I Had To Blow Dry My Sweat

I had to blow-dry the sweat in my hair. This is disgusting and I’m even a little sorry for sharing, but this is my blog and silliness needs to be shared. If you read yesterday, then you saw my new hair do, which I love, but I wanted to keep the good hair day going and decided to try working out with my hair down.

A number of factors could have contributed to the ultra sweatiness in my hair: A. Quality workout B. A new product that was put in my hair C. Having hair down. In the end, what matters is that I had to work and had ten minutes to fix myself up. Blow drying ensued, as did pulling my poor new cut into a tiny ponytail.



It’s sadly a little frizzy right now, but I’m off to run in a few minutes and will hopefully learn how to style it appropriately.

Back to my workout, it was butt (leg and back) kicking! After my strength training, I finished with some jump roping that wiped out my legs (in a good way). I’m hoping my run with stretch them out!

Finally, I’ll end with a quick food pic from this morning. Breakfast is my favorite (and most important) meal of the day, so it’s also the most caloric for me. Featured are a scrambled egg with egg whites, bacon, two leftover peanut butter pancakes that I forgot to bake with baking soda, bacon, strawberries and blueberries. Delicoso!


Enjoy your Thursday!



Sunday Productivity and Catch Up

Trauma left over from my school years means that I will always see Sundays as being that of productivity. Not that it’s such a bad thing because it means I get necessary chores done, such as laundry, cleaning, food prepping, etc. Rainy Sundays always inspire an extra edge to such productivity.

We start where we lead off, which to my best estimation, is Thursday morning! A homemade, whole grain waffle and a cup of Greek yogurt got things flowing. Notice the beauty of the chopped strawberries and banana!


My workout for Thursday included a few strength circuits using kettle bells and medicine balls, as well as a lap swim. It had been about two weeks since I swam laps due to the pool closing down for cleaning, but I felt strong! Had I more time, I would have attempted a mile and a half, but I stuck with my mile and felt wonderful.

Lunch was a heaping bowl of salad with leftover steak, veggies, and beans, with ranch and barbecue sauce drizzled on top. I also had leftover rice for a boost of carbs.


Dinner included these red pepper infused ravioli that I jazzed up with sundried tomato chicken meatballs, red pepper, and zucchini. I wasn’t much feeling marinara, so I added a pat of butter and cheese on top for extra flavoring.


Friday morning, I was up early to fit in a workout. I cannot tell you how much I adore morning workouts (once I’m fully awake and moving), but I also cannot tell you how hard it is to get up when you don’t have to. My workout consisted of dumbbell and plyometric circuit training. I was drenched in sweat and reaping the benefits of endorphins as I left the gym to start the rest of the day.

Oh, but look what I was met with on my way home from the gym! I told you turkeys roamed this area. They usually come in hordes, but this guy was on his own. Don’t worry, I came to a complete stop to 1. let him cross and 2. take this picture.


This egg sandwich topped with egg, chicken sausage, provolone, and jalapeños was a perfect recovery breakfast. Banana, strawberries, and blueberries complemented the flavors well.


Lunch happened while I was at work, so we ordered out. I selected this delicious chicken kebob greek salad that hit the spot. It was full of perfectly seasoned and moist grilled chicken, fresh veggies, and the added yumminess of feta and greek dressing.


I was in a weird mood on Friday when it came for dinner as all I wanted was French toast. I used some multigrain cinnamon raisin bread and topped the pieces with peanut butter and jelly and paired the delicacy with a banana. My French toast recipe just consists of an egg, almond milk, cinnamon, and a splash of vanilla. In the fall (SOON!), I add pumpkin to the batter for perfection on a plate.


Saturday was a busy day. I woke up before the sun to get to work, but not before enjoying a peanut butter toast breakfast.


Kind of looks exactly like my French toast dinner, but I can promise it was not even close to as fancy.

After work, I booked it home for a quick lunch of leftover ravioli before heading off to my hair appointment. No, I won’t debut my new hair quite yet because I haven’t showered yet- still haven’t ran today- so I will premiere it tomorrow!

With my hair all fresh and blonde(r), which by the way, has just forced people into calling me a red-head more frequently, I met my cousins to go to the One Direction concert. Woo! I thought I would know more songs, but the concert was mostly their new stuff. We still had a blast despite some drizzling. It was a fun cousin bonding time!


Oh, crap. I just realized I inadvertently premiered my hair after saying I wouldn’t yet. Okay, it was rainy and a little humid so my hair was frizzled. Don’t judge the cut (or blondness) just yet.

