Breathe In, Breathe Out, DON’T Hit Send

Da Cubs! (Like Da Bears, but with Cubs. Get it?)


I’m glad that my Red Sox weren’t part of that game 7 the other night because it was insane. Fun, but crazy and nerve-wracking and I’ve never felt so happy and so sad for the same reason with such intensity.

On another note, this election is tearing me apart. I have to physically and emotionally restrain myself from commenting on other people’s Facebook pages to keep the peace and ensure that I don’t isolate loved ones when this is all over. It will be my birthday. I expect birthday love. I just don’t understand how the choice can be so clear and people so ignorant.

But…instead of obsessing over this, I’m gonna post some long-awaited food pics.





I really think in another life, I could have been a chef. When I put in time and effort, I’m pretty good at this cooking thing. And it’s mostly healthy- except for the sweet tooth thing. My sweet tooth needs to RELAX.

It’s Friday, friends. Next week is a big one. Momentous. I turn 27.

Oh, and also, we have the biggest election day of all of our lives. I hope my Grandma gets to see the first female president elected. My Grandma is awesome. So is Hillary Clinton.



Sometimes, You Just Need Whipped Cream

I shared this note last night on Facebook, but I wanted to extend the sentiment on my blog:

The beautiful thing about people like David Bowie and Alan Rickman is that they lived as their authentic selves. Creativity sparks ideas, inspiration, and movement. Such endeavors appeal to our humanity. It’s why we love them. It’s why we mourn. At the end of the day, we are all human. We all suffer, struggle, and fail, but these passionate types, these people, they, we, we all triumph, shine, and overcome. In death, we love and we grieve, but we also remember that they have lived, with us and for us, and that is a remarkable thing.

So when they say, “Let’s Dance,” we respond, “Always.”

A bit on the less serious side: Exciting news! According to Facebook, I joined the social media world 10 years ago from this very day. I don’t know how to feel about this. Old, for one. I was in high school 10 years ago. From my calculations, I would have been 16, so a sophomore? Yikes. A lot has changed in the past 10 years and I’m not ashamed to say, the majority of that has been for the good. If we’re being real though, that’s not so much a milestone for me as it is for Facebook. Good for you, book of faces.

On a list of other random happenings in my life, I’m beginning to suspect that I’m just into hot chocolate for the whipped cream on top. I’m not even sorry. Yes, the chocolatey, warm goodness makes the melty whipped cream taste that much better, but when I’ve had my share of the cream and it’s just the hot chocolate left, I’m all, eh.

My morning started with a quick, repeating meal before my Spin class. Peanut butter and jelly on an English Muffin. Wrong cannot be done with this combination. Warm, toasty, peanutty, and sweet.


For my workout, it included the aforementioned Spin class, which was killer thanks to a ton of sprints and hill climbing. It’s butt-kicking, but works up a great sweat! I finished with a brief core workout before heading home to get my inner- Yogi on.

I’ll also take you back to last night’s dinner of chicken drumsticks, brown spinach rice, roasted Brussels sprouts, and a big salad.


Now onto the work, work, work that needs to be done. It’s Friday though, so Happy Weekend-having to you all!

The Thong Song

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and are still feeling good vibes heading into the new year. I for one had a wonderful time, but I’m ready to get back into the groove of solid routine, especially in terms of food. Too many tempting sweets!

Let’s get right back into it!

Yesterday, after Yoga and a brief, but sweaty run, my friend Katie came over for brunch. I’m always saying I make better breakfast/brunch than restaurants, so I needed to prove myself. A ham and cheese omelet, toast, and a side of spinach and peppers was a solid force.


I worked for much of the day, so lunch was a quick bite of leftovers and dinner was Chinese food while watching the first Star Wars with my family. Side note, there is this game Fibbage you play on your phones and over some kind of video game device and it’s hilarious. I recommend it for New Years’ shenanigans.

This morning, I made myself a warm bowl of oats. Haven’t had this one in awhile! I was missing the mashed banana as grocery shopping still needed to be done, but it was an excellent breakfast.


After a short shift at work, I fit in a workout with my friend Nouha. The focus was on triceps, shoulders, and legs, followed up with some core. We ran out of time on the cardio front, but it was still a good sweat!

My post-workout lunch included eggs, toast, veggies, and fruit.


