Won’t Sleep Til I’m Dead= Not Good!

In case you weren’t certain of the power of a restful night sleep, I am here to prove it to you. Last night, we were celebrating my sister’s birthday- I was Elsa, my sister and her roommates were Sesame Street characters!

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Fun times means staying up late and staying over somewhere means sleeping on the floor. It wasn’t entirely uncomfortable as I piled some Yoga mats on top of each other and had plenty of blankets to burrow under, but I prefer to sleep on my side and that is not a friend to sleeping on a floor. Your shoulder needs a little give.

That, and the fact that I had two bottles full of water before bed in order to remain fully hydrated, I kept waking up throughout the night. Even the extra hour didn’t help me!

Waking up, I felt a little tired but otherwise fine. This SNOW made me want to head home and watch Netflix in bed all day, but my mom and I got ourselves together to get to the gym for an hour.

An hour is often only HALF of my workout time on a regular day. Today, it took a lot of effort to get through just that. I did one of my strength routines and was sweating more than usual, which is nice, but it also took a lot more out of me. It wasn’t one of those good, healthy, strong ass-kicking feelings either, but plain old fatigue. This is okay though occasionally. I finished up with a half-hearted go on the Elliptical because I wasn’t up for any intervals. I still got there (even though the cold, freezing, yucky weather was offering me up a nice excuse to stay home) and that is better than nothing.

I think people should get points and burn lots of calories for just getting up and moving in any way, just for showing up to the gym. Sometimes, exercise means going through the motions and counting down every second. That hasn’t been the case for me in awhile and I am blaming lack of sleep and maybe some extra Halloween fun. Either way, I got my workout in and now I can curl up under my blankets and watch excess of Gilmore Girls!

Also, a good night’s sleep will work its wonders and I’m guessing my workout tomorrow will be a lot more energized!

Trick or Treat But Anything Than…That!


I am a big fan of Halloween for three major reasons: it’s an excuse to gorge yourself on chocolate (in moderation!), you dress up as whatever you want (Elsa!), and it’s my sister’s birthday so I can always tease her that she’s a full-fledged witch (and also that I love her, okay?)

If you really think about it, Halloween is nice to people trying to make good choices because it keeps portion sizes small and controlled, of course that depends on if you can maintain your control. The fun-sized bars are just more fun anyways because you can then choose 2-3 different types of candy to have and feel more satisfied. That’s the way I like to play it anyways because keeping a positive attitude is a major part of the challenge of staying healthy and happy! There’s absolutely no reason to stop celebrating Halloween once you grow up and that includes both candy consumption and costume dressing.

In very exciting news, I am happy to report that not only did my Elsa costume come in plenty of time for Halloween festivities, but it’s actually quite nice. Paired with my ready to go tiara and I will be an exceptional ice queen. The only problem everyone keeps pointing out to me is that I don’t have anywhere near Elsa hair- not blonde, not long or thick enough for a decent braid. I’m still on the search for that one, but I might have to resort to spraying it. Yeep! I also have some very exciting little detailed plans to incorporate to my costume. This is the first year in a while that I’ve actually planned a costume ahead of time so I’m quite pleased with myself.

Obviously the fact that Halloween is my sister’s birthday is very exciting as well. Since I was born nine days (and three years) later, I always say that I was the best gift she ever could have received. It’s also cool to have a big bash for her birthday with everyone dressed up.

This all leads me to the point of my post that I haven’t mentioned. I’m all for Halloween decorations and any kind of holiday decorations because it’s festive and fun. I love all the little ghosts and gravestones, black cats and haunting music, and cute owls and pumpkins smiling or howling. It all sets the scene. One thing I do not love are all the freaking S-P-I-D-E-R-S. Overload people, relax! I was on a great run yesterday plugging along when I noticed one of the houses on my route had a gigantic freaking S-P-I-D-E-R blow up doll on top of their house. It was so realistic, I jumped and nearly fell over onto a nearby lawn. It did give me more incentive to run faster, but I was not pleased.

This Halloween, enjoy the candy, the trick or treating, parties, and random festivities, but please LAY OFF THE YOU KNOW WHATS! It’s bad for my health.photo

Halloween Excitement!

