southwest stuffed zucchini boats

Zucchini is a versatile veggie for sure! I’ve been thinking of this recipe for awhile now and I finally executed it last week. Zucchini boats!

Slice the zucchini(s) in half!


Scoop out the innards.


Set aside and start prepping the stuffed portion of stuffed zucchini. My choice of ingredients were black beans, corn, and sausage, as well as the scooped out zucchini!


With marinara sauce.


Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees, spray the pan, line with a layer of marinara, and plop down the zucchini shells (another appearance by my loaf pan!).


Stuff those bad boys!


Oh, whoops! Too much stuffing for two zucchini halves! That’s okay, it will still taste delicious. Bake for a 25 minutes, take out of the oven and sprinkle on the cheese! Bake for another 5 minutes.


Let it cool! Put aside one stuffed zucchini (and a hearty portion of just the stuffing) for the next day’s lunch and serve with choice of sides.



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