Won’t Sleep Til I’m Dead= Not Good!

In case you weren’t certain of the power of a restful night sleep, I am here to prove it to you. Last night, we were celebrating my sister’s birthday- I was Elsa, my sister and her roommates were Sesame Street characters!

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Fun times means staying up late and staying over somewhere means sleeping on the floor. It wasn’t entirely uncomfortable as I piled some Yoga mats on top of each other and had plenty of blankets to burrow under, but I prefer to sleep on my side and that is not a friend to sleeping on a floor. Your shoulder needs a little give.

That, and the fact that I had two bottles full of water before bed in order to remain fully hydrated, I kept waking up throughout the night. Even the extra hour didn’t help me!

Waking up, I felt a little tired but otherwise fine. This SNOW made me want to head home and watch Netflix in bed all day, but my mom and I got ourselves together to get to the gym for an hour.

An hour is often only HALF of my workout time on a regular day. Today, it took a lot of effort to get through just that. I did one of my strength routines and was sweating more than usual, which is nice, but it also took a lot more out of me. It wasn’t one of those good, healthy, strong ass-kicking feelings either, but plain old fatigue. This is okay though occasionally. I finished up with a half-hearted go on the Elliptical because I wasn’t up for any intervals. I still got there (even though the cold, freezing, yucky weather was offering me up a nice excuse to stay home) and that is better than nothing.

I think people should get points and burn lots of calories for just getting up and moving in any way, just for showing up to the gym. Sometimes, exercise means going through the motions and counting down every second. That hasn’t been the case for me in awhile and I am blaming lack of sleep and maybe some extra Halloween fun. Either way, I got my workout in and now I can curl up under my blankets and watch excess of Gilmore Girls!

Also, a good night’s sleep will work its wonders and I’m guessing my workout tomorrow will be a lot more energized!