Fun Weekend Things

Welcome back from the weekend! I hope it treated you right and that Monday is doing the same.

My weekend started early Friday afternoon when I got off work and headed to a local amusement park with my mom. I’m not a huge daredevil in real life, but I do love a thrilling roller coaster!


On Saturday, I started my day with this egg roll-up stuffed with scrambled eggs, bell peppers, mozzarella, and turkey pepperoni for a total of 3 points.


I spent a good chunk of the day reading a mystery I couldn’t put down! For once, I wasn’t disappointed by the ending and it was a solid page-turner. I did tear myself away to fit in a great workout I was really feeling.

Doing a lot of barbell work, I focused on heavy weights 3 sets of 10 reps and did 100 jumps on the jump rope after each exercise. 5 upper body exercises, 5 lower body, and 2 core, which totaled to 1200 jumps! I enjoyed mixing the strength and cardio because it kept things moving and didn’t feel tedious. I also worked up a good sweat.


For lunch, I heated up some chicken and veggie potstickers with lots of veggies- bell peppers, broccoli slaw, and bok choy- with a touch of hoisin sauce. Altogether, the meal was 7 points.


I headed down to the park to meet up with my sister and her family and spent some quality baby time. She was feeling the not-so-hot weather and promptly napped.


By dinner time, I was hungry! I grilled up chicken and veggies and splurged with some whole wheat pasta. I mixed everything with a lighter alfredo sauce and a sprinkling of cheese for a total of 13 points!


Since it’s the weekend and I had most of my weekly points remaining, I very much savored some ice cream, while watching a movie- Table 19- which didn’t get great reviews but was free on HBO. I actually thought it was cute.

Sunday morning started with a cheese omelette, piece of toast, and raspberries.


Then it was time for a muggy run! 3.1 solid miles of sweat.


The rest of the afternoon was spent celebrating my Grandma’s birthday. It was nice to spend time with family and celebrate the day.

Happy birthday, Grandma!

Yer A Wizard, Margaret

I find this title hilarious and I kept saying it to my mom these last few days, for reasons you will soon discover!

For now, we will say, Day Two was another successful, eventful day in the land of Caitlin. My mom and I were up early in the morning to hit up breakfast so my mom could get to her conference.


As she went off for the day, I headed back to the room to do some work. I kept trying to get in a workout that I had specially planned for the elaborate gym this facility has. Note: and by elaborate I mean a treadmill, a bike, a bench, and medicine balls. That’s it, but I still planned a kick-ass workout routine that I had to modify when I couldn’t get into the room. Something was broken or whatever.


I got down and dirty with some body strength moves in the hotel room: tricep dips, push-ups, squats, lunge knee-ups, jumping jacks, and supermans, as well as a core circuit of plank step-outs, side plank dips, suitcases, and flutter kicks. A run would have topped things off nicely, but at least it wasn’t from lack of motivation!

After my workout, I got ready for the day and had my first LA driving experience. It was early in the afternoon, still busy, but nothing like what I will soon come to know. But I survived and I definitely feel more comfortable.


My destination was to my apartment where I moved in a lot more of my stuff and started to get organized. It was good to see what I still need to purchase to set up my room, which pretty much means a lot more hangars. A few hours in, my stomach was rumbling, so I found a local pizza joint and enjoyed. It was pretty much a Chipotle for pizza.


Whoever decided to ship my bedframe four days earlier than the first expected date, which is usually excellent, but in my case, I wasn’t in the state, so I ended up having to pick up the box.


Yes, I lugged this bad boy up some stairs that, for the record, has a warning label on it saying, “Warning- Heavy. Only carry with lift,” which is exactly why I lift weights. With a little help from my roommate, I got my bedframe up and ready for the mattress, which came ten minutes after I left to head back to the hotel.


That’s a sneak peek at my room!

I was all set to hang out in the room for a bit before meeting my mom at the Convention Center, but I had the brilliant idea of taking the free shuttle over, which was leaving as I was coming in. Resourceful!


Why was I meeting my mom there? Oh, you know, to hang out in random lines and then to hop on a bus for an hour in traffic.




Oh, right! There was another reason. HARRY POTTER WORLD at Universal Studios. Yeah, so I teared up a bit, but it was amazing and exactly as I would have imagined it. Thanks to the conference, the park was closed down just for us and we got to go on rides multiple times in what should have taken hours to go on one. Thanks for being so smart, mom!





The Harry Potter rides were amazing, but we even found time to do some other attractions, which were excellent. My mom has the spirit of an exuberant child at amusement parks and we laughed our way through the night!

After a long, tiring, but brilliant day, we finally made it back to the hotel and jumped right into bed!

Day Two is another one for the history books!

Who Runs the World? Me!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a true blog post, so let’s catch up!

We have to go all the way back to Wednesday, which included a veggie scramble, fruit, and waffles for breakfast.


My obsession for the week was a Thai chopped salad. Romaine and spinach mix, with peppers, carrots, cucumber, tomato, and chicken mixed with feta and a sesame ginger dressing that was oh so good! Some pickles on top for something a little different.


My workout on Wednesday was a four mile run in the rain. I’ve been digging running lately and it’s making me very excited to see how far I can go with it. I finished with a body strength circuit of squats, lunges, push ups, hip lifts, and sit ups. Whew.

For dinner, I enjoyed grilled shrimp, spinach rice, and a vegetable medley of cauliflower, asparagus, and red peppers.


