Errors Don’t Lead to Smooth Reading

As I was typing up tomorrow morning’s post, I was noticing how my ipad was autocorrecting correctly spelled words to nonsense. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I decided to glance back at last week’s posts and there are quite a few nonsense errors! I am a little embarrassed because I pride myself in spelling, especially when supposedly backed by autocorrect. You have failed me.

Siri just said I failed myself.

Siri May have a point actually. I could blame it on the winter and snow, waking up early and having long days, but lately I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I’ve not been utilizing my time to be as productive with things I should be, and want, to be doing.

For instance, I blog fairly consistently during the week, but when it comes to my other writing, I’ve been lacking. It’s a ton easier to sit down in front of the tv and just watch. Mindless fun. There’s a time for television and writing and I have to be better at finding a balance. Especially in that this is something I want to pursue further. I’ve been good these past few days and I feel as though I have been awakened with a new mindset and diligence, so I think only positive things lie ahead.

One thing that is helping me get back into my writing groove is journaling. I bought a new one last night for a fresh start. Journaling my random thoughts or a recap of my day helps spark my creative process so I can turn it on in other endeavors. I can’t say what, but I started a project last night that I’m really excited about.

Another way to maximize my time is to take advantage of my commute. It’s not terrible, but it is time exhaustive, so I’ve been trying to think of things I can do. Obviously, I’m limited in the fact that I drive. Instead of the radio all the time, I’m going to start listening to audiobooks and I just downloaded a tape recorder app that would allow me to speak out story ideas and plots. It will definitely seem silly at first, especially when having to playback, but I think it will turn out to be an excellent tool.

How do you maximize your awake time to make sure everything you need, and WANT, to do gets done?