baked cod

I don’t know what it is about the summer that made me want to turn on my oven, but I’ve had a few recipes lately that I’ve been digging.

I keep a lot of cod and salmon in my freezer as I try to eat fish and chicken for a lot of dinners. Cod is great with butter, salt, and pepper, but I was feeling fancy on Tuesday night and went for it.

Since I’m on my own, I make a lot of single-serving recipes, or double batches and save for later, but this is something you could easily quadruple if needed. It’s amazing what a little prep work can do to make a meal special.

At my mom’s suggestion, I pre-heated the oven at 375 and started prepping. Salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, and butter.


Ritz cracker crumble.


Baked for 20 minutes.


A thing of beauty.

Served with a baked potato and lots of spinach.


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