when in LA…

Go to Chili’s?

It’s funny what you crave far from home and I was not alone! Before we get to that though, let’s start with Friday night post-work with a sweaty workout that I’ll feature later on in the week.


Sweat and the bright orange background is no friend to my dauntingly light eyebrows.

I had leftover pizza and salad for dinner, watched some Sex and the City, and fell into a deep sleep that was thankfully and finally a full night’s sleep! For whatever reason, I’ve been waking up between 3-5:30 am and unable to fall back into a peaceful sleep. What a pain!

On Saturday morning, I made pancakes and I think I’m getting better!


Okay, yes, the above is an old picture of pancakes, but only because I was hungry and dug in before I remembered to take a picture!

After some lounging, digesting, and hydrating, I walked over to the gym ready to crush it once again. It was hot and the AC was minimal, so I was sweaty from the beginning. Like, gross, by the end.


It’s hard to tell from the picture, but I was soaked to the bone. On the walk home, I stopped into a local spot for an iced coffee to cool me down.

At home, I showered, ate a quick lunch, and spent some quality time updating my blog. This is a work-in-progress that is going to take some time, but I’m determined to continue updating on the regular and making givememycrownalready more aesthetically pleasing.

Which takes us to the aforementioned Chili’s pit-stop. The last time I went there was with my sister the night we got our latest tattoos and the newest Harry Potter book that wasn’t a Harry Potter book because she didn’t even write it….howcouldyoudothistomeJo? 

Anyway, Saturday night, I went to Chili’s with some friends and it was delicious.

Sunday morning began with crepes- kind of- and a workout that went between running and strength training, meaning that once again, I was a sweaty mess (but in the best possible way.

After, I went to the beach with my cousin.


It was hot, but not one of those days that I wanted to get into the water. Instead, I just stewed.


Once we had our fill of sunshine, it was time to celebrate National Ice Cream Day…


A warm glazed donut stuffed with delicious ice cream. Oh my. I’ll still be daydreaming about it come Monday.

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