Disney Day 2

Sorry for the delay in posting, it’s been a bit busy starting a new job and adopting this little guy.


His name is Simba Charles Weasley and he’s the sweetest thing. He’s already settled in and is quite rambunctious. I’m sure there will be many Simba and Caitlin adventures to report.


Back to Disney 2017! Day 2 found us park hopping, splitting our day between Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

First up, a nice family photo. I’m still soaked from the river rapids ride, as you can tell.


We went on the safari early enough in the morning that all the animals were out and social. The giraffes and lions were the best to see!

Tips on a great quick service meal in Animal Kingdom: Flame Tree BBQ. Delicious, enough to share for two, and a thrifty use of the meal plan!

Someone was really afraid on the Dinosaur ride…the other was faking it.


We didn’t get to go on the Pandora ride that day, but I’ll get to that when we get to tomorrow’s recap! Once we had our fill of the animals, we hopped on over to Hollywood Studios.

Things looked a bit familiar…


Ran into this guy.


We went on all the big rides- Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, Star Tours- before going to Mama Melrose’s for a nice Italian dinner. There were hopes to go back to Animal Kingdom for a late night in line for Pandora, but we were tired and wanted to wake up to rope drop Magic Kingdom the next day!


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