I woke up Thursday ready for a pancake breakfast. Peanut butter makes the world go round.


Lunch was another delicious Thai chopped salad with the same ingredients. A few chips on the side for crunch.


Thursday’s workout started with a mile swim. I’ve been keeping pace and feeling strong! I also fit in a kettlebell strength circuit along with some core work.

Dinner was a spinach salad with chicken and a side of leftover rice.


I was still hungry when I finished, so I made myself half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a cup of hot chocolate for a treat!


Friday morning, I made quite a feast for myself and it’s a good thing I did because I had something big to fuel up for. First, a whole wheat waffle with berries and then, scrambled egg whites with cheese.


When I headed out for a run on Friday, I expected to do about 2-3 miles before a strength workout I had planned. Instead, I was feeling strong and decided to go for as long as I could. 10 miles later and I was finally heading in the direction of home. I ran 10 miles! Just a few weeks ago, I feel like I was complaining about how it was hard to run 5 and now I’ve busted past that plateau. Hard work and determination does pay off, friends!

My recovery lunch was a ton of water, an english muffin with peanut butter, and most of this salad. The bad part about running include my lack of desire for vegetables and all the cuts along my panty and bra line. I need to figure out what to do about that problem in particular.


On Saturday, I started off with an egg, cheese, and chicken sausage sandwich on an english muffin before opening at work. That afternoon, my college roommate Stephanie and I headed out to an amusement park for the day. We decided to leave our phones in the car, so there is no documentation of our adventures. Including all the rides- I love roller coasters!!- we split a chicken finger and waffle fry dish for lunch, slurped down ice cream, then went through the haunted houses the park offered after dark. I won’t be rushing back to those anytime soon, but I did love the rides.

Once we got back, we shared a pizza and salad while watching The Grudge, since neither of us saw it before. It was tame as far as scary movies go, but still fun.

On Sunday, I made my pumpkin waffles for a nice fall breakfast.


For my workout, I headed out for another run and went 6.25 miles, the length of a ten k. I was feeling so good once again, except my foot kept falling asleep. This happened a few runs ago too, but luckily it doesn’t seem to be consistent. It’s quite the nuisance though when you’re trying to hit your stride!

My sister and her husband came over for dinner that consisted of barbecue chicken, ribs, Brussel sprouts, baked beans, and banana bread. I forgot to take a picture, but it was a masterpiece! I had higher hopes for the Brussel sprouts as it was a recipe of my own creation, but I think I got heavy handed with the maple syrup and everything turned gooey. It included sprouts, chopped apple, chopped walnuts, maple syrup, cinnamon, and salt and pepper. Yummy, but gooey.

And here we are to today! For breakfast, I chowed down on scrambled egg whites with cheese and a chicken sausage and grilled up a piece of banana-zucchini bread with butter and a smear of jelly. It hit the spot!


Now I’m ready for a workout and for the rest of the day!

The Good, The Bad, and The Itchy

In the case of my title, which I find quite clever, the bad and the itchy are the same. Mosquitoes are the bane of existence in the summer and they appear to love me even more when I apply bug spray. When around me, no need to worry because they must be attracted to my sweet smelling blood. On vacation, in the mountains, this only magnifies.

If you were curious as to why I haven’t posted anything in over a week, then thank you, you are obviously an avid reader of this blog and I applaud you for such great taste. If not, no matter, you’re reading now.

When life is busy, it is, for the most part, a blessing because it means you are living your life. This past week I was very fortunate because I was able to spend a week in New Hampshire, hiking, exploring, laughing, and building memories with my family.

It’s funny in a beautiful, bittersweet way how quickly one becomes accustomed to vacation life. For me, the best vacations aren’t necessarily relaxing in the sit home and do nothing stage. Such moments are just as important and wonderful, but for me, the exploring and adventures, with some of the greatest people on Earth, are what is important.

Without going into too much detail, because honestly, I don’t think I could explain in proper detail the magnitude of wonder this vacation brought. It included trips to two amusement parks of my childhood, Storyland and Santa’s Village, in which I relished in the joy it inspired in my younger cousins while remembering fondly and a bit sadly my own memories with some who are now passed. I hiked to the most beautiful water sources I have ever seen, climbing up and down rocks and dirts and realizing just how mundane life in “reality” can get. I fit through caves, including something called “the lemonsqueezer,” which was very small and tight and makes me feel very good about myself.

I rode up and down Mount Washington and found that mountains really are impressive. I laughed my way to good abs while spending quality time with my younger, energetic cousins who I am very happy to have developed a deeper bond, as well as my aunts and uncles who may actually appreciate my crazy (or at least pretend to) And whom are some of the funniest, caring people I know. I gazed at stars at night and ate a little too much. I rode on a horse for the first time and only freaked out a few times thinking I would be the one to fall into horse feces. I healed and felt inspired. I cried at the loss of Robin Williams and those with whom I used to travel to these places. Most important of all, I felt apart of something magical and special knowing that these moments, no matter where they take place or what occurs, are what make life important.

Reality is settling back in just as it always does. However, with another thing behind me in which to be grateful, as all good vacations inspire, I hope to foster the sense of hope, lightheartedness, appreciation, and mindfulness in every sense of my day. Life is to be lived, well and with good people.I am very lucky to have been granted it all.


This week, we can all look forward to our regularly scheduled updates!