weekend warrior

Welcome back from the weekend…was it all you hoped it would be?

Friday kicked things off with a movie night among friends. A group of us went to see Girls Trip, which was hilarious! I seriously haven’t laughed that hard in forever.

On Saturday morning, I livened things up with a delicious batch of pancakes- which I really thought I had snapped a pic of to show you….

After, I cleaned up my apartment with Friends playing in the background. In the late afternoon, I headed over to my friend’s place to drink wine, eat Chipotle, and watch Forensic Files.

Sunday involved a lazy morning of laying in bed reading before I made scrambled eggs and toast. I fit in a solid workout of strength training and running.

That afternoon, I drove up to Griffith Observatory with my friend to check out some views.

The rest of the evening was all about relaxation and movies.

Happy Monday!

food in colors

All the pancakes!


Yogurt with frozen grapes and walnuts.


Standard breakfast around here.

The beginnings of what would be a quesadilla fail- but still tasty.


 Chicken stir fry with a teriyaki glaze.

Homemade waffles.

Warm bowl of oats.

My first ramen- from a restaurant.

steak and cheese roll-ups

So, Miss Genius over here thought she could be versatile with cooking without certain required instruments, but sometimes it’s important to learn lessons.

I got the idea in my head to make steak and cheese roll-ups, even though I didn’t have any toothpicks.

Assembly actually wasn’t too difficult. I took a cut of steak and sliced it into four pieces, then rolled them up with shredded cheese. Fun fact, raw meet sticks quite well to itself.

It looked so pretty in the pan and I congratulated myself on a job well done.


And that is, of course, where it went wrong.

Once the pan heated up, the steak started to cook, and…unravel.


The end result wasn’t exactly what I wanted, and it definitely wasn’t pretty, but it was tasty and for just me, that’s all that matters.

You have to take the food fails along with the food yays, otherwise, what’s the point in trying?

denying the sweet tooth

Hi! Life is too short to deprive yourself. I respect the people who know themselves and say that they can’t stop at one so they have none at all, but a life without chocolate just makes me sad.

Moderation sounds like a sad term, but it’s true. Everything in moderation, so long as you aren’t hurting others- why is it necessary to say that?

I, Caitlin, have a raging sweet tooth. Thankfully, I can be picky about my choice of sweets, but not so particular that it prevents me from wanting things all the time. With practice, I could very much diminish the sweet tooth, but it’s not something I’m willing to part with altogether.

Ice cream is my favorite creation of earth (maybe over exaggerating, but at the moment, I can’t think of anything I enjoy more), but cookies are good too, also chocolate, and donuts. I keep ice cream in my freezer because I am a monster, but also, I don’t want to pay 5 bucks for one serving and run to an ice cream shop every time a craving hits.



Chocolate chip cookies, homemade, or not a gross store-bought variety, are the best. I don’t buy candy bars, but work sometimes has the mini varieties, so I’ll eat one, or two, or three- but never more, I promise! Donuts are not something I indulge in frequently, but when I do, they are oh so good.

I’m also not someone who eats a lot of fancy desserts out, although, I have recently come into favor with creme brulee, because most times, I’d rather have ice cream. I’m not a huge fan of juicy treats like jelly beans or skittles, so at least there’s one vice I’ve avoided.

Long story short, I love sweets and I don’t deny that I love sweets or deny myself the sweets. However, I am careful, or try to be careful, with my intake.

Part of the issue is the idea of “treating yourself.” After a particularly grueling day, I may believe I earned that post-dinner ice cream, but wait, I had ice cream three days in a row already and have an indulgent weekend coming up, so I…brush my teeth and pretend there’s nothing friendly and comforting sitting in my fridge.

Exercising is another trap because hey! you just burned a quality number of calories and are slick with sweat, so that sleeve of cookies is not just appealing, but downright necessary to replenish calories! Nope. Unfortunately, you don’t burn that many calories during a workout and you don’t want your efforts to be for naught. So take one, two, three, and step away, depending of course on what you’ve already eaten that day.

If my mind cannot stop thinking about something sweet, but I haven’t been my best, I’ll have one Oreo and try to savor it, then walk away. I’ve honestly had this box of Oreos for a few months because I only eat one at a time.


Mostly, I try not to keep too much temptation at my place. If I’m going to indulge, I want to truly enjoy the treat and make it special. Ice cream and an occasional Oreo are the only exception!

“i’ve been high…i’ve been low…

I’ve been yes and I’ve been oh hell no. I’ve been rock ‘n roll and disco, won’t you save me San Francisco!?”


I’m back from my trip to San Francisco to visit my friend Katie! We spent a lot of time in the city and the vineyards! I’ve been to California quite a bit on trips and uh, well, living here, but never out of SoCal, so when Katie mentioned she was house-sitting, I jumped at the chance to visit.


My welcoming to Northern California was this view.


Upon arrival, we headed into Chinatown. We walked around the neighborhood, checking out stores, sights, and scenes, and then enjoyed lunch.


San Francisco is a beautiful city, but it’s also cold. Very easy to walk around, which enabled us to make our way over to Ghirardelli Square where we enjoyed an ice cream.


Once we hit the water, I was able to take in the spectacular view, including Alcatraz.


The next day, we headed over the bridge….


and towards Sonoma, otherwise known as wine country where we dined and drank.


I’m not a huge drinker and when I do, I prefer sweet wines and beers, so this was not exactly the place for me. But, I was in good company.


It was also nice just to sit outside and enjoy the weather and the views. Sonoma is significantly warmer than the city, thankfully.


It was time for more city exploring the following day.


The ‘painted ladies’ is where they filmed the famous opening to Full House.


But, it is not where the front of the house is actually located, so we didn’t make it there until my last day.


I got to hitch a ride on the trolley, though not on the outside.



We walked around the Presidio…


…then ate dinner at a local pub before hanging out on the porch and having a glass of wine (my preferred sweet kind).


My last day, after checking out the Full House house, we realized how difficult it can be to drive in San Francisco with all those hills- but the view!


Went through the Presidio once again….


Then through Robin Williams’ Tunnel.


Then stopped at a local brewery for a beer (that I didn’t love, oops).


It was a wonderful trip, but overall, I’ll always be a SoCal girl at heart.

Have a great Monday!