i thought i was weak, but i am strong

Although the title begs to delve into deeper topics, I’ve led you to incorrect assumptions.

The past few times I’ve taken my bike out, I thought I was a bad bike rider- slow, children passing me, whatever. I thought I wasn’t nearly as strong as I believed myself to be and believe me, I workout hard.

Turns out, I’m just dumb.

The other day, I decided it was time to discover if my bike had flat tires or simply deflated tires. I thought I was thrifty by getting a cheap hand pump. Then, I thought I was nifty by using my air bed pump to elevate those tires. Nothing happened.

After a lot of sweating and determination to air up those tires (to nothing!), I only succeeded into deflating them further.

Back to the store I went to purchase an actual bike pump. The tires inflated quickly and beautifully. I took the bike out for a ride to the beach that usually takes a long, laborious 45 minutes each way in 40 minutes round trip.


It was SO easy!

Kinda makes we wish I’d figured it out sooner. But alas, it’s beautiful now.



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