I really am on a huge egg kick lately, but I’m trying to back off on those waffles! Can’t go wrong with eggs breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Some random things to note.

I forgot how comfortable boots are! They’re like cushions for my feet. I’m not pleased that the reason I pulled them out of the closet was due to a pending snow-something (I won’t say storm), but my feet are happy in their ignorant bliss.


In an this-would-happen-to-me-scenario, a few days ago, Facebook wanted me to share a “special memory” that occurred 8 years ago. I don’t know why they thought this one should be re-posted, especially because they only prompt such a thing once every few weeks, but I had to screenshot it and share the oddness.


That is a thong…lying on the ground at a tourist site in some European country my sister visited 8 years ago and I tagged myself in to be funny. I really hope someone took the time to do this, but it’s probably just the computer being random. (OR, computers are gaining senses of humor/irony, which means we’re all pretty much screwed.

Anyone else have the Thong Song stuck in their heads now?


Glitzy McJingles Has A Way With Words So Long As She Doesn’t Speak

A couple of updates from yesterday’s post are in order. First, I would like to point out that Gilmore Girls once again used the word “traipsing” in an episode, leading me to believe that their thesaurus was stuck on one page and that the writers are time travelers who read this blog and incorporated the word into every other word to mess with me.

Such a thing reminds me of a conversation I was having last night over dinner with my mom when I told her about how I shared my word mispronunciation with you all. She laughed and agreed that it’s better to hear in person, but then I realized, I mixed up the two interpretations of acquiesce. I claimed the actual pronunciation as the erred way I thought it sounded and offered you all the way it actually is as false. That explanation seems confusing even to me and I edited it five times. In conclusion, acquiesce is pronounced in that fancy way that strings out the sounds and not in the jumbled manner I said it all in one. I am not the poetic genius I once thought I was for all of five hours.

It’s really a good thing I didn’t record it!

This is almost as bad as the time I exclaimed “Whoa!” as “Wow-a!” But I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that.

Another update is a reminder that things are not always as they seem, however good intentioned. Yesterday, I was fluttering around running errands and performing assorted tasks, that by the time I headed out for that run I promised, it was already darkening and I had to stopper my plans. Time and daylight are now of the essence and I had to choose walking my dog and pulling up my garden over my run. I abhor running inside when I can still run outside, so instead, I switched up my planned rest day from today, Thursday technically, and took it yesterday and ran today. As it turns out, the weather was nicer and I got myself up and out at a decent time, being more aware. I view this as a win.

What is not a win is my now seemingly weekly occurrence of slicing my thumb while chopping potatoes. On the same thumb. On the very same slice. Yes, I recut open my cut. It’s so embarrassing that I needed to share. I’m usually very careful and precise with chopping, but for whatever reason, the knife has a vendetta against my left thumb. Fortunately, I was much more prepared with how to stop the bleeding with an ice cube, an elastic band, and firm pressure. It’s looking pretty gross now though.


How gross do my wrinkly hands look? I am a fervent hand-washer in addition to swimmer, so this time of year takes a beating on my hands. Lotion up!

Such a thing is oddly timely because I thought I would be a nice, caring daughter and start picking up the leaves for my dad, but my hunger pains were escalating after my run so I decided to have lunch first. Then I decided to chop up some potatoes to make for fries later, for him, and ended up with the hurt thumb and inability to rake. Once again, good intentions don’t get you as much credit, mostly because it looks silly to point out what you were going to do but didn’t end up executing. Oh wait…

I prefer to claim my mistakes and mock them as my own because that way, when people attempt to use such an incident against you, they are mocking with you, not at you.

A final numerous anecdote I want to mention is this post circulating Facebook about Elf Names. It takes your first initial in your first name as well as your birth month and matches you to a nickname. Mine was appropriately deemed “Glitzy McJingles,” which obviously makes me a princess elf. Some of the other elf name combinations we had were Pixie Angel Eyes, Tinker Sparkly-Nose, Buddy Snow-Bum, Glitzy Sugar-Socks, Pudding Sparkly-Nose, and my personal favorite, Pudding Glitterballs, but I won’t say who it belongs to (hint, my brother). The other appropriate elf nickname belonged to that of my cat, Bandit: Nipper Floppy-Feet because he’s a biter and sounds like an elephant when he runs down the stairs.


But he sure is cute!