I woke up this morning to my mom calling me to go grocery shopping, but the most exciting part was that she had already made me poached eggs. I’m quite spoiled like that.


While shopping, I picked up some cans of pumpkin (woo!) and this baby pumpkin for my desk that I named Spike. Spike is a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer which I explained to my mom and she assumed he was a pumpkin…Fangs to come.


Lunch was a simple greek yogurt and an english muffin with peanut butter as I’m preparing for my run. I’ll have some sort of veggie dish for my recovery fuel after.

With a load of laundry in the mix, some reading already done, and these legs ready to take off, I’m having myself a great Sunday.

Cheers to yours!

The Wedding!

I have been a bad blogging lady lately and I apologize for that! These next few weeks will be busy, as have the past couple, but there are exciting things on the horizon that I can only begin to explain at the moment. And I will be back to explaining them!

First things first, it has been one week since we celebrated my sister Lauren and her now HUSBAND Nick’s wedding! It was truly a spectacular weekend of fun, love, and celebration.

photo 2

Our entire family and friends went up to the White Mountains for the weekend of the wedding. While the bride and groom to-be went up Wednesday, I headed up Thursday morning with my parents and the dog in one car and myself, my brother, my Grandma, and my brother’s girlfriend in the other. Upon arrival, we located the bride and groom and went off to grab some lunch. After, it was crunch time. We spent a good amount of time putting together flowers and pouring hot sauce into little containers- that was their goodie for the night.

At some point during our work stations, a groundskeeper came in asking if someone had a silver car- which someone did- and he was advised to put the window up because there was a bear in the car! Apparently, bears are all for chocolate and potato chips- I agree, bear.

photo 2

After that scare, it was time to get ready for the rehearsal dinner, mind you there was no real rehearsal. It was a beautiful evening with good food, heartfelt speeches, and a small night of celebration before the big day. Once we headed back to the hotel, we sat out on the front porch, overlooking the mountains and the golf course, sharing some stories and drinks.

photo 1

We were all up early on Friday- the big day- as there was much to be done. Starting with breakfast, I made sure my sister ate a filling meal and drank a ton of water. After, we did some last touch finishes on the decorations before heading out to get our hair done. I didn’t have too much of an idea in mind, but my hairdresser was excellent and got the importance of being a sassy Maid of Honor. I was very happy with my hair, as well as the job she did on my eyebrows. They looked real!

photo 4

After a quick stop for lunch, Lauren and I headed back to the hotel to get her ready for the first look pictures! Lauren and Nick decided to do their pictures beforehand, which works really well as they can enjoy the cocktail reception along with the guests. They shared their beautiful moment on a bridge heading into town, then went down to the river and stood on rocks. I am certain that those pictures will be incredible, but I am also certain that I would have had a heart attack if she had fallen in her dress.

I had about a half an hour to finish getting ready, so I zoomed back to the hotel, threw on my dress, and did my make up. All I need is a little bit, though I suppose that will remain to be seen once the official pictures come out. The bridal party and the parents and grandparents headed down the golf course to a small bridge where we all took pictures. Once we got back up to the main part of the hotel, we watched as all the guests started to arrive and make their way down to the ceremony area.

photo 3

I stood with Lauren for a few minutes in the bar as she iced her flowers in a glass of water- I’m not kidding, until everyone was ready for her. After a few minutes, it was time.

photo 5

As Nick and the groomsman took their place in front, the bridesmaids started to walk. I gave one last hug to my sister before it was my time to walk down a pretty major hill and stairs. I was focused on not falling in my new heels as well as keeping a smile on my face- not an easy feat. I will thank whoever yelled out my name and started a smattering of applause because they just know my love of attention.

photo 5

photo 4

photo 2

I did not anticipate how emotional I would get and there are a few pictures of me up there crying. On top of that, I was worried I would fall off the cliff because my knees were knocking. I don’t think I have ever experienced that level of adrenaline before, but I focused on breathing and being in the moment.

photo 4It was truly a beautiful ceremony, one officiated nicely by my cousin Maura, and before we knew it, it was time to make our way up to the porch for the cocktail hour.

photo 3

It was at this point that I said hello to people, ditched my heels, and put on my Maid of Honor tiara. The bride did not have any such thing, but she didn’t want one. Don’t worry, I had her permission. In fact, my sister was such a calm bride, that when my mom accidentally spilled a little red wine on her DRESS, she just found someone with a tide stick and took care of it. I think it was better since the ceremony had already happened.

