TV shows: Veep (one of my favorites ever), Superstore, Blackish, Powerless, The Good Wife, and Big Little Lies- I read the book a few years and and loved it and thus far the HBO series is amazing. Reese and Nicole for the win!).

Books: The Boston Girl and Where’d You Go, Bernadette. 

Movies: Gifted (Chris Evans is a dream), Moana, The Princess and the Frog

Music/Podcasts: Moana soundtrack, Ingrid Michaelson, musicals, current pop hits, WDW Radio, Be Our Guest podcast, Missing Richard Simmons

Food: waffles with peanut butter and a drizzle of syrup, stir fries, and tacos

Exercise: running, spinning, hiking, and strength training

Hobbies: writing and researching for an upcoming trip (see below!)

Things I’m looking forward to: going home for a few days to attend my cousin’s wedding and see my family, my friend Stephanie visiting next month, and going to Disney World with my family in August!

Where The Celebs At?

Happy Wednesday, party people! I’ve officially been in LaLaLand for one whole week and I’ve yet to see one celebrity. Say wha-at? I don’t even want to consider the number of celebrities that might have passed me by and I missed because I wasn’t observant enough. I was fairly certain I was going to be super famous and best friends with all of them by now… No? Well, at least I thought I’d be married to Chris Evans.

Maybe it’s because I’m spending so much time cooped up in the library getting some work done. Throughout college, I worked at a library, so it’s one of my happy places and never fails to make me productive.

Recap of yesterday:

Tuesday morning, I rolled out of bed for some cheesy eggs, an English muffin, and raspberries. Not a bad way to start the day at all.


After getting some work done at home, I drove into Hollywood, which, weird!, to meet my cousin for lunch. It’s all about friendly faces these days, let me tell you. I’m still not used to looking up and seeing palm trees or the Hollywood sign in the distance on my commute.

It would be nice to insert a picture here, but alas, driving and snapping pictures is frowned upon.

When in doubt (or stress or anything), gym time never fails me and I crushed it with a strength training line-up of biceps, back, legs, and core before finishing up with a quick interval ride on the bike. For strength, I worked through four sets of fifteen reps, two exercises for biceps, five for back, and five for legs- those bad boys were shaking (in a good way). My core workout included three exercises and I meant to do three sets of twenty, but ended up doing four sets, so a good ‘oops’ I guess.

Let’s take a look at that workout:

Biceps- Cross-Body Curls, High Bicep Curls

Back- Single-Arm Rows, Weighted Supermans, Back Extensions, High Pulls, Standing Rows

Legs- Front Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts, Kneeling Side Leg Raises, Kettlebell Swings

Core- Flutter Kicks, V Ups, Side Plank Dips

Once I finished on the bike, I was good and sweaty and ready for a snack and a cup of coffee at home!

Greek yogurt will never be the same for me after I had the homemade version at a local Greek pantry back at home, but I made do with good ol’ Chobani, mixing up the strawberry flavor with a handful of blueberries and some almonds.

To the library it was, but first, I got a phone call from an old friend/advisor that was very much appreciated. I can’t express how grateful I am to get calls and texts from family and friends in general, never mind that I’m in a new state, following my dreams, and pretty much by my lonesome.

As I mentioned, I do love the library, so I pretty much closed it up and headed home to make dinner. If it works one night, why not make it again the second? Whole grains, check. Protein, check. Veggies, check. Fat, check. Yum factor, check!


The rest of the night consisted of some reading and writing quality time. I must still be on East Coast time because as I’m typing, I’m longing to go to bed, but it’s only 9:40 here. Soon!

Here’s a selfie shot I had to take because my hair was on point and it would have been a waste for no one to have seen it.



Humbled by Fame: A How-To Guide

Whoa. This weekend has been so much fun and it has everything to do with my mild internet fame. My mom and I want to thank everyone for reading and sharing and for the overwhelming support of my latest post, which you can read here if you have no idea what I’m talking about:

Nurses are awesome, especially my mom and I’m so happy that so many are agreeing!

