post-long weekend check in

It’s true, I have the cutest cat in the world.


The weekend, as it always does, kicked off on Friday afternoon when I left work around 2. I fit in a total body workout that ended with a few miles on the spin bike. That night, my friend Stephanie came over to watch the Red Sox (who I am not speaking to after this terrible run of losses), play with Simba, and dine on our favorite pizza and salad combo.

On Saturday, I worked a full day and stretched my legs with a quick run before meeting some friends for dinner.

Sunday started off with grocery shopping before going out to lunch with my grandma. It was a rainy day, so I headed to the gym after for a solid workout. I was excited to watch the Red Sox game that night, but at least I got to spend some time with this guy.


Since it was a nice long weekend, Monday morning consisted of a workout, a session at work, and a day lounging outside with the family.

It seems that the constant change in weather is messing with my immune system and I’m fighting off a sore throat and runny nose that isn’t quite enough to be called a cold, but is enough to be annoying


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