If I Showed You My Flaws, If I Couldn’t Be Strong…

Last night, I had to run on the treadmill. I suppose I could have waited until the sun went down, but there was a Yoga class I wanted to attend and I love Yoga best after a strong run. The treadmill actually wasn’t all that bad and I kept a steady pace for 15 minutes, walked for 5 minutes on a high incline, ran for another 15 minutes at a slightly faster clip, walked for 5 minutes on a high incline, then ran for 10 minutes at an even faster pace. This kept things from growing boring along with a fun playlist. Currently, I am obsessed with R. City’s song with Adam Levine, Locked Away. I cooled down for a two minute walk before hopping off and heading down to Yoga.

I got home to find my brother and his girlfriend had made dinner. I guess Jimmy and Cait had tried coconut shrimp out at a restaurant and they wanted to recreate the meal. I was a little suspicious when they kept asking me about how to cook the shrimp, and I was working out during the preparation stages, but the end product was delicious. Anything with coconut is delicious. I paired my shrimp with a cup of pasta that looks overflowing on my plate and broccoli and peppers.


I woke up this morning with a hankering for some pancakes. They were thick and fluffy and delicious with some peanut butter and jelly on top! There’s also nothing quite like summer fruit, especially of the berry variety.


As I’m reflecting back past my California vacation (I miss it!), I’m realizing that my meals haven’t been as healthy as usual and I’m not feeling my regular strong and happy self. I know this tends to happen to me when I lose a sense of regular routine, which is already a product of summer. It’s been an odd summer with leaving my job and starting a new one that doesn’t have a 9-5 schedule (and believe me, I’m not complaining- to say that I made the right choice is an understatement), heading out for vacation, and trying to form a new schedule. Plus, the need for ice cream all the time is real 24/7.

It doesn’t help that my brain tends to want to write late at night when I know I should be in bed, but I also don’t want to break my flow. I think I just need to learn to live with a bit more flexibility and gain control not through relying on structure and routine, but on myself to be able to adapt to changes better. There are so many factors I will never be able to control, but the way I eat and take care of my body is definitely my own prerogative. Let’s take it one meal at a time, listen to my body’s signals, and how I feel after I eat.

About 90% of the time, I love exercising. I know I’m a bit of a freak in that regard, but when I’m at the gym, I feel my most powerful, I get in my zone, and it heals me. It’s a hassle that when it comes to losing weight and living healthy, about 70% of it is all about what you eat. I love to eat and for the most part, I eat really well, but when I don’t, I can’t just fix it with exercise (at least not like when I first started to lose weight). This all goes to show that I really do need to get back into the kitchen and spend the time I need to create healthy, nutritious, filling meals.

Fall’s the perfect time for that! But don’t worry, there’s no need to wait.

I am determine to wear heels. I have sensitive feet and don’t like to force myself to wear or do things that are unnecessarily uncomfortable, but heels are cute and I’m sick of flats. Work is a great place to practice because there is walking and standing, but not like when I was teaching where there was a threat of having to chase students on the playground. I’ve gotten better walking and not having my feet hurt by practicing in boots. By spring and summer, I’ll be wearing wedges and regular heels like a pro. Or so is the hope!

Meals for the day began with a hard-boiled egg and babybel cheese that fueled me through my workout.

 I started with five minutes on the bike to warm and wake up as I was feeling a bit sleepy and overwhelmed by the buzzing of all the treadmills. Once I got going, I felt a lot better and started with  two sets of dumbbell exercises at ten reps a piece. I hopped on the treadmill for a mile run and felt great! My next two set of dumbbell exercises were at eight reps with slightly higher weight. My next mile run was still feeling good- note, good music can get you through anything. I finished my strength training workout with two sets of six reps at my highest weight. My shoulders were feeling the burn as I hopped on the treadmill for a final mile. I was definitely tired, but energized by the end.

I whipped up some French toast for my breakfast by throwing in pumpkin, egg, almond milk, and cinnamon. It was excellent topped with peanut butter, jelly, and toasted coconut. A bowl of fruit finished the meal.


Lunch was a delicious salad filled with different colors and tastes. My usual salad contains baby spinach, peppers, carrots, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, and feta. This one also had half a grilled chicken breast and beans for a punch of protein. I had a baggie  of that delicious popcorn to go along with it.


Dinner was a delectable meal made by my sister Lauren and her fiancé Nick. Called “chicken and pasta” it’s a recipe made famous by his mother. After all these years of hearing about his favorite meal, I finally got to try it and it did not disappoint. Roasted Brussels sprouts with a little olive oil, maple syrup, salt and pepper sprinkled on top was an added veggie. I also made a Caesar salad to accompany things.


One of my habits for my spring cleaning eating plan is not having seconds. This does not mean that I have more on my initial plate, but that I am certain to really enjoy and savor what I am eating and better listen to my body’s signals. Obviously if I was still hungry, I would have more, but so far, I’ve found myself more satisfied by less servings. Feeling good with all these wedding events nearing! Not to mention the nicer weather and bathing suit season.