Here’s all of the wonderful things that have happened to me since I experienced the instant rush of success:

  1. I was offered my own TV show deal
  2. Chris Evans proposed
  3. Amy Poehler and I are best friends
  4. I lost 30 pounds by increasing my daily calorie allowance
  5. I made delicious pumpkin waffles

Okay, so only one of those things happened. Any guesses as to which??

Yes! You are exactly right. We’ll be married next summer and all of you are invited!


Psh, wishful thinking. Plus, that ring would have been a whole lot bigger had it been real. Reality is more like:


Still pretty delicious.

This weekend was fun with or without Chris Evans. On Friday, I got my day started with a dumbbell strength workout, worked, then headed to my aunt and cousin’s nail party. I got some Jamberry’s picked out based solely on my mom’s choosing all of the holiday options they have available. They were cute though so I won’t complain.


Clearly I’ve mastered the pout.

On Saturday, I worked through the morning, but ate this yummy oatmeal to fuel me through it.


After helping cover up the pool for the season- it’s now fall!- I had this for lunch. I’m big on waffles and eggs these days and I don’t care for which meal I eat them!


I wrote my now famous blog post, then met my friend Katie in the city. We went to a Greek festival for dinner and ate yummy gyros and baklava before meeting another friend at a Gatsby-type themed bar.


Sunday morning started with some grocery shopping. My mom and I met my Aunt Stacy and cousin Erin for lunch. Blackened salmon salad for the win!


After, we all scooted over for a Paint Nite afternoon. I can totally see why people love painting, and I also love to draw, but I never know what to create without someone telling and showing me how. I have a lot to work on when it comes to painting, but I don’t think it looks half bad.



Glowing from our newfound fame.



It was so beautiful out yesterday and by the time I got home, my legs were itching for a run outside! I headed down to the track to run on a consistent flat surface and I felt s-t-r-o-n-g. The intention was to go 4 miles, but by the time I reached my third, I knew I was in a good place, so I kept pushing. By the end, I got to 6.4 miles (had I realized at that point I was .1 away from 6.5, I would have gone for it, but oh well). I think I honestly could have run longer had it not been dark out, but also my legs were chafing! I can’t wait to run with pants on instead of shorts because it soothes things so much better!

I watched bits and pieces of the Emmys. My goal is to one day host and I think I could do a better job than Andy Samberg who felt choppy. I suspect we got spoiled by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey so many times. Maybe within the next few years, I’ll be receiving an award for my own show and hosting, and you can say you knew me when!

May Greetings!

It must be the end of the week because I just had to be told I was wearing my sweatshirt backwards. The terrible thing is, I thought it was strange when I couldn’t find the front pocket, but it didn’t alert me to maybe see what was happening. One could say I have so many other things going on, I couldn’t be bothered with such frivolous details. One would be too kind.

The day started off with a little bit of an eff you from my alarm. I thought I still had some time, so I rolled over to lay on my side just as my alarm blared. It was really mean, but it offended me such much, it woke me right up. Nicely played, Siri? *When speaking in terms of iPhones, I just blame Siri for everything.

I got things moving with a body strength workout at the gym. Side step ups are harder than they look, especially when followed by elevated calf raises, two different types of squats, two different kinds of lunges, kneeling kickbacks using a very tight resistance band, and elevated hip lifts on a stability ball. My legs were sore! I also went through tricep dips, push ups, mountain climbers, mermaid raises, sit ups, Russian twists, and roll outs. After, I was stoked to hop in the pool, even though it was a bit crowded and I was wall side in my lane, which in hate because I feel claustrophobic. I also enjoy swimming in the middle lanes of the pool because it has the whole open water effect. I’m a freak, I know. *For the record, if you out me in actual open water, I would panic and drown myself by accident. I fit in a solid mile and left the gym jazzed for the day.

