks and then we are going to dye it blonde-blonde, no more red! I’m tired of people telling me I have strawberry blonde hair. It’s not what I want. The color actually looks better since cutting it too!


Yesterday I had my uber long day and didn’t have time to post, but it was overall successful. I had a great workout on Monday working the triceps and chest, which are still sore, followed up by a much needed rest day on Tuesday. I’m gearing up for a leg-back day later on, which will be killer. The pyramid training is H-A-R-D, but fast-paced and I’m loving it!

I’m adding the challenge of leaving my hair down because it’s super cute right now, but I still need to workout. I think it’s short enough to not be a problem! Time will tell.

Foodwise, I’ve been good! Since noticing the changes already, I’ve found it easier to remain good. I no longer have the urge to reach into the candy bowl or indulge as much, which just goes to show how addictive sugar is and how strong our habits are. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it means habits can always be changed!

This, along with my new fab haircut, adds to my confidence and hope to only keep getting better! My kinda silly but kinda not goal is to wear a bikini for the first time since basically childbirth by the end of the summer. We’ll see!

I also got a bitmoji because I’m hip like that. I don’t know if it will work on here…


It doesn’t.