a taste of home

Event though it was hot on Sunday, a good home-cooked meal struck my fancy. One of my favorite meals is my mom’s baked macaroni and cheese, so once the idea hit, I ran with it.

First up, I boiled the pasta.

*Insert picture of pasta boiling.

As the pasta boiled away, it was time to start the most important part, melt the cheese! I started with butter and flour, milk, salt and pepper, then two types of cheese because I’m a fancy girl- cheddar and pepper jack.


The mix might look darker because I only had whole wheat flour on hand. Once everything was ready, I pre-heated the oven and tossed pasta and cheese sauce together. Gooey!


Last thing added was a ritz cracker crumble.


I threw this magical pot into the oven and flitted around my apartment for a bit. With about ten minutes to go, I started the veggies and the steak. Voila.


Once I assembled my dish, I promptly dug in!



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