For breakfast, I heated up the new breakfast sandwich machine to excellent results. It’s super easy to use, it’s fast, and you don’t have to do much fussing about, so I can get organized without feeling rushed. This also allows me a little longer time at the gym. Fresh fruit topped off my yummy meal.


I was- ok, my mom- was right about the whole fat in my meal thing. A little cheese left me fuller for longer and I didn’t even think of eating again until a few, appropriate, hours later. Lunch was a stir fry with buckwheat noodles,  chicken, veggies, and the aforementioned cheese. For a snack, I had the juiciest orange and a cup of Trader Joes coconut cream Greek yogurt that was incredible. Seriously, it was so good, but it did have a little more sugar than I would normally allot for a snack.

  It was all about the veggies for dinner. I tossed a shaved Brussels sprout salad together for a fresh side,malong with kebabs with grilled chicken, pepper, and zucchini. Because we were going to make it earlier in the week and didn’t, we also had cauliflower au gratin and a side of brown spinach rice. So good!

It’s Friday, friends, which means one more morning until I can sleep in! Also, only a few more hours until I get to see my husband, Chris Evans, up on the big screen again. Avengers Assemble! 

Oh! And happy. May!

Just Call Me Kitten


Growing up, my mother claimed I had selective hearing. I heard what I wanted and had the convenient skill to miss what I didn’t want to hear. It’s a talent. Though true, even today, the unfortunate circumstance of my youth was that I suffered from hearing issues from birth. My nurse mother explains that I struggled learning how to speak because I was hearing as though under water. My occasional mumbling might stem from that or that I have a lot to say and fear I might die before I get it all out. You never know.

There was a continuous string of “tube” surgeries that I underwent as a child and the only reason I allowed this was because one, my mother made me and two, my surgeon promised me a hallucination-like story of my favorite princess tale. I was always devastated when I could not remember this fantastical version of The Little Mermaid post-surgery- maybe the reason I kept going back. Or because Q-tips are evil, but feel so good. Is that wrong? I found out a few years ago that these so-called stories were lies from my mother, the nurse, who laughed at my ignorance.

Assisting my hearing struggles is my overactive imagination. I often talk to myself, whether living in the glamorous world my brain has concocted where I’m rich, famous, married to Chris Evans (The Winter Soldier was fabulous OMG), but humble. (We’ve discussed this before). Or else, I’m developing stories, dialogue that plays out behind my eyes in perfect sequence, but somehow struggles to come to light when I’m attempting to put it down onto paper the digital sphere. My mind moves far too fast for actual pen to paper, but I often journal in cursive because it’s my favorite art form.

Some of my best stories come to life while I’m showering, running, or my favorite exercise in the world- swimming. When my body is floating and gliding- hopefully without any obstacles in the form of lane mates- and I can’t be tied down by a phone in my hand or even music that sometimes stumps my creative flow. I’ve found time and time again during my constant quest to meditate that I am not one who benefits from sitting still. My relaxation comes best in the form of exercise, when the blood pumps high to the brain and boosts my spirit, and when my body isn’t itching to move. 

Don’t get me wrong, I can veg on the couch like the best of them, but this includes watching TV, browsing online, or reading a book. Maybe it’s a problem that I can’t just sit still for the hell of it, but I’ve made it work for me. My incessant overzealous dialogue with myself, detailed new world with a host of characters, or motivation to keep on going going going has kept me on my toes.

Despite understanding this, I still surprised myself today. Due to a busted hip, I was struggling to run through a bit of pain and limping up a hilly part of my route, thinking I needed to give up. I thought, “Nothing good in life is easy, kitten, keep on going.” I don’t know where or why the “kitten” thing came to light, but I laughed so hard I didn’t realize I made it up the hill without another negative thought.

When life throws one at you, don’t question it. Just appreciate that there can still be some silliness in a world that often seems out to get everyone.