The cocktail hour ended in a flash and we all headed up to the Carriage House where we enjoyed the reception. It was fun to dance in as we were announced and to watch the first dance that Lauren and Nick had spent weeks practicing- very sweet!

photo 1Before dinner, however, came the speech.

photo 1

Both Nick’s brother and I did a great job of portraying our happy (and somewhat jokey) feelings for the bride and groom. We got the room laughing and yes, weeping, but I think everyone was ready for dinner once we finished. Shout out to my Uncle Mike for his “uncles’ speech” as well!

The food was a delicious barbecue spread of grilled chicken, steak tips, pulled pork, mashed potatoes, corn bread, salad, and potato chips. After everyone had their share, the DJ got us all up dancing. It was such a fun night of dancing, singing, and laughing and though it ended too soon- as it always does- it is a night that we will always remember, especially I hope, the Bride and Groom!

photo 3

The rest of the weekend whizzed by in a flash, but we had so much fun together and I’m so glad we could all spend such a fantastic weekend together!

An Appointment with the Hair Doctor, Ham Solo, and Birthday Wishes

You know those great moments in the middle of the night when you wake up and have to pee? You glance at your clock and you still have a few more hours rest, so you snuggle under the covers and full back to sleep blissful and cozy.

Yeah, that happened to me this morning and it was 4:58. Technically I still had 17 minutes of rest, but that flew by and I was a miserable lump. And I couldn’t hold it in until then so knock off another three minutes. Whiny, I know.

Once at the gym, I built up more motivation. First up was a body strength workout using some stretch bands and a medicine ball. I did squats, lunges, kneeling kickbacks, push-ups, hip lifts, Russian twists- or as I prefer to call them, rushin’ twists because they hurt so good- mermaid raises, v ups, and sit ups. I finished with some planks, a couple that were elevated. By the time I hopped into the pool, my abs were burning. Today was sprint day in the pool. By the time I was done and out of the pool, I was still catching my breath. The key to sprints in the pool is continuous and fast kicking followed by long, quick strokes to get into a groove. Wooo-eeeeeee.

Breakfast was a stovetop oatmeal that came together quite quickly. I did my usual stovetop oats with some white chocolate peanut butter and raspberry peach jam mixed in. Strawberries and blueberries joined the concoction. 


Stir frys are so simple, healthy, and delicious. I’m liking the buckwheat noodles for something a little different and heartier. I paired them with a combination of chicken and chickpeas, veggies, sesame oil, and Thai peanut sauce. A bag of popcorn came on the side.



After work, I had a hair appointment scheduled, but I accidentally said I had to go to the hair doctor, which is just funny. The dead ends needed to be chopped badly and after it finished, I felt so refreshed!


 I was on my own for dinner and had a hankering for pizza. Some slices and a great big salad popped into my mind and wouldn’t waver! I ordered a small so I could take the same for lunch. Delightful!


I feel obsessed with weather lately, but HELLO!? It’s been crazy nice out lately and we have had such a long, cold, butter, snowy winter. A little sun and warmth- and appreciation for it- won’t hurt you!

Also, I need to mention the new Star Wars trailer because HAN SOLO! (Autocorrect tried to make it say Ham Solo, which is just funny). I can’t wait to see Leia in it too, specifically with Han. Don’t even get me started if they aren’t happily married. Stay on my good side, Abrams.

Finally, a very Happy HAPPY birthday to one of my oldest and dearest friends, Molly! Have a great day, brotha! (Yes, that was a Lost reference).

Improvisational Cooking: Creative in the Kitchen

As a writer and daydreamer, I like to think that I am observational. I do have supreme organizational skills and can focus on smaller details, but last night, from the lack of sleep the night before, I was kind of a mess. I couldn’t stop yawning and was tucked into my bed by 9:00 PM on the dot. And I don’t remember much after that. After dinner, I enjoy a cup of peppermint tea to ease digestion and settle my stomach for rest, but I made it halfway through my cup last night before I realized it tasted funny. I never put the tea bag into the cup, so I was just drinking hot water and didn’t even notice. I think this says more about me and how tired I was yesterday than the tea, which is just awkward.


Notice the tea bag in this photo! Evidence that I haven’t completely gone bonkers- yet.

