Sunday Productivity and Catch Up

Trauma left over from my school years means that I will always see Sundays as being that of productivity. Not that it’s such a bad thing because it means I get necessary chores done, such as laundry, cleaning, food prepping, etc. Rainy Sundays always inspire an extra edge to such productivity.

We start where we lead off, which to my best estimation, is Thursday morning! A homemade, whole grain waffle and a cup of Greek yogurt got things flowing. Notice the beauty of the chopped strawberries and banana!


My workout for Thursday included a few strength circuits using kettle bells and medicine balls, as well as a lap swim. It had been about two weeks since I swam laps due to the pool closing down for cleaning, but I felt strong! Had I more time, I would have attempted a mile and a half, but I stuck with my mile and felt wonderful.

Lunch was a heaping bowl of salad with leftover steak, veggies, and beans, with ranch and barbecue sauce drizzled on top. I also had leftover rice for a boost of carbs.


Dinner included these red pepper infused ravioli that I jazzed up with sundried tomato chicken meatballs, red pepper, and zucchini. I wasn’t much feeling marinara, so I added a pat of butter and cheese on top for extra flavoring.


Friday morning, I was up early to fit in a workout. I cannot tell you how much I adore morning workouts (once I’m fully awake and moving), but I also cannot tell you how hard it is to get up when you don’t have to. My workout consisted of dumbbell and plyometric circuit training. I was drenched in sweat and reaping the benefits of endorphins as I left the gym to start the rest of the day.

Oh, but look what I was met with on my way home from the gym! I told you turkeys roamed this area. They usually come in hordes, but this guy was on his own. Don’t worry, I came to a complete stop to 1. let him cross and 2. take this picture.


This egg sandwich topped with egg, chicken sausage, provolone, and jalapeños was a perfect recovery breakfast. Banana, strawberries, and blueberries complemented the flavors well.


Lunch happened while I was at work, so we ordered out. I selected this delicious chicken kebob greek salad that hit the spot. It was full of perfectly seasoned and moist grilled chicken, fresh veggies, and the added yumminess of feta and greek dressing.


I was in a weird mood on Friday when it came for dinner as all I wanted was French toast. I used some multigrain cinnamon raisin bread and topped the pieces with peanut butter and jelly and paired the delicacy with a banana. My French toast recipe just consists of an egg, almond milk, cinnamon, and a splash of vanilla. In the fall (SOON!), I add pumpkin to the batter for perfection on a plate.


Saturday was a busy day. I woke up before the sun to get to work, but not before enjoying a peanut butter toast breakfast.


Kind of looks exactly like my French toast dinner, but I can promise it was not even close to as fancy.

After work, I booked it home for a quick lunch of leftover ravioli before heading off to my hair appointment. No, I won’t debut my new hair quite yet because I haven’t showered yet- still haven’t ran today- so I will premiere it tomorrow!

With my hair all fresh and blonde(r), which by the way, has just forced people into calling me a red-head more frequently, I met my cousins to go to the One Direction concert. Woo! I thought I would know more songs, but the concert was mostly their new stuff. We still had a blast despite some drizzling. It was a fun cousin bonding time!


Oh, crap. I just realized I inadvertently premiered my hair after saying I wouldn’t yet. Okay, it was rainy and a little humid so my hair was frizzled. Don’t judge the cut (or blondness) just yet.

I woke up this morning to my mom calling me to go grocery shopping, but the most exciting part was that she had already made me poached eggs. I’m quite spoiled like that.


While shopping, I picked up some cans of pumpkin (woo!) and this baby pumpkin for my desk that I named Spike. Spike is a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer which I explained to my mom and she assumed he was a pumpkin…Fangs to come.


Lunch was a simple greek yogurt and an english muffin with peanut butter as I’m preparing for my run. I’ll have some sort of veggie dish for my recovery fuel after.

With a load of laundry in the mix, some reading already done, and these legs ready to take off, I’m having myself a great Sunday.

Cheers to yours!


The Entertainer

Last night I went to see Billy Joel at Fenway. This is my second time seeing him and he does not fail to impress. Both of my parents are big fans and I started listening to his music on a family trip to Ireland. There is not one song that I don’t like. It’s funny because he could have played a complete different playlist last night that still would have been full of hits.

After every song, I kept shouting, “that one’s my favorite!” I don’t think there’s anything quite like hearing a packed stadium of 30,000+ people singing along to Piano Man or an a Capella version of The Longest Time. Even the two songs I didn’t know, I enjoyed. It was a perfect night for an outdoor concert too. Not too cold or warm, a few stars speckled the sky, and a great time with my parents and cousin Maura!

