And just like that, we’re back to Monday. It is a short week, thanks to the holiday, so I’m not too mad about it! I’m back to check in with a weekend recap and wish you all a wonderful start to the week.


After I headed out from work on Friday, I fit in a home strength training workout focusing on all compound movements and finished with some jump roping. Jump roping is such an efficient way to fit in quality cardio and you reap the benefits without having to stay at it for a monotonous 30+ minutes.

For lunch, I met up with my friend Nouha to grab Chipotle. It was great relaxing and catching up. Once I was home, I spent some quality time with Simba who has been upset that the windows have all been shut thanks to the air conditioner. He’s taking it hard and is instead following me around everywhere I go. Luckily, I don’t mind.

Once traffic subsided a bit, I headed over to see my sister, her husband, and the baby! I had grilled up some shrimp and packed up a bunch of fixins’ to concoct some tasty tacos for dinner and we all enjoyed those.


It’s funny how amusing just watching an infant is.


By the time I got home, I only had time for a few pats and a chapter out of my new book before it was time to call it a night.


Saturday mornings are meant for pancakes! I’m still getting back into good blogger practices, so I forgot to snap a pic of my breakfast feast, but it included pancakes (duh) and some scrambled eggs. Something nice and simple on another hot morning!

I slept in a good portion of the morning, a rare feat with a cat who needs constant affection, I mean look at the cuteness I was dealing with here:


and after breakfast, I put in some work with learning html and writing.

In the afternoon, I hydrated up and attempted a run. It was hot, but there was a slight breeze that got me through two miles. Once I met up with my friend Molly for a walk, the heat caught up with me though and I was in desperate need for water. We got lunch after, so I was feeling good.


I spent a solid hour writing a fiction piece and it felt good getting into the flow again. That night, I watched the Red Sox demolish the Yankees 11-0 and enjoyed ice cream with my parents.



I slept in a little on Sunday, luxuriating in the air conditioning before starting my day with some grocery shopping.

For breakfast, I enjoyed this scramble with chicken sausage and jalapenos.


The rest of their afternoon consisted of solid time in the pool where I relaxed and swam half a mile. My sister and her husband and BABY came over for a cookout in the afternoon.


It was still hot, but we made it through.


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