Looking at this picture, I can see that it is not one of my “dark” days for my eyebrows. Yes, I have eyebrows. When I was teaching, I had a student ask me why I didn’t have any, which was discouraging. I happen to have alarmingly light eyebrows, lasting remnants of what was once shockingly white blonde hair from the ages of 3-5. I had no hair before that, prompting my mother to pierce my ears from the moment I left the womb and forcing her to tape little pink bows on top of my head. My hypothesis is that my light eyebrows and thin hair are the product of the same thing, but what that thing is, I don’t know. All I know is that very light, almost non-existent, eyebrows cause my already large head to appear larger. Some might even say that I have a five-head. It’s good that I can talk about it now.

The cold does not make waking up early and trekking it to the gym any easier. Since I’ve survived so far, my hope is that once it’s warmer-if it ever is- and the day’s longer, it will be even easier to wake up in the morning. My one complaint, other than the usual dreadfulness of hearing the alarm clock blast, is stepping outside into the frigid air and waiting eons for the car to warm up. I don’t even wait, I just drive, and by the time I’m comfortable, I’m pulling into the gym. Wah. It’s been good so far though and there’s no denying how much better I feel throughout my day once I’ve gotten that workout in!

My day started with a scoop of peanut butter, chopped banana and strawberries, rolled into a whole wheat tortilla. I would have snapped a picture, but the banana wasn’t looking too fresh- even though it tasted great- and I didn’t think it needed to be documented forever.

At the gym, it fueled me through a kettlebell and a dumbbell circuit. For each, I did 4 sets of 12 reps. Kettlebells included swings, deadlifts, shoulder raises, high lifts, and mermaid raises. For dumbbells, I made it through kickback rows, alternating shoulder presses, alternating bicep curls, alternating front lifts, and used the stability ball for overhead extensions and bench presses. Alternating weight, grips, and equipment- even for the same moves- help to keep your body guessing and makes a workout more effective. I haven’t done box jumps in a few days, so I went through 4 sets of 12 reps of those and did a short plank sequence before jumping on the treadmill for a two-miler.

I was feeling nice and energized after a shower and sat down to enjoy this bowl of oats. The night before, I mixed oats, cinnamon, raisins, dates, mashed banana, walnuts, and milk to make overnight oatmeal. I threw some blueberries in there for an extra health kick. The cold oats with my hot coffee made a nice dynamic duo and I was satiated until lunchtime.

photo 1

I was such a big fan of my lunch! I had more of these chicken meatballs- four is one serving and they are so SO good! I threw them into stir-fried veggies of peppers, carrots, baby spinach, mushrooms, and snap peas on top of some rice and mixed it all with a thai peanut sauce. It made my stomach happy because it was yummy and healthy! I rounded out my meal with a juicy orange. This time of year, it’s better to have an excess of vitamin C than not enough to stave off colds!

photo 2

Look at these bad boys. Aren’t they beautiful? I had high hopes for these fish tacos. I seasoned tilapia with a little Cajun seasoning, chopped it up and tossed them onto two corn tortillas with a medley of fresh veggies- baby kale, butternut squash, zucchini, peppers, and mushrooms. I also drizzled some cheese and more of that Thai peanut sauce on top. Once I bit into it, it became apparent that the shells were not sturdy. Improvising, I decided the tortillas didn’t taste well enough to waste on my calories, so instead I took out the filling and ate it like a stir fry. For my grains, I had two pieces of whole wheat sour dough toast. The end result was a divine meal, even if it didn’t look as pretty as what you see now.

photo 3Reminder that food can still be fun and tasty when it’s healthy. It just means you- or the person who cooks for you- has to tap into their more creative side. I forget this sometimes, especially when it comes to the weekend, but I’m making more of an effort to try new recipes and home cooking rather than spending money on food out at restaurants. Half the time now, I find myself disappointed or thinking I could have made a dish fresher, healthier, and tastier, not to mention cheaper, if I made it myself at home. Maybe this means I need to have a dinner party!

Because You’re Totally Worth It

Apparently dogs yawning in awkward moments is a thing. My boss (from the library I work at as a student worker) just told me about it. It’s called a “stress yawn” and I looked it up on Wikipedia:

“Mouth expressions can provide information about the dog’s mood. When a dog wants to be left alone, it might yawn (although yawning also might indicate sleepiness, confusion, or stress) or start licking its mouth without the presence of any food.”

I mean, that definition is not great, but you get the point of the matter. Dogs yawn if they feel uncomfortable. Dogs can be comfortable or uncomfortable. Dogs have feelings. The end.

I tend to not fully pay attention to conversations that I am in the middle of. I know it’s a really bad habit, but I can’t help it. It’s something that I have been trying to work on, but then I get caught up in my own thoughts and what I have to do next and I miss out on the in the moment thing. Or I have selective hearing where I hear what I want and tune everything else out. There’s really no reason for this to be here, except in the future when I will have to tell stories about this, I won’t have to go into a huge explanation about it then. We can just roll with it.