We started the night by hitting up a restaurant and getting a few drinks. I had a watermelon beer (the piece of watermelon on top was my favorite) and then had a glass of raspberry sangria. For my meal, I selected the chicken and shrimp sesame stir fry that was chock full of peppers, snap peas, and mushrooms on top a bed of jasmine rice. The portion size was just right so that I easily polished it off and washed it down with a soft serve cone in the stadium.

My workout for the day was a body strength circuit that had my sweating and sticky before I jumped into the pool to swim a mile. I was feeling strong yesterday and was in the zone and could have swam another mile (at least it yet like it) but I was on no time crunch and had to get ready for the concert! To add to my exercise for the day, we did quite a bit of walking to the concert and a ton of dancing! Once Billy came on stage, I didn’t sit for another two hours.

I was feeling sleepy this morning and took my time getting out of bed. Somehow it seemed easier at 5. I eventually got up and grilled up some French toast. In my batter, I tossed an egg, an egg white, a splash of milk, cinnamon, and vanilla together, soaked the bread, and fried it up. I thought I would get a little fancy with my topping and mixed a fourth of a cup of plain Greek yogurt and two tablespoons of dark chocolate peanut butter together. Combined with blueberries and banana, it was quite tasty. I ended up having too much for the toast, so I just ate the rest of it as a parfait.

As I enjoyed my breakfast, I watched a clip of Amy Schumer on Jimmy Fallon’s show talking about how she engaged in a bread eating war with Mindy Kaling and sexted from Katie Couric’s phone when she got up to use the bathroom. Comedy right now is huge, especially as people realize that women are actually funny. I am actually going to see Amy’s movie that comes out tonight, which she stars in and wrote. I think it’s so important to have celebrities, especially female, get so much positive exposure for being smart, funny, confident, and strong. And she was just nominated for an Emmy for her show Inside Amy Schumer, which is great!

Now onto a day of studying, writing, and exercising! Happy Friday!

We Laugh Because Otherwise We’d Cry- And That’s Just Sad

Does anyone ever watch a person walking, living, or breathing, and wonder how that person appears so simple and fluid and then wonder where exactly you went wrong?

 This occurs to me all the time.

 I’m in this constant state of trying to make myself less complicated because life in general creates all these complications and weird little awkward moments in life that is out of our control.

 For example, yesterday I’m in New York walking around while my friend Bobby worked and I enjoy my (hopefully) brief state of unemployment/finishing up this graduate program/vacation. I walked to and from his work to meet up for lunch, then wandered into a park and sat, wrote, and reflected for awhile just enjoying the sun. Then I decide to go to Barnes and Noble and browse, but I can’t just execute this plan. I have to spend my relaxing time checking my phone, trying to figure out how long I can stay in the park “relaxing” so that I can “enjoy” my time in the store before heading back to get ready for the concert.

 When I do decide to get up and go to Barnes and Noble, the store is huge, which is wonderful and bewildering all at once. I don’t even know where to start and then I’m wondering why I can’t just browse like I wanted in the first place.

 I make it back towards the apartment and I stop at Duane Reade because I’m hungry and thirsty, but I have to pee. I can’t decide what I want to snack on, but at the same time I have to hurry because of my pressing need, and there I just kind of stand in the middle of the store crossing my legs and bending sideways and everyways, looking like an idiot because I’m so indecisive.

 Even my sleep-like state tortures me as I dream about something that is approaching and making me anxious and nervous, so I wake up shaking and dizzy from exhaustion. When I get myself up and make it to where I need to catch my bus home, I’m back at Duane Reade trying to decide if I want to get M&Ms for the bus ride, which of course I do, but then I can never quite implement the actual plan without some sort of mental obstacle.

 Perhaps this is a tendency all young people, or people in general feel, but don’t quite show. Maybe it’s a result of my anxiety that I can mostly handle, but reveals itself in these little moments. Or maybe I just pay too damn close attention to parts of me that other people shrug off and ignore.

 I don’t like to compare myself to people because I don’t think that’s a productive way to live. Sure, I admire certain people for aspects of themselves that are inspiring. Everyone does and I think that’s important. But it’s times like when I’m in the middle of a store, trying to control my bladder (which thankfully, I’ve long since mastered) bent over and in agony, pushed over by someone who walks down the right aisle to grab the snack they know they want, that I wonder if other people feel like this.

Then I go to a concert to see this esteemed theater actress perform and she has a brief, potentially embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, which you can tell somewhat throws her off, but she still runs with it and laughs about it. Maybe that’s because she’s surrounded by a crowd of supportive, adoring fans cheering when she breathes a certain way.

 Maybe it’s because we’re all navigating this wacky world with our overwhelming minds together.

 Or maybe- probably- I’m just overthinking it.

 Let’s just all laugh together.