Happy Monday!

When I looked back at my phone to write up this post, I really thought there would be more pictures to share, but I was wrong.

I hope you get really jazzed for this single photo of pancakes.


Now that I think about it, I did take a lot of pictures, but on Snapchat or Instagram Stories, so they’re lost in the Internet abyss now.

On Friday, I headed over to my friend’s house for some wine and My Favorite Murder talk. That sounds terrifying, but it’s actually a podcast that I am currently obsessed with. I’m new to the phenomenon to the show and it seems like a great idea to binge-listen to a bunch of episodes until I crawl into bed and turn my light off at night.

Friday into Saturday, I woke up to use the restroom in the middle of the night and twisted my ankle. I’m still not sure what happened, and I had just been congratulating myself on six years of some heavy workouts without injury, but I think my leg must have been asleep or I was still half asleep and I crumpled. Thankfully, I got a wrap for it and was able to exercise without any pain.

Saturday, I woke up to enjoy some waffles and a workout that left me a sweaty mess in the best of ways. After some leisure time, I headed over to a friend’s house to hop in their pool (no underwater dunking for this blonde who does not want to be green-headed), wine, food, and laughter.

When I checked my phone Sunday morning, I could have sworn it said 6:00am, but then I glanced at it again, seemingly mere minutes later, it was 8:00am! Not sure if I fell asleep and didn’t realize or it took my phone a minute to wake up, but wow, mind meld. It was a quiet morning in which I made pancakes and listened to My Favorite Morning, sweated it out, grocery shopped, and did a mixture of things like writing and reading the rest of Sunday because it was hot.

Now we’re back to Monday. Have a great week!


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