This is my friend Erin. There’s no story, she just really wanted her picture on here.

This is me today really angry that a piece of my bang, SIDE BANG that I never even use anymore, somehow evaded me per usual and has been taunting me all day. Much like my curling iron cover fiasco, which my friend actually might buy off of me. And you know what? I’m going to buy a really good book with that money! Here’s the bang and my mad face. Fear this face.

My roommate is a freak but in a really good and funny way. I call her Ann sometimes because she is the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec, best show ever. She is also the Gus to my Shawn from Psych, from the truest best show ever. Or sometimes I call her Bobo which came from Bob (I can’t remember why), which changed to Boba in reference to Boba Fett from Star Wars, which then turned to Bobo because it’s funnier. We have a bromance because homances are just stupid. If you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of the alpha friend. For example, one time I thought I dropped my ID in the trash and without me even asking she just knew that she’d be the one browsing the grossness, while I stood behind her gagging. As it goes, it ended up having fallen down in one of the shower stalls and not the trash, but that’s not the point. I’m just giving you a little background information on her and our friendship because she will be mentioned a lot and many of the things I write will be very strange and odd because she is just that way.

Me sneaking up on her:

Let’s just talk about her sleep walking habits. I should also mention that our dorm used to be a morgue and we definitely have a ghost in our room. We’ve lived in the same room for the past two years and I swear ever since we started living here, Stephanie has been possessed by this spirit who is out to ruin me. Her sleep walking used to just be normal-ish, though not really. One time, I was asleep but then felt like someone was watching me, so I wake up and roll over and Stephanie is standing over me holding her pillow. I was like, “WTF?” And she, dead asleep, just says, “I’m just making sure you’re breathing,” then turns around and goes back to bed. She has also tried to get into bed with me thinking we switched beds for some reason.

Sometimes, she tries to escape the room but of course I freak out if I ever hear the door open thinking Ghost Face is trying to kill me and am able to stop her. Then there was this one time, a week after she woke up, turned her alarm clock off, went back to bed, and missed class, that she was so paranoid that she would constantly get out of bed and check her phone when she was still asleep. My friend Concetta stayed over after we saw a midnight premiere of a movie I’m too embarrassed to name and the air mattress took up the entire space, so Sleepy Stephanie couldn’t get by. I guess she stood over Concetta for like a half an hour kicking the mattress and trying to get past. FREAK! Concetta also said that we talk to each other in our sleep, but was too afraid to keep track of what we said. Lame. Last year, in this haunted room, I was dreaming that I was in pain then woke up realizing it was real pain. She was beating me up! I just kind of pushed her as hard as I could onto her own bed. Seriously scary shit. Or she will just yell out creepy statements like, “I’m going to get you,” or “Give it to me!” Sometimes, I want to cry. But then it’s really funny too.

Another picture of StephanieAnnGusBobowhatever:

Always creeping. I think this is appropriate to end on.

BTW: I’ve been struggling posting this ALL day. I think it’s the ghost.

Also, my friend Katja wants to wait a few days so she can be featured in her own blog post and not with the others.

I Don’t Even Have Enough Hair to Curl

For Easter, my mom always gets us a small thing to go in our baskets (because yes we are not too old for that) and so this year I said I wanted a jump rope and a yoga mat. The one condition was that the yoga mat need not be expensive, but it had to be pink. So yesterday my mom texts me that they don’t have pink and do I want green or light blue? This is unacceptable as pink is my color and I can’t be seen in public without it. All I said was “pink” in response, so she answers that I need to choose from the two of them she said. Clearly she is not looking very hard, but I chose light blue and it hurts a little. When I go to yoga people will mock me.

Also, I am always stressed out about this curling iron COVER I now own. I bought it because I had a gift card to buy books, but there was this one hour in my life that I thought I wanted a curling iron and I thought maybe the website would have one and looked it up not quite seriously. Turns out they did and it wasn’t expensive so I decided to buy it. When it came in the mail, I was in for a surprise because it wasn’t the curling iron, it was a heating cover for a curling iron I was already supposed to have owned. When I tried to return it, customer service told me they would do it, but I would only receive $1.15 for it back. One. Dollar. And fifteen cents. Thanks, but I paid FIFTEEN for it in the first place, so no thanks. Assholes. So the customer service people said I could return it myself and I keep pushing it back to the point where I don’t think I can even return it anymore because it’s way past the 40 days mark. Every time I look at it this awful feeling bubbles up in my stomach and I ask myself why didn’t I just buy a damn book. Especially because there are about 20 books that I want to read, but don’t want to spend money on. All because I wanted a curling iron for one hour of my life and tried to live spontaneously. Also, the picture on the website featured a curling iron with the cover and I thought how nice it was that they sent me a cover with it as I pressed BUY NOW. So now I just own a curling iron cover and no curling iron because I am just that cool. Lesson learned: Just buy books.

