Disney Day One

Welcome back, Monday! I’m feeling the Monday Blues in particular because it means I’m back from vacation. After a long time of researching and planning, my family finally made it to Disney and it did not disappoint.

For the next few days, I’ll be going over the planning process along with the end result for a little travel blogging fun. Believe me, my sister, mom, and I put a lot of work into this trip.

Sunday morning came early as we trudged out to the airport and though we were running on fumes, we were excited to get to the Mouse. We dropped our luggage off at the hotel- Pop Century, a Value Resort because we didn’t plan on spending much time at the hotel, but still comfortable and fun-themed- and hopped on another bus to our first park of the trip.

It’s been 10 years since we’ve been to Disney World (only a month or so since I’ve been to Disneyland and aren’t I spoiled?) and we were all excited to be there together.

First up, Epcot!


We were all hungry upon arrival, so we headed to Sunshine Seasons to enjoy a quick service meal. I’m impressed by all the healthy options Disney offers, although I for sure wasn’t worried too much by what I was eating and drinking during my vacation. After a tasty power salad, we started for the rides!

Disney vacationers staying on property get to make Fast Passes 60 days in advance, which meant my sister and mom were up early that morning to book them. For our first Epcot day, we got Mission Space- we’re thrill seekers, we are- Figment, and Frozen Ever After. Waiting in long lines suck, but if you are flexible and strategic enough, you don’t have to wait too long.

We started on the Nemo ride, Spaceship Earth as it began to rain, and I enjoyed a nice nap on the last day of Ellen’s Energy Ride- I couldn’t help it, it was dark and cool in the theater! We ended up changing our Figment Fast Pass- you can do all the planning and still need to make lots of changes on the go- and didn’t ride it that day since it seemed to be experiencing some difficulty. After Mission Space and Test Track, we headed over to the World Showcase for a drink in Mexico.


You can always tell which drink is mine by spotting the fruitiest one.


Then headed to France for a frozen beverage for the girls and Germany for a bier for the boys.


Even though it didn’t feel too hot, the humidity was brutal and I was sweating profusely. But I was just so happy to be there!


After we walked around some more, it was time to ride Frozen! Very cute, but man those lines can go on for a long time!


Near the end of the night, it was time for dinner at Le Cellier. We were on the Disney Dining Plan, which gave us one table service credit, one quick service credit, and two snack credits per day, and Le Cellier takes two table credits per person. It was well worth it! My sister and I split the 28 oz porterhouse with lobster mac and cheese and garlic mashed potatoes.


It was truly one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. I had room for only a bite or two (or five) of the maple creme brûlée for dessert. By the time we finished, the park was closed, so we rolled ourselves out of there and back to the hotel.

With Sunday in the books, it was time to rest up for the next day! Tune in tomorrow to check out my recap of our Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios park hopper activities!


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