meal prep for early mornings

When you wake up to work at 5am (not every day, luckily), it’s pertinent to be organized. I’m a girl who has to eat almost right away in the morning and I try never to miss breakfast because it’s my favorite meal of the day, but also, it’s good for you.

There are few things in the world I enjoy more than a warm, filling breakfast in the morning, but sometimes, you need to prepare a meal on the go.

I pulled out this old bento box and made it work. I need enough food to fuel me through the morning and then a workout.


On one side, I snagged two zucchini egg-muffins, a cheesestick, and berries.


The other included one pumpkin muffin, yogurt, almonds, and grapes.


All filling and satisfying.

While working, it’s important that I have enough food, that it’s healthy food, but also that the food is transportable and fine to eat in-between moments of work and free-time.

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