The funniest part about the whole curling iron cover fiasco is that I never even needed a curling iron in the first place. I don’t remember how the moment even transpired, but it never should have happened since my hair is so thin as it is. So thin that when curling it, I need maybe three of those big curly things on my entire head. We used to have to curl it when I was a cheerleader and people would fight over who got to do me because it ended so quickly. I like to refer to my hair as “the strand” because to other people who have the normal amount of hair, it would be one strand out of many. I also like to call it my “little shitty” when I put it on the very top of my head and twirl it around real tight because it looks like a little shitty that has some charm to it. My friend Katie, who I call Katja, has the biggest hair I have ever seen. There’s just layer upon layer of hair. I’m not asking for that much because I think I’m too anxiety prone to have to worry about what to do with that much hair every day, but I thought that if me and Katja could just put our hair together and divide it evenly, then we would both have the perfect amount of hair.

Here is the shitty in all of its glory:

My roommate, Stephanie’s, mother is kind of obsessed with it. Like so much so that when Stephanie- who I call Ann, Gus, or Bobo sometimes- is on the phone with her mother, her mother will ask, “How’s Caitlin’s shitty?” Not how is Caitlin, but how is the shitty? Kind of awesome. I blame the strand for not buying the right thing and not my obliviousness to life.

I am sitting at the desk at work typing this while my textbook lies open and unread and a patron comes up to me. This is fine because I am technically here to serve them and so I stopped typing. But then the girl leans in real close like she wants to tell me a secret. This is disconcerting because I don’t even like to hug people I know very much as it encroaches on my space and is very awkward. Especially when you think about hugging while in the midst of a hug. I never know what to do and it would be way awkward if I put both of my arms around them in a vice grip and they didn’t expect a hug of such extremes and I end up looking like an awkward asshole. So then I usually just hug them with that weird one shoulder lunge into their body and pat their back twice with one hand and end up looking like an awkward asshole anyways.

I digress- so I’m freaking out because this girl is leaning in too close and I don’t know what she’s doing and I’m looking at her like, just tell me what book you want. Then she starts to whisper, which I guess is ok because we are in a library, but she’s speaking in a serious tone about the book and telling me it’s a textbook like I wouldn’t understand it. I stand up to grab it and check it out and whatever and she nods as if telling me “good job.” People are so weird and I’m probably even stranger for thinking this was a valid story to type out. But I mentioned before that I overanalyze every situation I’ve ever been in, so this is the sort of thing to expect.

BTW: Follow me on Twitter @Lady_Brightly. I am trying to figure out how to link it to my blog, but I fail with technology. #winning
Me failing:

Since I’ve typed this, I have hounded Stephanie for pictures of my little shitty because my hair looks nice today and I don’t want to mess it up and she has a lot on her phone that she has sent to her mom.

Nice hair day:

And I also was run off the sidewalk by some freakishly tall woman. You might argue that she is not freakishly tall but I am really short (5’3), but you would be wrong. I felt a dark and ominous figure coming up behind me, with my Jedi powers of course. My first instinct was to throw myself to the ground and cover my face, but I tried to stand my ground. She sort of just walked through me and I fell off of the sidewalk into the grassy area. I am already unstable on my feet. Don’t test me giant woman!

Also, I wrote this in my writing class for an exercise on lists that tells you something about someone.

Day In The Life:
Wake up. Hit alarm clock. Roll out of bed. Brush teeth. Floss. Sip mouthwash. Swivel and spit. Pull clothes out of drawer. Dress. Apply make-up. Brush hair into ponytail. Make breakfast. Eat breakfast. Browse newspaper. Make lunch. Find car keys. Drive to work. Work. Ignore phone calls. Go on Facebook. Throw away lunch. Go out to lunch. Get hit by bus. Be late for own funeral.

I don’t know why my professor keeps telling me I write morbid things. I think it’s funny and kinda clever. Try to live spontaneously and it might kill you. Of course, these are the things I would worry about.