If you follow me on Twitter, which you SHOULD at https://twitter.com/Lady_Brightly because I find myself hilarious and I don’t hold back or censure myself as I do on Facebook, then you would know that last night I teased this year’s Halloween costume.

Obviously, I’ve always loved Halloween because chocolate is the fruit of the Gods and all that is right and sweet with the world (PUN!). One may argue that I also am a bit of a dramatist and diva, which I take great pride in, so dressing up as someone else is thrilling. As a child, I dressed up a lot as a princess, which from my blog name should not surprise you in the slightest.

Over the years, there was the brief tomboy stage of my life where I decided to be a karate kid, which has unfortunately been immortalized in an unfortunate picture my mom has now framed and on display in the living room. Then there was the practical choice, a cheerleader, for a number of years because I was a cheerleader and I happened to have the costume on hand. Of course, the rebellious stage kicked in and I went for the scary part of Halloween and upped my ante as a vampire or just plain dead-cheerleader. Creative, I know.

Recent years has proved to be more difficult when it comes to costumes. I can only be a vampire or witch so many times in a row to be socially accepted, just because I had the materials on hand. Sometimes, I just throw on whatever pink I have in my closet and finish it off with a crown. I’ve also had a lot of experience and success dressing as Harry Potter characters, such as Hedwig- my award-winning costume in a costume contest, Luna, and last year’s Sassy Harry Potter.

This year, I wanted to return to my roots and tweeted my excitement last night. I said, “A little teaser: you’ll have to read my blog tomorrow to learn what I decided to be for #Halloween. I’m shivering with excitement!”

Without further ado, I’m going to be Elsa from Frozen and the costume is on its way!

When I first came up with the idea, I knew I needed an Anna, which my friend Katie has since accepted. Though I want my costume to be fabulous, I’m also not willing to spend a ton of money on it. My first inclination was to get a light blue, long-sleeved leotard and pair it with a blue tutu and one of my tiaras. A little research took me to Ebay where I found the entire Elsa costume for a decent price, so I took the gamble and went for it. Hopefully it will pay off because I am so darn excited!

Once I get my hands on that costume, I’ll never wear anything else. In fact, I think my sister should just have all of us bridesmaids wear Elsa costumes for dresses.

Also, knowing my costume as you now do, you probably spotted a bit of a very clever pun in my tweet. I was SHIVERING with excitement. You shiver because you’re cold and Elsa is FROZEN. I know, I can’t stand it either.

I’m excited to celebrate Halloween the day after with my sister because it’s her birthday. There’s only so many times I can joke that Halloween is the perfect birthday for her because she’s a witch, ha ha, because she’s totally not. All she had to do to get her revenge was wait for the candy to be dropped in each of our pillow cases before she’d pull the whole, “it’s my birthday,” and get all the extra candy. On the actual day of Halloween, I am excited to dress up as Elsa and hand out candy/ eat half of the bowl. Saying that now though, I think there’s a post on how to handle Holiday eating coming in the future!

How excited are you for Halloween?

I Am Runner

Like many, I have a love/hate relationship with running. It’s more complicated than the old love when it’s over, hate to do it relationship we had in the past. Truth be told, I’ve always wanted to be a runner. Even in the days when I never thought I could run down the street never mind a mile, I always envied those who were “runners.”

Running for me isn’t always easy. There are days when I feel like I could go on for miles, then days when a jog around the block hurts. This week, I’ve experienced both situations. Saturday, in the pouring rain, I had the best run of this short spring season. Unable to fathom the treadmill, I threw my hat on and trekked outside, having the time of my life. Today, on this beautiful, sunny day, I felt like I was going to break apart with every step. The weather apparently has nothing to do with how well I run.

I’ve learned the hard way that a number of random factors affect my run. This can range from how much I eat, when I eat, and how my stomach handles what I’m eating. Hydration, per usual, is a must, but it is challenging to find the right amount that you’re body is spongy and energized, but not so much that you have to pee within the first five minutes and this dilemma distracts and plagues you the whole way through, preventing you from finding that groove. What exercise I’ve done the day before is often a factor, and perhaps the split squats I tried yesterday have to do with the tenderness of my thighs today (thanks bro). 

