We’ve been away from each other for awhile and I’ve been cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Below are some of the more delectable dishes from the past few weeks.


I eat a lot of eggs because they’re zero points on Weight Watchers, nutritious and filling, and super versatile. Sometimes, I want something that’s not eggs for breakfast. I put together a yogurt bowl with non-fat plain greek yogurt, jazzed up with cinnamon and vanilla, 1/4 cup of granola and lots of berries.


I often will make my own homemade waffles and pancakes so I know exactly what goes into them, but for days I need to have an efficient morning, I pull out kodiak cakes’ protein brand. (Not an ad, I just love their products). I topped this beautiful with sugar free syrup- not bad, just a little less sticky so it makes food soggier faster- fruit, and chopped walnuts.


On mornings, such as on the weekend, when I do have time for a leisurely morning, I like to concoct more advanced dishes. This is two eggs with marinara sauce, veggies, and mozzarella baked together in a warm bowl of goodness.



Quick and simple, grilled shrimp, brown rice, spinach.



I cooked some 99% ground turkey meat in teriyaki sauce and ate it throughout the week. One of my concoctions was lettuce wraps with an assortment of vegetables, served with brown rice.


Another variety was in a bowl mixed with lots of veggies and rice, topped with a little drizzle of sweet chili sauce.


I eat a lot of cod because it’s so easy to cook. Here, I just topped it with salt and pepper and enjoyed it over zoodles cooked in olive oil and garlic and topped with chopped tomatoes and parmesan.


A blackened piece of swordfish paired well with frozen veggies. It was very easy to pop the vegetables into the microwave and throw some teriyaki on it for taste.


Any go-to meals to share? I’d love to hear your opinions!

deconstructed stuffed zucchini

Does this count as a new recipe? I think it should.

I know I just posted a recipe for stuffed zucchini boats a few weeks ago, but I was inspired by the overflowing of stuffing that prevailed over the zucchini shells. And well, zoodles are popular and I have to keep up with the times, you know?

Zoodle the zucchini.


Cook the sausage first. Add the zoodles, black beans, corn, and red pepper.


Mix in the marinara sauce. Plate it. Voila!


Served with a side of rice and unseen spinach.

Wait…that was so much easier and faster than waiting for the oven to bake this dish to goodness.

Always learning around here, we are.

food in colors

All the pancakes!


Yogurt with frozen grapes and walnuts.


Standard breakfast around here.

The beginnings of what would be a quesadilla fail- but still tasty.


 Chicken stir fry with a teriyaki glaze.

Homemade waffles.

Warm bowl of oats.

My first ramen- from a restaurant.


I have a bunch of food pics collected on my phone that I need to share. So here we are.

Peanut butter topped waffles with a drizzle of honey and fruit.


A bowl of oats mixed with peanut butter and blueberries.


Crockpot cherry oats with walnuts and fresh banana.


Shrimp, cheesy orzo, spinach, and a salad.


Cod with some greens and rice.


I was very much into the cheesy orzo for a bit. This time around served with chicken tenders and broccoli.


Alfredo pasta with sausage, red pepper, zucchini, and spinach.14B535B1-911F-4E75-A8E4-3923F11A331A

BBQ steak nachos with a spinach salad.


food, in pictures

Update on the fly: it’s still here, in my room. I’m starting to suspect devious intent.

I told myself I’d snap pictures of all my meals this week, but I broke that habit awhile ago and it was hard to remember all the time.

My one photographed breakfast: instant oatmeal (Trader Joe’s variety so it’s less icky with fake stuff, but quick in the morning) with an egg and cheese on a piece of toast. Fresh blueberries and banana were swirled into the oatmeal.


My lunch of the week was sesame chicken with broccoli and red pepper made in the crockpot. I found a quick, easy, and few-ingredient recipe to whip up in 4 hours and it hit the spot, every day. Served with brown rice.

IMG_0726 2

My healthiest snack of the week were these carrots and almonds.


One dinner this week was a giant spinach salad with veggies, chopped nuts, and grilled chicken. The grilled zucchini was an excellent complement to the uncooked peppers, carrots, and spinach.


A second dinner was a chicken, veggie, quinoa alfredo. Quinoa does not cook glamorously in the microwave, but it does cook fast.


Not a lot, but not too bad. Next week will be better.

Happy Thursday- let the countdown to the weekend commence!

Breathe In, Breathe Out, DON’T Hit Send

Da Cubs! (Like Da Bears, but with Cubs. Get it?)


I’m glad that my Red Sox weren’t part of that game 7 the other night because it was insane. Fun, but crazy and nerve-wracking and I’ve never felt so happy and so sad for the same reason with such intensity.

On another note, this election is tearing me apart. I have to physically and emotionally restrain myself from commenting on other people’s Facebook pages to keep the peace and ensure that I don’t isolate loved ones when this is all over. It will be my birthday. I expect birthday love. I just don’t understand how the choice can be so clear and people so ignorant.

But…instead of obsessing over this, I’m gonna post some long-awaited food pics.





I really think in another life, I could have been a chef. When I put in time and effort, I’m pretty good at this cooking thing. And it’s mostly healthy- except for the sweet tooth thing. My sweet tooth needs to RELAX.

It’s Friday, friends. Next week is a big one. Momentous. I turn 27.

Oh, and also, we have the biggest election day of all of our lives. I hope my Grandma gets to see the first female president elected. My Grandma is awesome. So is Hillary Clinton.


One Month!

Happy one month anniversary to me and LA!

IMG_5776 2.JPG

In some ways, I can’t believe I’ve already lived here for a month, but in others I feel like I’ve been here forever. It has something to do with how things came together job-wise, but also, life flies! Take advantage and live it while we can!* Chasing dreams isn’t always glamorous and it’s certainly not easy, and no matter the long-term successes and failures, the journey is worth it. Cliches have truth, friends!


*Even if it scares you and believe me, this still scares me.

If you’ll remember, I am a personal trainer and so I’m used to standing on my feet all day, but the change of foot wear and profession has taken a hit to my feet. They are sore! After a day at work and a run, this is my total for the day:


I’ll never complain about getting to move around, but I think they might deserve a pedicure soon- maybe to celebrate my one month anniversary!



Lunch was quinoa, black beans, brussels sprouts, and broccoli.



We’re halfway through the week!