My Mind’s Screenshot

I should start out clarifying that I do indeed love my life. I have a very good one and I’m very blessed and fortunate. That being said, I also really like the life that plays out in my imagination.

Like I’m a famous writer and living (autocorrect refuses to let that be a word!?) on both coasts and all that. Being in grad school doesn’t allow much free time to live in this dream world so you take it where you can get it.

Except in these situations where you accidentally get caught or are dramatically brought down to your average, humbling life.

Like when I am envisioning myself marrying Chris Evans and suddenly I’m reminded of my eye twitch I get when I am tired or stressed out because some man who does not look like Chris Evans winks at me because he thinks I winked at him first. Which is technically correct, except not on purpose.

Or when I was picturing my NYC penthouse apartment as I walk to catch my bus with my huge bag because I do not travel lightly, I take a wrong turn, realize the error of my ways, twist, and land on my face. As it happens, a tall, dark, and handsome man does help me up but I don’t think the swears, cringing, and twitching does me any favors because when I look up, no sparks go flying. He doesnt serendipitously turn out to be my seatmate for a bus that old ages 45 minutes late, and tell me his deepest, most prolonged secrets as we waste away in traffic.

And now I’m hungry.

I’m Every Woman

So I am in LA and absolutely loving it. California is so beautiful and it gives me the greatest vibes just being here. My friend Brad has been fabulous allowing me to stay with him and taking me around and what not. Thanks Brad!


One thing I wanted to talk about was how easy it has been for me not to give into my crippling shyness. Maybe it’s because I came here on my own and I can’t really afford to be shy and quiet and awkward here or it would ruin my vacation. It has been something I’ve been working on and trying to address before I came here, but I really feel as though coming here has really pushed that transformation forward. It’s such a wonderful feeling to put yourself out there, despite any fears of rejection, judgment, etc., and just be able to be you and not apologize for it.

That being said, I love California and it is now my dream to one day live in Santa Monica. It’s so so beautiful. Obviously I joke about wanting to be famous and whatnot, but honestly what I really want is to make a good amount of money to support myself doing something I love and just be happy. If I happen to be famous and wealthy on top of that, so be it. I mean, who would argue with that?


In other news, Chris Evans and I are soulmates. I know that that has already been pretty much thrown out there, but my friend Christine confirmed this today when she showed me a new magazine article about him. He was talking about his ideal woman and he said one who prefers Boston over LA (being a bi-coastal woman would be ideal for me, holler/hollah), is brunette, likes dogs (Hi Mac!), and flosses (in a random and amazing turn of events, I happened to be flossing when Christine sent this to me). See, soulmates! He just doesn’t know it yet.

More about flossing by the way, I’m newly obsessed. It’s seriously so good for you and I use the little pick things that makes it so easy! I started using it after my (former) roommate, Stephanie, started doing it because she had gingivitis (sp?) and I got scared and followed her lead. It makes my teeth feel so much healthier and it easily fits into a normal routine after you do it on a regular basis after awhile. So floss. And also eat breakfast. Every day. It will change your life. It was seriously one of the biggest things in my weight loss that I did for myself. It helps you take on the day, feel more productive, and have so much energy. Wow, I just went on a little tangent. Sorry about that.


Nothing else new right now except that I thought I saw Robert Pattinson at a sub shop, and I swear it looked exactly like him, but now I’m not so sure because he’s supposed to be at Cannes. Or he was in Cannes. Who knows how long that lasts? So is this Robert? I don’t know. But if so, Rob, I would have mentioned Harry Potter and not Twilight, so you’re welcome.


By the way, the Red Sox seem to get on a roll, reach .500 and then lose again. They can’t get above .500. I mean come on! They had a nice walk-off win tonight though, so I’m thinking this will propel them into a huge turnaround. Now if my beloved Jacoby could come back that would be great, thanks. And I guess I will also mention the big Celtics win tonight. It will be fun watching them squash Lebron and the Heat. No one even likes the Heat.