Sometimes, a good run just flows when emotions are high and positive and you’ve found the right mix of music (Hello The Climb). There are days when I know without a doubt that I can run up that long, looming big hill to get back to my house, and days when I need to walk it at a slow pace. Days when not even the catchiest of musicals, of which in my head I am always the star, can’t inspire me to love that I’m running. When a good story idea pops into my head and infiltrates every other sense so I go on auto drive as I flesh out ideas, are days when I know I have good mojo.

Regardless of the outcome, the distance, the timing of each mile, the feeling at the end of each run is the same: success. So even if there are days, like today, when in order to get myself outside, I need to say “just one mile,” then in order to keep going, find random landmarks to push past. Maybe it was the sun shining, the Frozen soundtrack blaring, or even the promise of the weekend approaching, but today, when every step was painful and somewhat slow and I was running for the end, I made it through five miles. 

Five ugly miles, but it was worth it. If only because I can.


Procrastination In Moderation

Procrastination can be a bad, bad thing, especially when all that you’re delaying is bedtime. I know that if I don’t get my eight+ hours of sleep, I’m going to be feeling miserable waking up in the still dark mornings. True, I’ll be miserable regardless of how much sleep I get because waking up to an alarm blaring in your ear is cruel, the blankets are always more soft and warm and comfortable when you know you have to leave them, and sleep is precious.

 I know all of this. I relish sleep and my bed and do not like to leave it for long periods of time. Still, there are too many nights I find myself trolling Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook, watching CNN to see if they finally figured anything out about the plane when we all know they haven’t, or taking another one of those Buzzfeed quizzes because I refuse to admit that I am Marshmallow from Frozen. Who’s Marshmallow, you ask? The gigantic, unkind snowman Elsa creates to kick everyone out of her castle. Yes, I have taken this quiz four times, mixing up answers, and four times I have been classified as this hideous character. No, I am not not offended by this at all…

 When it comes to work, my procrastination leads me to even more Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook and Buzzfeed. To be honest, no one is that interesting or has much to say in the five minutes I’m not on a site, and I know this while I’m still doing it. I make up for it in those random fits of adrenaline where I power through a bunch of stuff and feel accomplished for all of five minutes before I realize I have more to do the next day. I’m procrastinating studying for a huge midterm right now.

 While I value those spare, sweet, free moments when I can just browse the internet and not be expected to do anything else for anyone else, I think I, and I know a lot of other people out there, need to get a grip. I am obsessed with my phone and tweeting and looking at pictures of Chris Evans promoting the new Captain America movie with his new beard (okay this I can’t be blamed for and I won’t stop). If I spent half the time in the evenings writing, playing my keyboard, or reading for fun, I would be so much more accomplished and fulfilled in my life.

 Part of me blames the winter, but we all know that’s a lame excuse.

 So, I ask, why does this keep happening to me? Why am I more likely to search for good looking recipes than actually making them? Why can’t I drop my phone and curl into my bed when I know it’s what I’ve been looking forward to since the moment I rolled out of it? And why can’t they find this plane!?!

I swear I’m not masochistic.

 Maybe, I need to start listening to Buzzfeed. Perhaps it’s time I embrace my status as Marshmallow, or a cheeseburger without the bread aka without the fun, and be more active, healthier, and assertive in my life. Marshmallow’s not just sitting there and letting all those people get up in his business. He’s taking them out and embracing this winter freeze.

Children Are Smarter Than You

Last night I went with my sister to see Frozen, because once a Disney princess ALWAYS a Disney princess, and it was adorable. I want my own little snowman named Olaf.

The best part of the entire movie was when the youngest sister, Princess Anna, decides she wants to marry this prince after one day. The part itself plays out ironically, for adults at least, but the little girl sitting next to me, who could not have been older than five or six years old, yells out, “WHAT?! That’s ridiculous!” and kept muttering to herself in disgust.

Lauren and I laughed so hard and this makes me so happy. This just goes to show that you can watch Disney movies as a child, enjoy the heck out of them, and still grow up to have complete realistic views of love and romance.

Or maybe this five year old is just smart beyond her years.